Winter is coming. You are getting a chubby gf to keep you warm, right user?

Winter is coming. You are getting a chubby gf to keep you warm, right user?

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Ok zoomer

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Someone post more I need thisss

I already have one

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How chubby we talkin? My gf rn is 5'2" and 180lbs. I was never into bigger girls before either, just ended up happy with her.

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If only

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That's a summer gf. You need THICCER for winter.

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Had one for 5 years, making her my wife soon. Fuck yeah \m/

grats man. same here

mmmhm, looks so warm and cuddly, would love to have her legs wrap around me, god im so alone

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got this chubby slut myself

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damn I love noserings

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Let's see her and then we'll decide

Theres alot of ways to stay warm pleb

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Yeah but cuddling with a fatty while you're balls deep in her ass is the best one.

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Who wants

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Mine just broke up with me. Said she had too much stuff going on in her life to be in a relationship.

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Why don't you just move to someplace that doesn't have a winter, like San Diego? Then you'll never have to stoop that low.


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they're easy to get. met mine () on tinder and been with her 2 yrs
just feed them and pet them and tell them they're not ugly. it's like a dog.

literally nobody yuck cunt

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I got a big titty bitty yep.

She's like a fat Jennifer Aniston.

>Said she had too much stuff going on in her life to be in a relationship.
this is the kind of thing women say because women are mostly concerned with being liked. she doesn't want to be with you, but she wants you to still like her, even if she never sees you again.
so she makes up an excuse like this.
she just wants to be with someone else, but if she said that you'd think she's awful.
her way, you are supposed to imagine that you were lucky to be part of her life at all, she's got so much going on.

If she's not finishing a Phd or a medical resident or finishing her first novel AND taking care of a parent is his or her final days AND testifying at the impeachment hearings, she's got a normal amount "going on".

just get rid of all her stuff, delete her email and number, block her number, etc, and do not have any contact with her, her friends, or her family for the next year at least.
It will speed your recovery immensely.
So will sex with other women.

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This man has found the truth. Do not squander this gift anons

so fucking big and soft

Can't see her, due to Marge Simpson and Pinkhead in the background.

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damn son is there more?

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I wish

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Any of her fully nude standing up?

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That's a lie.
Every time.

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sweet thanks, those are great

sorry user i don't right now. do have this though.

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whats her name

which one? you didn't tag any of them

More in those white panties?

Holy, she has me harder than a rock.

Fuuuuuuck. Moar

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don't have many panty shots

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Post more examples for science.

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I have such a high metabolism that Im like a fucking heater most chicks use me like Im just there so they can cuddle and be warm . I dont need a woman Im my own woman !

Keep going


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Any interest in my gf? 19 yo loves to suck cock

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Think she would dress up like

welp, there's always paper bags to fix her problem

All she needs is a cow like nose ring too


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She'd dress up in anything I want her to

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Keep going. Move that towel

Like what I'm seeing, let's show some face

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Thats all i’ll show, srry dont wanna show everything cuz she’s mine hehe

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I actually do, but she lives 300 miles away so I only get to see her about once a month

love her curls

Any of her standing up fully nude?

Yeah me too. Hate how it looks when she puts em up tho

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you got a pic of that ?

Unfortunately no, she's not very confident about her body so she doesn't like to take many full shots, I do have this though.

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I'd rather freeze to death than get a fat gf

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Already sorted for winter

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Already have one