Have you noticed that pornography, the media, and academia love to push white girls with black guys?

Have you noticed that pornography, the media, and academia love to push white girls with black guys?

Moreover, have you noticed that they love to push the youngest, blondest, slenderest, purest-looking white girls with blue eyes with the ugliest and darkest of roided niggers?

Why is that?

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White genocide obv

>Have you noticed that all I talk about is black cock?

Pornography is basically clickbait for people like you.

Wanna stop this? Stop watching interracial porn. But you can't, amiright?

I'm not op, but your projections are weak an pathetic, not everyone is a degenerated faggot like you that likes to what this bestiality.

Porn studios know it makes good porn and gets betas to do their marketing for them

ir porn is mean for colored people who fantasize fucking white girls gone "bad" by fucking a different race. it's a complete slap to the father or mothers face to chose a partner who does not look like them. which is in itself kinda weird. ive never fucked my own race because it feels like incest. but now that im almost 30 i kinda wanna fuck one of my own, maybe its cuz i miss my family. anyway if youre white and you masterbate to ir porn you like the idea of being cucked, in some way shape or form you like the idea of your mom, sis, cousin, gf, etc being degraded. cuck.

Most of not all relationships in the walking dead and fear the walking dead are either gay or interracial at this point.

The Amish are behind it... all of those Amish last names in the porn industry.

the push for IR porn is meant to distract from the push of incest

Degradation-play is and has always been hot, amigo.

That being said, one of my current favorites is Candy White being taken in a Black Attack. Her eyes do the whole soulless "what am I doing" thing as bubba punishes her asshole.

I love it.

Market demand creates the supply. White women want more interracial related material and making it slowly the most popular pornography available

Because porn use escalates as time goes on.

You go from straight vanilla sex, to lesbian, to groups, then fetish stuff, then bdsm, then beastility, then interracial, then, well you know.

Because it gets hits from all the gay jews and racist bible thumpers, that's why.

then crab fetishes not the disease like actual crabs fucking


so majestic

>Candy White

jews are faggots who fantasize about niggers because they think their “racial purity” is a plus, but in truth it causes diseases and makes them look like freaks and makes them have mental problems. If a white girl wants to marry a black man let her, it’s her life, who gives a fuck, as long as the father is ok with it and she is ok with it who cares? Would you want someone telling you you couldn’t marry a cute darkie? Fuck no

The game is too make money. Give the customer what it wants. Demand for that kind of porn is fed.

diversity is important. everything has to be diverse now.

because whites keep watching it

And those are exactly the kind of white girls I've been seeing with black guys lately...blonde, slim, pretty zoomer girls. Propaganda and brainwashing.

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you must be new to the shill game Ivan, try again with some subtlety

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>love to push white girls with black guys
No. I only notice this here.
Like what you're doing.

Amish. A people who live a certain way of life, not a race, are responsible? The people who dont use technology?

Lurking in these threads is like watching Fallacy 3: Attack of the Return of the Fallacy

best part is young innocent white girls are being indoctrinated into being bbc sluts

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can't wait to have a daughter