Havent been here in like 2 years. Im bored, ask me anything

havent been here in like 2 years. Im bored, ask me anything

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Tits or ass or both

Show tits or gtfo

Show tits

How much did it cost to have your adam's apple removed? Did it hurt? Welcome back, btw.

Do you enjoy creampies in your pussy? Just having your pussy overflowing with a hot load?

Tits or gtfo

Bust size?

Tits or gtfo

do you have any better pictures?

also tits or gtfo

Will you put sharpie in pooper please, for old times sake?

Also, tits with timestamp please.

>tits or gtfo
Ahhh the mating call of the incels

You’re cute.
Why are you so cute?

you just gotta punch yourself hard enough
never done that tbh

Are you a sub?

Hobbies? How do you spend your spare time

What a shitty channel.

What are your thoughts on male chastity devices and have you ever locked a guy in one or wanted to ?

What's the coefficient of drag on a 2020 Mustang?

Tits or gtfo

The same as the 2019, you dumb fuck.

Get started bitch. Also, tits.

How many dicks have you sucked?

Show some vgg as well

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I wouldn't be so sure. Dumb fuck.

thats gay
I like painting and vidya but college kills all my free time anyway


Answer the question....NOW

How important is penis size, and what's kind of the minimum required size (in your opinion)?


Show me one of your paintings?

what's the current state of your pubic hair?

Why the fuck would you ever willingly come back here? Also post nudes faggot u wont

What’s the most hilarious object you’ve ever put is your pussy?

Will you post more pics?

Would ya be interested in trading lewdsnon discord or somethin? Ur pretty good lookin

Everybody knows it was refreshed in 2016, and then the 2018 had the body re-worked, dropping it to 0.32, with the R being 0.33. Everybody with an Adam's Apple knows that, or in OP's case, formerly having one.


Plans for Thanksgiving? Post kik

Nice headphones ya got there are they wireless?

Your thread has been visited by the anti-coomer, you're not special and have nothing of real value to offer, every fedora white knight cheetos hand keyboard warrior participating on the conversation shall disperse, go to /soc/ you dumb attention whore.

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5.5 is enough. anything past 7 is just scary for me
I have nothing better to do and let me tell ya, this place fuckin sucks now

Tits + timestamp retard

Its cancer but its our cancer

oh nice. but is 4.5 too small?

shoe on head, now, or gtfo.

My gf of 4 years doesnt love me anymore and split. Tell me something nice.

Have you ever been fucked so hard that your pussy fell off and had to be reattached?

Why haven't you killed yourself yet?

Well how about better a pic of you? No not nude

Have ya ever posted nudes on here or do ya mainly just lurk?

its only porn wtf
a little bit, yes
hoes come and go, bruh
i beat depression like 3 years ago lol
never posted a nude, only shitpost and lurk

Would you ever consider fucking an animal and letting it cum inside you?

It’s like national geographic but sadder

How many men have you had sex with?

Well your always welcome to post them lol

How did you beat your depression? Also why haven't you killed yourself yet?

Whats ur major?

How gaped is your pussy?

Do you have a twitter account? Please follow me. I'm lonely twitter.com/blessed2FM/status/1197014972615798785?s=19

Hey Shanna, whats happening

Have you ever shit yourself and enjoyed the feeling of having mashed poopies in your panties?

Thank you

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i just grew up I think

do you like to eat carrots?

Like building things and shit!? damn dude

Thank you

How old are you

Have you ever architecture'd a collage of nudes to give to us? Because that would be fantastic if you could just go ahead and architecture that for us

haven't been here in a many months myself

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An attempt was made


Didnt even get close to answering that question.


Tits and time stamp
Sharpie in pooper
Shoe on head
Write "happy birthday" on your tits today is my birthday

no problemo
sure, ate one today
yup yup
mate, its a lame fetish. I pity you.
that ones cool lol

Can we see your butthole? Shave? Wax? Or 70’s bush? And fuck CAPTCHA

Have you ever eaten pussy?


Good on ya what made ya go with architecture?

didn't have the math skills to be engineer and really enjoy acting superior to others

holy f you are gorgeous. can i buy you a drink sometime?

Are you ever hunted by eagles or wolves?

What's you fav band and what are you listening to?


Lol fair enough

>tfw when 5.5” exactly
thanks based fem

nope. Im straight
i was studying psychology and i say to myself "this shit lame" so now I study arch. Best/worst decision of my life yet
rn its a bad called "empire empire! i was a lonely state"

Slut..answer my question


Switching majors can be tough tho I guess u switched early on in college?

For the female boners (the donut) what are the best spots to rub for maximum climax?

Also what kind of shit do you love when a guy does it to you in bed?

Your sure putting up with alot of shit on here

Shut up nigger


That’s one shitty band

Do you ever wonder what it’s like having a penis?

And what number am I thinking of right now between 1-1000?

Im waiting. Also, innie or outie?