User are you carrying any illegal dubs today?

user are you carrying any illegal dubs today?

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No sir

No sir just some Depression

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fuck off I'm not giving them up

No but I'm black

No sir only singles here

Sheeeit, officer, those aren't mine

Stop resisting

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I got these...

Aye mayne, why you touching all up on me like that fo? You hittin mw and I dindu nuffin

Not today officer

You're lucky these legal, now get outta my face

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Aye officer, I ain't even know those were in there either, these ain't even my pants

Get down!!

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But trips aren't dubs officer

No I don't believe in dubs

I've got a license for these.

Maybe I do. So what?

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This is how you dubby,
This is how you dubby.
All the dubbies love me,
All the dubbies love me.

Oy vey

Major drug nust right here

We got a supplyer

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They see me rollin, they hatin'
patrollin', tryin' to catch me rollin dubs

Checked beyond belief you felon

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You'll never take me alive!

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No dubs here sir.. just rare pepes

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Lets see

Fuck you, dumbass popo

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Oh shit!

On your knees

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Pardon me problem, what seems to be the officer?

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Illl trade them for every single immediately after a dub

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These dubs are mine!!

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Fuck you! *Bang*

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No dubs here maaaaan.

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No sir, not me.

no sir, just failure

no sir

Aint no never done see no dubs sir. Justa lowly negro tryna make his way in the world sir. Good day to ya sir.

Holy shit trips and quads. This man is a danger to society. I need a police officer over here!

Your cock is carrying dubs that belong in my mouth.


not today piggy

No, sir.

Just these.
Worthless, like me.

Got a repeat offender here. Good thing I'm not carrying any dubs

Am i being detained?
Then I'll be on my way. Good day to you sir

No officer, only these lowly singles


They’re not my dubs! My friend must have left them here I swear!

No just a penis

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Sick him

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Uhhhhhhh nothing to see here officers

come back with a warrant and you can find out then

The right to bear dubs "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!"

Check em fag

Check these Also dubble faggot

no im not you fucking fag

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These are here too faggiton

Unit Adam 51 to dispatch, we’re gonna need back up immediately.

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None of your business, PIGS

Sorry i mean these officer faggton

We got a runner

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Sorry but they were hiding officer

Check em


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Sir I'm black but I dont have dubs



Call for back up. We got a fucking wizard on the loose.

nothin to see here officers i obey the law and submit my wife to jamal like a good little boy


>check em dickum

Get back here

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Sorry officer nothing to see here


Fuck im busted

Internal Affairs en route. Please stand by.

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Im clean officer

Check me

Dindu sheeit, offsah.

I havent used dubs for a while officer, im clean

talk to a police officer like that, I DARE YOU. wanna get SHOT? try it you darkie criminal scum.

No officer nothing here

Drop the dubs!!! Get on the ground NOW DIRTBAG!!!

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My friend told me it was sugar

Fuck you officer

Cant take these

Sorry i mean these

They dont sell dubs here anymore

Duck me fricking frick

What a lovely neighborhood, think I’ll walk on over here and buy an ice cream cone.

nah just my carry piece and a blunt for later g

Im burnt out


every day sir

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Allahu akbar brother, only trips i carry