Post weird looking people

Post weird looking people

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Haha look at me! OP said to post weird looking people so I replied to his post with his post number to make it seem like I'm saying OP looks weird hah ha! So funyyyyyy!!! Thanks for the upvotes r/Sup Forums!

CT has a sweet vegas gig. A shitty hotel gave him a chance and it turned into a good thing.

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Are you alright?


I think user fits the bill.

did steroids fuck up his facial features? is that a side effect of using a lot of them? I think he used to be a kind of thin guy but then one day he was like really big and his face was like that so I just assume he was taking massive amounts of steroids.

why this?

he's a weird looking motherfucker

Eyeliner on a man and trimmed eyebrows look a little wierd.


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I saw him walk into a adult theater when I was leaving so he must have gotten dicked down I didn't believe it at first cause he had a baseball cap on looking very discreet but once I look into the parking lot sure enough nice luxury Mercedes SUV parked outside so i knew it was him

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is that all it is? I think his whole face got fatter or bigger too. I don't know I don't really follow this guy I just remember him from a long long time ago and I think he looked a lot different physically

He has "muscle" implants kek

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Anybody got any pics of op?

is this true? I thought it was steroids

there's nothing wrong with that

Is her face real?

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