I am soo soo glad we have the AOC age 18+ guideline in place to keep us from accidentally having sexual contact with...

I am soo soo glad we have the AOC age 18+ guideline in place to keep us from accidentally having sexual contact with females aged 17 years 11 months or younger.
I once met a girl and was ready to go all the way until she told me her birthday was in another 3 days. So I waited and had sex with her then. Thank goodness I didnt fuck her 72 hours sooner, the psychological damage she wouldve had wouldve been permanant.
Arent you guys glad for our AOC laws??

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AoC in my County is 14 and I still don't give a damn .
>be me 22
>be fucking everything aged14-30
> 14 pussy better then anything else
>AoC is a joke a few decades ago nobody gave a shit . And at a certain Age most people can make their own decisions
But I understand wgy they are in place

Elaborate why you believe theyre in place.?

That’s not how it works faggot and you know it. AOC for 14 is for people also 14, so of a 15 year old fucks their 14 year old gf the 15 y.o won’t get in shit. If an adult fucks a 14 year old it’s still abuse.

Like masturbating is self abuse amirite?

more Megan plz

To protect stupid kids from stupid adults
Because parents these days dont really give a fuck and some adult men are bust using these young kids for their own gain . And young kids usually cant understand the difference between what's good for them and what's bad .

I know ma dude but if the minor loves the adult the law can't do shit its a stupid bypass law to avoid prosecution . Its called the Rome and Julia clause I think .
But yes if she's 14 and Im over 18 i'd be fucked if the feelings weren't mutual

ITT salty pedos

It ain't I love my Girl and ahe loves me . And we've known eachother for years and in a year shes legal not that it would matter in two years shes going to be my wife and in five years she will have your first kid .

Pedo cunts should slowly burn in a napalm bath.. Just kill yourself really...

End your life now, no one will miss you I promise

Including her, she's just going to outgrow your fat fucking ass

thats not pedo at all

pedo is like prepubescent

if she has tits and ass shes a woman

> two years shes going to be MY wife
> five years she will have YOUR first kid
Sure, I'll cuck you

>your first kid

I beg the difference
That the spirit and she's 17 now Im 22.
We meet when I was 19 she was 14 hooked up when she was 15 . You guy's are auit quick to judge
To bad your not me and certainly couldn't get on my level

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I get it mistakes where made you guy's are so intelligent .



this is truly the intellect of someone who would date a high schooler as an adult

Kek haha .

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Yeah no

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Sage in all fields

I once penetrated a 17 year old 15 mins before her 18th birthday and got a felony for underage.
If I had only waited 15 mins more.
Yes, the laws are bullshit. Those extra 15 mins of maturity might have changed her decision as she blossomed into eighteen.

It truly is a sham.

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Where do you live? Romeo and Juliet laws refer to teens of a certain age gap, usually 3 or 4. Love has nothing to do with the law.


Or maybe Im just bored as fuck and talking mad nonsense for the heck of it .
Let's be real why would someone even give a shit about the opinions other's have about them.
AoC is a good thing and it's their to protect children because parents these days mostly don't give a shit and our society sexualizes kids mad crazy .

If you didn't understand I was fucking around . But Im from the EU

Who the fuck is Megan?

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the girl in the OP newfaggot

Shutup pedo
Now who is megan?

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I second the more Megan

Where the fuck did Megan come from