How do i make spam better?

How do i make spam better?

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boof it

Cut into slices and fry in a skillet. I like to then cut the fried spam into pieces and add it to mac and cheese. I grew up poor...

then boof the spam mac and cheese

Thanks user that sounds good, i am poor as well lol

you used spam I used hot dogs lol

just look at hawaiian cuisine. 1001 uses for spam.

source: hawaiian here

Grilled Spam and cheese sandwich made with velveeta.

1 can of spam, diced
4-5 diced potatoes
1 diced green pepper
.5 cup of diced green onion or yellow/brown onion
.5 cup all purpose flour
1 tablespoon each garlic powder and black pepper
1 teaspoon salt
.33 cup cooking oil (olive or canola)
Bacon drippings/grease (optional)
Dice all the vegetables and spam, gently stir until mixed in a large bowl.
Mix the flour, garlic, salt and pepper, then toss coat the diced vegetables and spam.
Heat oil (and bacon drippings/grease if using it) in a large deep skillet until just hot.
Add the coated spam & veggies, cook over high heat uncovered for 5 minutes,
cover and turn down to medium and cook for 10 minutes or until potatoes are soft.
Remove cover and cook until potatoes are brown and crispy again.
Serves 6-8.

Heat in skillet with black pepper

Just throw the entire thing out, then get some sliced turkey

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1 can spam, diced
1 can no bean chilli
4 eggs
2 handfulls mozerella

fry in small amount of veg oil until egg almost done, add cheese, place suitable amount on tortilla.
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I like to change it up with a can of tuna sometimes.

Personally, SPAM tastes too salty. Armor brand TREET is similar yet better I think. Slice thin and fry.

spam literally causes cancer if you don't die of a stroke first.

Dude - anything and everything causes cancer, who cares.

Grab a plate of wings and macaroni salad.

Salt/sodium helps preserve it longer. It’s not a true salt preserved meat - it’s too moist, but in a properly sealed tin, it can have a surprisingly long shelf life.

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