Be me

>be me
>hate jews for ruining my sex life
Why shouldn't I be anti-semetic

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>jews aren't the reason americans circumcise.
>jews aren't the root of your problems
>jews don't control the world as Sup Forums thinks they do

nice bait, cutie. enjoy your cock for the ruined mess it is.

worship uncut cocks and have sissygasms to make up for your lack of sensitivity ;)

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>be me
>relatively a-political, too busy having sex
why should i care


that's my name, don't wear it out!

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why should normal people care about this? Do you think the average guy/girl would know all about how "Jews rule the world" and all of that.
Yes, Circumcision is a known Jew thing but why would that concern just the "Average Joe"? He wants to get circumcised either for a health reason or he just wants to. why does some Religion he knows nothing about concern him??

Even the chinese realize jews disproportionately control american politics. They make up half of all billionaires. Half. They are in media and politics at a rate of around 500% more than any other demographic. You can be willfully ignorant but you can't deny real world data.

Okay, so if Jews run most of the media, it's a conspiracy. What if it was mostly white people? Would it still be a conspiracy?

What about the fact that 80 percent of all senators and congressmen are white men? Is that a conspiracy too, by white people?

I'm not asking rhetorically. Come on, redpill me. What is grand Jewish plan?

I am all for stopping circumcising...
But lets face it. That has nothing to do with you being a complete failure, specially your sex life.

hey at least we dont got dick cheese

>circumcision hasn't affect my sex-life negatively at all
>you're just a loser
ok retard

You have poor reading comprehension. Read the post you just responded to again.

why do you assume I'm a complete failure?

The normal IS for whites to run countries where the majority is white.
Like it is the norm for Japs/Chinese/Korean to run their own contries, it would be fucking weird lf the Japanese media were run by chinese

I'm not even the guy who originally wrote that.

It's because you blame the "other" (in this case, the Jews) for your problems. Only degenerates do this. I'm amazed you are just finding this out now.

Okay, that's fair, but all that implies is that Jews are more enterprising and smart. Is this the case?

Because a missing foreskin is the reason you're a fat NEET posting on Sup Forums from mommys basement. Sure.

I blame the Jews for my circumcision. Not every problem in my life. never once did I blame all my problems on them, just a specific one.

Lmao, nice job totalizing people you coon.

>asking Sup Forums to validate ur pp

And yet you're wrong, which also builds a case for you being a total fucking dipshit. The US has been circumcising for over a century, independent of the practice in the Jewish community.

At first it was done to curb masturbation, and then it was continued because it seemed more hygienic and aesthetically pleasing. Your assumption that the Jews are the reason you are circumcised despite you not knowing the history of circumcision in the US implies that you are a bad person and a racist- or at the very least, ignorant. You don't have to be this way forever. You can change and be a good person if you try.

lol as if OP will ever get any sex, why would you give a shit

>stop hating people who hate you
not OP but you should really go to reddit for calling people racist

>Stop trying to help someone who is retarded.

That's just what I do, user.

>jews are the reason americans circumcise.
>jews are the root of all our problems
>jews do control the world as Sup Forums thinks they do
>you are a filthy furfaggot. opinion immediately discarded

pic related is you irl, furfag. get some better glasses and stop wearing tails in public

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oh my gosh... you wrote a greentext which said the opposite of what i have said.

you got me

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invaders aren't to be admired, they need to be exterminated, and we're not doing a good enough job

how very edgy of you to say. now get some sleep, it's a school night.

when you cut your wrists behind that smug kong you posted, aim horizontally

is that seriously your best?

who needs school when you're eternally redpilled

I know your mascara is running behind your false conceit

see, that one was a little better. still pretty weak though.

when you do black out from the blood loss though, I just want you to know that there is no afterlife with buttplug tails

is that all? or do you have more?

also, what do you think of my circumcised dick?

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