I have leaks that could end a pedo's YouTube career. Should I post?

I have leaks that could end a pedo's YouTube career. Should I post?

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nubs of truth!

Yeah, but not on Sup Forums.
Post on FBI


Onision's career is already fucked

dude post that shit. Pedos deserve to get raped and die in prison

OP tell us who it is first

Ignore the radioactive glow in this thread telling you not to. Do it here, then report to the FBI

yes please fucking do it. he is a pedophile fuck, ruin his career

His name is Alpha Genesis.

Do it for humanity

Why even ask. You already made up your mind.

Contact proper authorities
Or blackmail
Or shut up
Please stop attetion baiting

His name is Alpha Genesis. He threatened to beat up his father on livestream once.


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What’re you fuckin sayin

Blackmail him and make him do stupid shit on his channel.


Op has nothing

yes listen to this man, make him do the fucking stupidest shit to ruin his career his self, and keep us updated if you do

fuck him up brother

I'd love to see the chan in the news again
>the great internet hacker Sup Forums has exposed another public figure

fucking who???

Here is his channel:

Op is a faggot.

if OP doesnt post his proof then i hope he randomly chokes on a fry in mc donalds for daring to hype us up for ruining some fucktards career

Girl he is talking to is 13.

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oh wow, its fucking nothing

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Not done.

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Anyone could screenshot this and say they were talking to an underage girl. If someone has solid proof then they should definitely do something but this is pretty shit evidence i wont lie

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thread is a flop, these screenshots amount to hearsay lol

I will post my talks with the girl in one sec.

always lead with your weakest foot is the saying, right?

OP is fucking stupid

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