You don't actually think he killed himself, do you?

You don't actually think he killed himself, do you?

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Not a bit. It's the most obvious thing I've ever come across like this.

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Doesn't seem likely.
But if it WAS an assassination, it was a very brazen warning for anyone else to look any further. The truth will not come out, but more murders certainly will.

i didnt follow the media shit how did they say he died im curious

High ranked Pedophiles never die.

Suicide but a very aggressive, severe one. He apparently snapped his neck pretty good with a bedsheet. Also two cameras "malfunctioned" pointing at his jail cell. Two guards forged documents that they checked on him yet he was unchecked for 8 hours. They apparently were asleep 15 feet away from his cell.

Epstein had been scared a week before, saying to his lawyers that he was afraid for his life. Soon after he was taken off suicide watch and his cellmate moved and not replaced.

All that teen ass....lucky bastard

so im assuming he had a relatively normal room how would he hang himself...or am i asking too many questions, or wait fuck he crouched on his bed did a fucking flip and broke his neck fucking brilliant

You know there's an entire church with a policy of hiring and moving around thousands of pedophiles, right? Why are you fixated on a single dead one?

Oh that's right. Because your a dipshit who only cares about political agenda instead of the victims.

Believe he had a bunkbed to use

Not OP, but this pedo has powerful people tied to him. This isn't your average pedo. He's also a billionaire yet no one can say exactly how he made those billions.


i find it fascinating how people are so quick to trust the media on it, im not a conspiracy theorist who lurks on Sup Forums (only on sundays) but just something so fucking stupid that he committed suicide without notice how can people believe

He wasn't. Just pretended. He got some dumbass billionaire to hand over a billion dollars and power of attorney.. He even gave Epstein his NY mansion that Epstein used for trafficking. From there he got other billionaires to do the same price.

You think the Catholic church isn't powerful? You think the Catholic church doesn't have billions of dollars? It's literally a fucking bank.

Sorry it's TMZ.

Even the founder of Skeptic Magazine thinks this is a conspiracy and he doesn't believe anything.

Ofc it's powerful and no one's debating that. We've been going with the church thing for years, trying to get people where we can. Epstein is something that just happened, with people possibly in positions of power in the US govt. right now. It would have taken a person or entity with considerable clout to have him murdered in a jail cell.
Are you saying we should ignore this because of the Catholic Church?

>Sorry it's TMZ.
I really don't care what the source is, however, what that article states does not support your argument. I'm all for conspiracy theories ESPECIALLY this one, but your claims aren't supported

What part wasn't supported? The snapped neck? I was referring to the bunkbed claim.

No where near as lucky is Bill though. He got all that young ass and didn't get suicided

Wait I mixed up which I was replying to initially.

The difference between me and people like you is I don't fucking give a shit about politics when it comes to victims of rape. The people who fixate on epstien are doing it because they think "MUH LIBTARDS" are somehow scared or not talking about him. It's makes no fucking sense to begin with but I'm as far left as you can get and I want ALL pedophiles to burn at the stake. I can apply my hatred of victimizers equally. For some reason, you can't.

Yes OP I do. Why? what do you think OP?
Where do you live? Would you like to meet up some time to discuss further?
Do you like taking short walks in the woods?
I like writing fake suicide letters do you?
Maybe you could write one and show me so I can give you some feedback? People say I look like a Clinton but they all killed themselves LOL.

This, folks, is a disinformation agent. Whataboutism is one of their favorite tactics. Epstein had ties to the church, as well as the highest levels of political function. Stop attempting to split the issue, you glownigger cunt

Of course not.

Nothing i said was disinformation, retard.

Just calling out your "rape is okay unless I can assign a political allegiance that I disagree with to the rapist".


You're judging and projecting, and you're wrong. I didn't say anything about politics or "muh libtards". I've been on the left most of my life and am now independent and share beliefs of the left and right, but that makes no difference.
What I hate is anyone in power, especially government power, being able to do and get away with disgusting and illegal things. I think it's far more egregious when someone at a top level does it and I want them brought down, no matter who it is.

I don't for a second believe he ever existed.

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Well... Think of it like this - this is a man who has spent years fucking all ages of prostitutes on a private island. From toddlers all the way up to adults and former pornstars.

And now, that life is over. Even when he buys his way out of prison, his days of unbridled pedophilia will never return.

Of course he kills himself. No one can handle going back to just fucking consenting adults after raping an entire kindergarten every day.

I think Queen Elizabeth sent her a note asking her to take her only path if she mentioned her son Andres.

I'm not talking about Epstein you autist, I'm talking about people he was connected with.

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Trump, the Clintons, Obama, and the Bush family all have ties to Epstein. The man was active in the highest levels of govt. for decades. The only one trying to distract from the gravity of his crimes and focus instead on partisan squabbles is you. If you're not reading straight from the FBI's counterintelligence playbook, then you have it memorized.

NASA did it. Just look what they did to Michael Jackson.

I don't give a rat turd about that dude

no, but i do think meme culture has been co-opted by the establishment and forces memes so people get burned out/kill movements

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The ladies doth protest too much, methinks.

Rather flimsy deflection. Seems odd that no one mentioned any subject other than Epstein until you. This thread was altogether apolitical up to that point.

>If you're not reading straight from the FBI's counterintelligence playbook, then you have it memorized.

Ah yes the nonsensical non-arguement commonly used to dismiss inconvenient truths. Like I said, kys.

Non sensical in what way? Are you denying that the FBI has one? Public record would disagree.
Are you denying the FBI operates on the chans? Public record would, again, disagree with you.
You are correct about it being a non argument though, it's a statement.
What's your argument? The church is guilty too so just memoryhole it?

>Are you denying that the FBI has one?

I don't give a fuck about the FBI you fucking moron.

Answer this post. Answer the question. What is your argument, oh paragon of rationality? I'm not catholic, I do not attend a catholic church and I do not support the catholic church in any capacity. Why bring up the church in this thread if not to derail discussion?

I'm on your side user. I was saying the FBI dude in here protests too much. He's giving himself away as fake.

My mistake, apologies.


Unfortunately the glownigger succeeded in stopping discussion.

Yep, I guess their job is done. Imagine getting paid for that shit.


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What makes you think he's dead?
He built his entire life and fortune on blackmailing powerful people. You can't do that without an insurance policy, something to become public in the event of the blackmailer's untimely demise.
Well? Where is it?
Alternatively, consider the fact that Claire Bronfman, another very powerful member of Epstein's entourage, owns an island in Fiji.