Here's a few things we know from this picture:

Here's a few things we know from this picture:

1) masculinity is a top priority for her
2) she is completely satisfied in bed
3) her children will have strong genetics and a rich and vibrant culture which, while being only 13% of the population dominates not only nationally but internationally, influencing everything from fashion to speech, making them the trend setters of the world
4) as a result of 3, her children will not be school shooters. Instead they will be the popular jocks, winning the school trophies and admiration from white school girls, priming them to foster bbc only sentiments from a very young age
5) people will marvel at how with so many barrieres put in his way, he still manages to carry himself with dignity and achieve what his white male counterparts needed a societal head start, employing every form of discrimination and chicanery a perverse white male mind could conceive, to achieve
6) because of 5, he is naturally strong willed. a quality highly prized by white females.
7) she's a strong and independent thinker, eschewing the scorn from beta male cucks who want her to choose a mate based on racial "loyalty" because they lack the superior game and social intelligence of a black male, who instantly becomes the life of the party whenever he enters a room, high fiving his bros and teaching them ethnic handshakes which, indicating a shared and sacred brotherhood found only amongst those lucky enough to be melanated or accepted into closely guarded melanated circles

Just think of the tremendous pounding she receives.
And those two white bois on the left will remain forever alone

Natural selection, bitch

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i don't get how this is even worth bothering for

if i were white, why bother?

nigger's wide noses is what makes them ugly, to me atleast, but to others it may be everything else


How do you glean this from this picture?
What is your rubric?

As automation takes manual labor jobs, there will be less and less employment for those of average and below intelligence. There are only so many jobs in sport and entertainment.



you could have just.. not posted
would have had the same effect

Sage goes in all fields

>erparts needed a societal head start, employing every form of discrimination and chicanery a perverse white male mind could conceive, to achieve

...but these people are the majority.

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>this skinny nigger
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post pic of you w/ timestamp
lets see those flabby arms and 5'9" status

for how long?

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From his wiki:
After at first successfully using “complicated multi-exposure techniques”[2] to enhance Silver’s natural endowments for still photography, Myrdal later persuaded Christopher Tucker, the makeup artist for the film The Elephant Man, to create the prosthetic which greatly contributed to the notoriety of Long Dong Silver. Myrdal comments that, “It was very light, a very delicate foam latex sleeve that fit on over the cock, carefully glued down underneath by the pubes and then made up.”[3]

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That, or he'll murder her before she's 25, along with any kids they have.

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Asian man strikes again

Fucking nigger, who here follows trends of niggers?