Be me 29 years old

>Be me 29 years old
>Was a virgin until 24
>Thought my life was finally turning around
>Have sex with 19 women over next 5 years
>Most of the time left depressed and lonely after sexy time
>Get tons of matches on dating apps but just want GF
>Only had 1 GF and it was the happiest I've ever been
> Been a year and half since we broke up, but I still can't find another girl who makes me happy
>Played with a Shiba Inu puppy today and it's the happiest I've been in a long time

Kings, your time will come if you're still a virgin. But remember sex is basically worthless unless it's with somebody you love.

Love yourself first and let women earn your love instead of chasing them. It will make you sad and depressed

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OK Sup ForumsRO.SAD STORY.True words

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Finally, someone who gets how it actually is. It's not just sex but to find someone who gives a shit about you.

I want more guys to realize casual sex isn't an answer. It doesn't turn you into Chad, it just slowly erodes away your emotional ability to make real connections

Having a gf doesnt mean shit. I have had one for 4 years. I basically think I'm falling out of love with her because I'm unhappy and shes wrapped up in her own shit. Like living with a messy ghost. Just getting to be not worth it.

>can’t find another girl who makes me happy
>relying on others for your happiness

Found the issue retard. Fix it. Im 21 and have only fucked 5 bitches (one of em for 5 years). I really shouldn’t have to tell you this you mong.

Familiarity breeds contempt.

The last relationship I had ended 5 years ago and I haven't been in one ever since. Just dated a lot of women too, but it's been specially hard for me to find a significant other and it's making me feel stupidly anxious and depressed.

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It's not just having a gf, is having someone who gives a shit about you

Love is so overrated and completely pointless to me, I just want a qt 3.14 I can lock in a cage and beat routinely, where is my BDSM slave?

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>Like living with a messy ghost.
Good description. I've deposited two keks into ur account.

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going through a breakup myself. Lost her after almost 3 years because I relapsed twice. First time was forgiven. Second time, she left me. I tried quitting after, but what's the fucking point? I went from a bloomer to a doomer. Everytime I have something good in life like a wonderful girl, good job, and a good group of friends, I lose it time and time again because of drug abuse. I use once, then as time progress, I become dependent and have withdrawals, then I no longer have a grasp or control on life. I have to live a double life.Only after this time, I don't think I'm wiling to progress anymore, because it will only lead me to disappointment. I've lost everything, my love, my friends, my dignity and the worst part of this is, I know it's my fault. I see the contrast of how my room used to be clean and tidy and now it looks like shit. plates and garbage everywhere. Bathroom just looks obliterated. Blood on the mirror and bathroom walls from heroin injections. I don't want to take anymore risks moving forward, because everytime I do, I fall down harder, so I've completely isolated myself. I don't want to talk to anybody anymore, because attachments will only bring pain for both parties. It's been 9 months now.

sorry for the rambling. It's dumb. I guess it's never too late for anybody. For me, I don't think I can continue to keep losing people around me whether from a broken heart, alienations, or overdoses.

Pretty insightful user, I won't fuck with H because it's one of the few things that makes a man give up money, food, family and pussy for. A black hole of a drug.

That being said, there's always hope for staying clean. If you have been clean for the past 30 mins, you can stay clean for the next 30 mins, etc.

>sex is basically worthless unless it's with somebody you love
Some people need emotional connection in order to make love

Personally, I think today's hook-up culture has its place if you see sex as assisted masturbation. But if you're seeking emotional gratification, you're fucking retarded and belong in this site. Meet people irl through hobbies, elective evening classes at a library or community college, club, etc. But pick your demographic, if you try to pick apples at an orange farm you'll be in for a bad time.

Honestly I used to think sex was such an important part of a relationship. Roughly 3 years ago I was dating my now ex gf, best sex ever had. Best ass I ever had the privilege of nutting in. She cheated, I broke up, and I was pretty upset. It wasn’t cause I really missed her because I eventually realized I found myself wanking oh to porn girls that have a similar build

FF to now, I’m in a relationship. I’ll be 100% real, the sex isn’t as good as with my ex. But I’m genuinely happy with her. We laugh at all the same things, have a lot of similarities in our personalities so we get along and can sort out issues like adults, and we just all around have a great time doing just about anything together. She makes me a better person and I strive to keep doing good and improving. Sex isn’t everything, anons. If you can find a girl who has all that plus a good sex game, then more power to you. But it comes secondary. I promise you sex alone isn’t what’s going to hold a relationship together.

it's weird but I haven't been using drugs. I do drink every now and then but when I do, I just get drunk. My mindset is still in pain mode. I've tried staying clean before. Being sober for a year here and there, being sober at most 2 1/2 years. It just always hurts when you build a foundation that you've worked so hard for, only to go to shit over and over.

Thanks for replying though, it really means a lot. I haven't talked to a real person for almost 3 months

Jesus Christ user take a walk outside and say hi if even to a store clerk or some old dying fuck at a park. You're asking for declining mental health with that.
Idk the friend I'm vibing with is a bit antithetical to your current gf. She tended to value sexual gratification over emotional fulfilment, but her change of heart is recent and meaningless without action. Idk I'd be into her if she didn't have that red flag among other pink ones.

I'm reminded of a stupid FB post story. An young couple meets an old couple and says something like "how lucky you found each other" to which the old couple replies "we worked on being with each other." An issue why dating today sucks is the culture of instant gratification. Why bother working on a relationship in your mid-20's when you can try someone else for a new nut?


You should do what works best for you. I've had a handful of serious relationships and I usually just end up feeling guilty that some girl is seriously in love with me while I could take her or leave her. Maintaining a few simultaneous friends with benefits has always been what I enjoy the most.

It just sucks because I cant relate to my family. Never been close. And my friends are all gone to different states and have kids. I'm almost 30 and outta school so no new friends anytime soon. Just living to die. I didnt think it would be this bad.

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Dont give up in getting clean user. It's hard as shit but take it day by day. You can do it.

>be me (25 at the time)
>alpha prime
>had ended a 6 year relationship
>was sad for a long while but thanks to forums had turned into a semi-alpha
>even escaped the friendzone finally with not one but two friends I had fantasized about
>didn’t love either one though, just wanted to fuck so badly
>same result each time: Immediate shame.
>want to leave immediately
>called a douche both times after
>random dates/hookups, never love, always immediate shame, sometimes hard to even get it up. Once with a coworker she even talked shit after fucking up my rep at work.

>fastforward to 29.
>found my soulmate who the first time we were going to hookup, I was so nervous I couldn’t perform. She was so understanding and chill. The next time, no nervousness. we smashed into the heavens.

>wifed her and haven’t looked back since.

Your time will come anons, everyone wants something different. But if you’re a loser or ugly, just get into shape, and buy clothes that fit correctly without graphics on them and nice shoes. I’m a 4 at best and my wife is objectively a 7/8 if I’m being honest.