How does it feel that China could take over the world as soon as the next 10 years?

How does it feel that China could take over the world as soon as the next 10 years?

Especially if Trump doesn't get a second term and the left makes any more progress

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bomb beijing

>especially if my criminal dipshit doesn't get another term

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Trump's a pussy.
China's gonna do what they do irrelevant who is POTUS.

>China will be taking over the world if President Stable Genius isn't reelected
*Cult-brain intensifies*

It already has.
The US is pushing propaganda 24/7 cause mad scared

>mfw winnie the pooh will become world leader

china is facing a baby boomer crisis thanks to its one child policy, its literally going to be a nation full of old people in a decade or less

That's the scary part. Look what boomers have done to this country, and the world.

The population crisis is a myth. Check the stats. Germany, Japan, France, Italy, Norway, Sweden, they are way way worse than China.

taught you lazy kids the value of hard work?

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there are billions of chinese, even if you combined all the countries you listed they wouldnt come close to china's population

You fuckers hating on trump better vote. I don't want that traitor running my country another 4 years

>The world can easily sustain increasing billions of people
um, no

So? They still have 50 years of infrastructure that doesn't need massive mainteinance. Post ww2 infrastructure is already showing its age and showing what happens when you stop investing in it. China is in the forefront of infrastructure. Its aging population is on the same level as european countries (the us doesnt have this issue cause immigration).

Yes it can. Read the 2012 UN report.


Competition is always good.

Uh oh. Anita ran out of lube.

Ha. Yeah. Biden 2020 woo!

i think you're being very optimistic considering the variables facing not only china, but the planet as a whole

Boomers taught the value of work to the world. Their children just didn't learn.

>Especially if Trump doesn't get a second term and the left makes any more progress
Trump is helping China.

It'll be fine. Most global warming casualties will be poor people living near the equator. Exactly the people that as they develop will cause global warming to be even worse.

Does being stupid hurt?

Trump is the biggest reason China is allowed to get bigger than the US

You're morbidly obese and a faggot

Why do you think everyone is like you?

What is automation.

oh my fucking god i was about to post that. great fucking video that one. reminds me of brain4breakfast

It's actually Billy C. and his cuckquean:

Maybe I am, but if you travel there you'd understand that the western world needs to adapt and do the same as them because they're doing something right and we are not.

nice trips

of all the problems facing china a lack of people is not one of them

Something China lags in...

In the West we dont take education seriously. At least a large percentage of people dont.

More like is behind and catching up pretty fast. There's a reason they incentivize engineering instead of lesbian interpretative dance.

>catching up fast
They're already starting to falter. The trade war isn't what will kill China.

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I dont think its education AFAIK they force rote memorization on everything, is the goverment. They set goals and they achieve it. They made a 6 subway lines in 4 years in shanghai. They wanna add 500km of highway? They do it, if you live there you get paid if you refuse they build around you and fuck you, thats how it should happen here, instead of waiting 6 months to get a plothole fixed because Ms. Karen complains that the sound doesn't let her baby sleep.

The fundamental problem with China's education system is what makes them great drones. They're trained from birth to memorize (not think critically). This works extremely well for repetitive tasks but not at all for innovation.

Yeah because they're low right now means they'll never catch up. Like it never happened with Japan or Korea.

the world is messy, humans are niggers and we are all totally/utterly fucked

Yes for sure trump is what's holding them back lmao

You realize the rest of the world isn't standing still for China to catch up, right?

How is Trump helping China?

He increased their import tariffs by 300% and pulled out of the Paris climate deal, which is designed by nature to collapse the western economy in favor of China.


The leftists are the traitors even if they don't know it.

They damaged Europe so bad with all kinds of taxes and regulations that they have to sell their ports,infrastructure and companies to the chinese.

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>The leftists are the traitors even if they don't know it.
Extreme left vs alt-right. Both are shit.

The climate agenda will force the world to wait for them

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Whatever you say zipperhead

>thinking business gives a shit
Lol, no.

The China question is simple
Both the US and China have unsustainable economic strategies
They won't fall to each other so it becomes who kills themself first
That said it seems like the West is using Hong Kong to either breed hate or outright war with the Chinese
All in all they look like a paper tiger and truly couldn't feed themselves without us so...
Also corporations are traitors

All those people need food

Which flavor of globalist corporate shill would you like?
Out of the two I picked out for you I mean
Also you vote doesn't actually represent anything

With adequete tech yeah
Nuclear energy could have us carbon nuetral at this point or in 10 years

>Both the US and China have unsustainable economic strategies
Eh, capitalism can be adapted to function adequately with proper regulation (dictated by the people). Socialism mixed with capitalism is a inconceivably stupid idea.

>Nuclear energy could
Yeah, that's what Japan thought in 2011...

Surprise! Earthquakes and tsunamis are directly related.

Where did i imply that business gives a shit?

It literally doesn't so its being controlled with taxes and regulations.

If its too expensive to have your company in the west, you take the company along with your tax money to China or a country that owes China so much its a colony

This is how eco-politics have worked for decades.

>you take the company along with your tax money to China
Too expensive now.
>or a country that owes China so much its a colony
Those countries are largely being avoided. India is the next major location for businesses wanting cheap labor and lax regulations.

>for businesses wanting cheap labor
This is already obsolete.
Technology will replace all 'cheap' labor within 10 years.
India doesn't stand a chance.

But how to make people and animals methane netural?
Methane is way worse than CO2. As funny as it sounds, farts would be a bigger threat than things like cars, planes etc

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>China could take over
>Especially if we make more progress

Is that what the Republicans believe now? Progress will LOSE a war?
Please. I hope all those stock dividends help kill all the chinese terrorists.

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Ching Chong Ting Tong

Funny thing is that it's already happening in rich countries (see: not China). In the US a company recently started building robots to take over shirt production.

If you think China doesn't have its foot on India's neck, you're sadly mistaken.

Nothing helps Xi's cause more than having full-on mentally retarded trump in the WH.

They certainly think they do. China has gotten out of hand enough to drive the US closer to India. This means when war breaks out, China is going to get ass-raped.

They get nuked with a non-retaliatory capacity on a joint action of America, UK and Russia. Then the westerns that were are on the Chinese payroll are killed for Treason. Have good popcorn, enjoy the show.

God, wouldn't that be glorious...
I don't expect Russia will be joining in with Putin's "Together we could rule the world" speech (referring to Xi Jinping).

Can you read?

Unless ofcourse you think intersectional estrogen victim parties and deporting businesses is progress

more like russia takes europe and china takes the USA after they nuke us into oblivion,

those slant-eyed commie pricks can hardly flex on their direct neighbors let alone anyone outside their immediate sphere of influence

lots of chink shills tonight
ya'll little rice eaters are bad at this

China is friends with Israel these days so there are plenty of people who could potentially stop the US from doing anything

>God, wouldn't that be glorious...
Remember you read it here first.

implying trump isn't playing into their hand

OP doesn't understand such complex thinking.

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Don't need nukes for Europe; the climate agenda along with other leftist craziness is working well enough to collapse the rest of it like Greece

The US on the other hand still has the republicans but also has silicon valley which China could possibly take advantage of

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>He increased their import tariffs by 300%
and so China ships the shit they made to 90% completion to one of the many other countries they recently purchased or built ports in to finish said products to 100%. slap a 'made in Vietnam" sticker in it and no more tarrif.
we do the same.
>and pulled out of the Paris climate deal, which is designed by nature to collapse the western economy in favor of China.
chiba took that as an opportunity to take the leadership position on shit involving the environment and sustainabiles from the United states.

>imagine it being 200X and we still drive cars from thw 60s

that's the current state of nuclear power.

China has India surrounded. India won't be able to ship without it going though Chinese control

they think it's a business

the usa might be the next trump university then

Bad bait

This is exactly the reason why the ridiculous climate taxes and regulations must go.

The fact that China openly took the leadership role in the eco scam should've had the rest of the western countries pulling out aswell; guess their governments have been compromised.

Yeah, that won't do shit for them. Israel is aware that the US abandoning them means they die.

You might want to look at a map. China's attempts to claim the SCS have no impact on India.

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I'm with you
I wish the GOP would look at it in a geopolitical economic sense.

a real capitalist would see the public trend toward environmental consciousness as a fucking opportunity. what we have now isn't capitalism though.

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>two economies whose combined GDP is less than half the US' decide they're going to rule the world by buying gold
Yeah, no.

I bet China isn't finished yet

Did you forget to @realdonaldjtrump

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>the only negative numbers lead to the deepest recession the US has ever seen

Considering the US is now commonly sailing through the Taiwan straight, they're finished.

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>he doesn't know that the United states basically took china's position by doing just that when china was at its weakest after internal political strife

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Trump speeded their takeover after pulling out of the TPP