Good evening gentlemen!

Good evening gentlemen!
We all act like gentleman until somebody rolls trips. Then we go APESHIT.

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I respect people of color

i a gentleman

Salutations, goodly friends.


Good Evening!

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Indubidubly, my good man.

That doesn't count with all do respect sir!

Good evening

Good evening to you to

Good evening sir! How are you on this fine day?

Good evening fellow basement dwellers. How art thou

And a good evening my fine gentlemen.

fuck you

Excuse me good sirs, I do believe I have come to the wrong gentleman's club.

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Patience Comrade!

Gee I do certainly hope someone rolls trips soon. I believe my apeshittiness is almost too much for me to bear!

And I do inquire. What form of tomfoolery shall we partake in when the trips arrive?


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Sorry chap, I found myself impatient.

Welcome, good sirs.

Guuuud eveeeening ladies and Gen-tell-mennnn

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So wonderful to be among such finespun friends. Where is the waiter? Let me buy you all a drink to celebrate this grand evening!

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Trumps not guilty of anything good sir the impeachment is a sham

i say what a peculiar and intriguing piece of art

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Good evening ol chaps. I have brought champagne and only the finest of cigars. Anyone care for any?

Ha, ha, old chum. You were such a little scamp when you were a lad. Oh, the great times we had! So good to see that you've not lost your mischievous side.

We will partake in the most glorious forms of memes imaginable chum!

Hello gentleman.

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Yess I cannot wait until we exchange elements of culture or behavior by non-genetic means. What a grand time it shall be Anonymous, a grand time indeed!

Good evening, Anonymous! Care for a cigar? Glass of champagne?

all this talk of mischief makes one merely long for one's afternoon nap

G and T would suffice nicely, have you any?

checked and respecked sir, carry on

Of course, my good chum! Here you are.

I grow tired gents. I believe that I shall retire to my study.

Covered here, but many thank yous for your generous offer.

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yall are fuckin faggots lmao

Rephrase that, kind sir.
>You gents are of the homosexual variety, I dare say

Would any of you gentlemen please check those oncoming trips? Thanks for the attention.

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My, what foul language! I suggest you kindly temper yourself and settle down or see yourself to the door.

I apologize for bringing down our mood, i needed to address it.

good evening fine gentlemen. can one of you please point me to the tea and crumpets? i would greatly appreciate it..

Salutations chum. Might I offer you some horderves until said tea and crumpets arrive?

dear lord! do you speak to your mother with those foul words?

Ah yes, welcome Anonymous. Here, I've got some right here. Care for anything else, champagne, cigar, wine?

What a fine evening gentlemen. How art though?


go fuck yourself you tea drinking nigger

of course my dear friend.. you are truly a kind gentleman.. let me introduce you to my business associates...

Friend, I'm afraid that I'll have to ask you to step outside momentarily.

Hello Sir Anonymous, I am doing quite well, I hope you are as well.

Quite well said, sir. Such incivility should not be suffered lightly.

what the fuck are you gonna do? ban me from Sup Forums?

Hello my lads

Here guys, have some OC I made

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Despite the fact that there are a few unsavory characters here, I appreciate everyone's company.

security can you please take this poor man out of this fine establishment? this is a place for gentlemen and scholars...

Sir you need to take a time out.

Quite right, friend. Let's banish this hooligan from the premises.

how do you do good sir?

Behold the repeating digits->

Please, you vile, foul, uncivilised retch, please take you and your abhorant attitude and go off with the poor. This gathering is not for your kind.

Good evening lads, I heard there was to be a fair bit of discourse and discussion in this corner of the internet.

Yes, I'm simply astonished that such a man was permitted to enter this fine establishment.

Quite a good night out if I do say so myself gentlemen.

Hello, gentlemen! I hope you are esteemed to meet my wife Gladys. She has produced many children for me, and by God does she know how to keep a good home! I do pray you find this lady just as captivating as I.

Good evening my fellow gentlemen

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Ah, yes. Drinks, laughter, and cheer no doubt!

hello ma lady... welcome

Good night lads, I am simply rolling this before I go and rest my eyes. I hope everyone of you get a good night of sleep, it is very important

Greetings, chaps. What fine dining is on the menu in this establishment we find ourselves in?

Hello my jolly old pals

Hello, such a marvelous opportunity to meet a gentleman such as yourself.

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Indeed good sir.

Quite a bad thing going in the Hong Kong, wouldn't you fine gents agree?

cheers everyone! this next round is on me my dear friends..

I say, friend, you have great skill and talent and have caught this evening's festivities on canvas with taste and refinement. Marvelous, friend, marvelous!

Expose thine breasts or evacuate this establishment.


How dare you insult my wife in such a way!? Have you gone mad sir?

Why I do say my good fellow you are quite the gentleman!

As a fine lady myself I must say, you are some fin gentlemen. Let me tell you my opinion on the impeachment hearings. I do think they are such a good thing, even if it does reflect bad on our country to the rest of the world. That President Trump is such an awful man, I really hope Warren wins the election, don't you agree?

thank you ma lady...

Hello, kind sirs. I have come to participate

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A series of three repeating numbers should appear at any moment

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I say old chap why don't we take this up a notch?

Greetings! Please, do come in!

How do you do on this fine day everybody? Love you all!

Hello ol' chums. How doth thou evenings go?

Thank you madam now please enjoy yourself this fine evening

oh my i must have entered upon the host's sleeping quarters.. continue as you must... tootles

is this the birthplace for school shooters I heard about? kys lmfao

your unusual generosity will not be forgotten, mark my words