My wife and I are starting a small business...

My wife and I are starting a small business. It is just a startup now and I am trying to convince that saying "Fuck you" on the instructions manual of the product will make people feel something rather than nothing when "Thank you" is used instead. I genuinely feel that "Thank you" as a phrase means nothing, in fact, every-time I read it I get disgusted like the smell of old stale clothes.

Just look at your own reaction. I will say this to you with now...Fuck you!

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You might not want to make business decisions based on your own preferences.

Statistically people will probably still prefer a thank you, if it matters at all what the instructions say, since people don't buy your product because o the instructions. There is the questions whether instructions should even make you feel something, their function is to inform the buyer.

Ok zoomer

It depends on what you're selling and who you're marketing to. If youre marketing to the punk crowd, you wont get anywhere because punks arent supposed to be materialistic. But if you market to all the folks that call themselves punk you may get a bite.

Somehow I doubt the Bennigans ironic-rude style of service translates to manuals.

But that would require some other branding apart from fuck you in the instructions.

also we don't know the product, top of the line plum flavored digestive aid for those late night crazy punk pooping sessions might not go down well.

I think people are afraid to run a business exactly on your own principals. Businesses are nothing but stories, might make it an interesting one.


Are you and your wife edgy teens?

Target Audience: Cat owners.


Those stories can fit the market better or worse based on the culture at large, selling with the wrong story gets you sidelined.

So running a business on your own principles in that case would be a bad business decision

By the sheer reaction, I am guessing this might hit a nerve. My wife and I argued passionately about this for 30 Min. straight and we're introverts and seldom talk passionately.

Also would like to add that the thousands of small businesses that use their marketing the personal nature of the product and the principles of the small business owner are well crafted marketing campaigns, cause in america small business is still a some sort of sign of living some sort of american dream and making something of yourself, so people love those stories

I don't know. If I saw FY on the manual, I might think I bought the wrong product and should ask for a refund. (As in manufacturer/seller is having a laugh - maybe using substandard materials and charging a premium)

You can do that if you want to start running your bussiness into the ground before you even start.

That thank you has a more subconscious effect.

Good luck user and think stuff thru.

Hey man! Fuck you too!

Fuck business, be politican. You can say fuck you to people and THEY will say thank you for it.

You do you OP.


if your wife is the product this could work

Evven if that was a gimmick It would probably annoy me still

Holy shit. Fuck off with your bullshit op.