I am putting together a very special team

I am putting together a very special team
I need the best

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Will you need heavy artillery?

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You have my attention.

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reportin in from tha colourered unit !

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Mind if I join you fellas??

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Do need a team member with expertise in nigger hate ?

Thanks user

Join us!

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Count me in but mum says I need to be home as soon as the street lights turn on.

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Im in

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I'll bring our instruments of war.

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Ill stand by ya.

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We've got rations covered.

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At your service

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Does the team support the me too movement?

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Where do I sign?

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to victory my good sir

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Sure, you look freaky enough. Good for morale!

How about me?

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10 out of 10. Would bang

whats your specialty soldier

Intel scout and comms

You can stay home, thanks though


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godspeed you magnificent bastard

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so what are supposed to be doing, exactly?

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and why exactly should I help you now in this hour that you nerd me most?

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I guess it can't be helped... I'm in.

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Count us in! We'll be mech defense and large scale AOE.

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It's barnacle MAN

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The loli revolutionary guard is with you.

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Biological weapons

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Bravo 6

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Red leader standing by

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Count me in

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You know I owe you, old sunnofa bitch

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Oh shit!

It's mr. Creosote

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yuu wang???

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Cock with a glock, standing by for small arms fire.

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