I'm debating taking out a student loan and focus on school full-time. I hate working, but i also hate debt

I'm debating taking out a student loan and focus on school full-time. I hate working, but i also hate debt.

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Thoughts on this Sup Forums?

Do you currently do either?

>taking out a student loan
probably a bad idea

Look at the loan to realistic money gains at the end game. Think years, so you can eventually pay it off and always on time.

Or, depending on what exactly you're looking for, go for certifications over an institutions $$$,$$$ loan accumulation. C++/cyber security technical stuffs. As an alternate "diploma".
I hate loans myself...33, married, 3 kids...working at a goddamn auto body shop 16$ hourly. It's shit. *accept being a debt slave and live better*

How does it feel being just 33 and knowing you’re straddled with responsibility and debt from here on out?

Another user who fell for the pussy trap

>33, married, 3 kids...working at a goddamn auto body shop 16$ hourly. It's shit.
this doesn't seem like a good person from whom to take advice

Ultimately, do what you can imagine doing for most, if not, the rest of your existence.

Don't know what you want to do? Take aptitude tests, Myers Briggs etc...dont be stagnant. Learn and keep going.

If you're fortunate a Big company will sign you up for 20 years for something needed and you'll get both hands in training and schooling paid for...trade careers.

I currently work at UPS freight. I drive a forklift.
My hours have been cut and im worried i might lose my job. Im in my second year of school
>M.I.S major with a minor in I.T.
If i lose my job i can either find a new one or take the loan and finish school.

What do you plan to study, if its a useless degree then just dont go

Most people change careers up to 3 times on average
Can you do this proposed trade for 5 to 10 years and make money?
Might as well take loans if your going to off yourself anyway
Really depends on your situation

Learn a trade.

a student loan is like a collar and chain that slowly tightens as time passes. i got two loans to study writing, $8000 each.. then the web destroyed the publishing industry, there are five thousand writers for every remaining job and the interest on my loans is now around $45,000.

Having your job cut is o lit honestly a coworker had that happen and his school was basically free
There's more to it but it ain't bad

Wrong. I made the mistake NOT going too school because not wanting to accumulate debt.

Tried my luck going in with government power companies and was hit with layoff after layoff between 2008-2012. Did some college for marketing with a binding contracted offer from circuit city for sales/marketing. They filed for chapter 11 liquidated. Contract void. Stuck again with paying out of pocket.

No one's taking about suicide but you atm. No one taught me a damn thing and I had to do it the only way I knew while looking for mentors and learning alone. As you said, situations.

the only way you get a student loan is with a cosigner.
i never had the opportunity
take it or enjoy revolving door employment for the rest of your career

Free school. Seconded. Guess it isn't bullshit.

I have perfect credit. I dont think i need a cosigner.

Nialist. Not forever, finishing Bachelor's of Business with a focus on Marketing. From there I.T. where the money is being poured into by Private Sector, etc. Family is healthy. Looks like your just baiting for unhealthy discussion. Where's your answer to op. Why aren't you helping, Travis?

See, again situations beyond our control here, but it doesn't mean the end.

I honestly wanted to be a filmmaker, but film school is gay.
I chose M.I.S because it involves business and technology something i feel is secure. But i honestly dont know what to do with my life. I never felt any passion, yes, i wanted to make films, but im not motivated enough to create connections or even how to start. I just want to fund something im good at.

Stream. Start small. Take time or Fuckin skyrocket. Anything you want to stream of interest, there are people out here with the same interests just not sure or scared to start one. The awkwardness will fade if you feel any starting out or you'll be appreciated by other awkward people. Social media is free and the best entry point. (Opinion)

Thank you. Your opinion is actually something i can do i have a friend who wants to stream and he is open to having me join him