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i'll just sleep, i guess
have a nice night
you might like this pic

have a nice night

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that's.... great. I just started day ...

I join!
I tired too, so i can?


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Have a good sleep, I do enjoy that picture a lot.

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Sorry I'm late
Maybe everyone is gone but, goodnight thread

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Hello pink friend

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cuddle cuddle

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Hello friend! I hope you are well
Cuddle, nice pink friend :)

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hey, rudes

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Hey tiny miku, nice microphone

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thanks cute have a cupped cake~

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cuddle cute pinky

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Dubs and cupped cakes, sounds nice to me. Have a pat
Cute Chinatsu :)

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I am, was enjoying my time at the bar with some friends. Sadly I had to leave to go to work.

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Aww... Atleast you got to have some fun with frens
Pink cuddles :)

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im thinking of getting a new job. sort of.
same thing, but more consistent

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That could be nice, more consistant is always good

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yay! cuddles

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it puts my employer and coworkers in a bit of a bind.
i dunno, change is hard

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I hope you can sort it out, it's important to do what you like :) Also hi Tsugu!

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Cuddle cuddle :)

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yeah.... thank you
hello! how are you today?

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cuddles :)

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I'm good thanks :) I just finished up work and just relaxing a little bit now
Huggy cute pink

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huggyhugs :)

I have to go now..
have a nice day pinky and (Tsugu)

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Have a nice day pink fren :) Hug!

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Sleep well thread,
Goodnight friends :)

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