Girls who would look better with their faces covered in cum

Girls who would look better with their faces covered in cum

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the fuck is up with those dumbass septum normie piercings has bitches looking like some god damn cows

...all of them.

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I just want to rape her mouth and cum all over her face

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WTF is wrong with her eyebrows

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Simple..Some people like them.

Holy fuck please more/source

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Faces like that don't really look better with cum on them; they sort of look like they always have cum on them as that's what you expect. The cum is so heavily implied that it doesn't really matter if it's actually there

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How many loads?

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Autism alert

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my bad should've put a trigger warning on that for emo fags

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Fuck yes

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Good little cum slut

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That she is. and she hates when it goes in her hair. Fun fun

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Of course, she wants it on her face. Can't let it go to waste

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Rather it went inside. Breed her like a fuck pig

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>wanting to cum on the face of a man

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Who is she
She’s got nice tits

All of them?

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Emily would for sure

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Here's a few videos of this bitch getting fucked and taking loads to her face. Let me know what you think of this bitch in action. I'm sunnymanner on kik for more

imig es/c/wk1nCFv

Add an . after imig and before es

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all of them

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Oh absolutely
And saved

Nina of course

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Would you like to cover my sister's face with your load? :)

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hold it in a few days, let it build up, but still watch porn every now and again. still get regularly aroused like normal, even jerk off every now and again, but DONT CUM for a few days. the longer the more you'll probably spew. I've gone a bit over a week without it and came a fuck ton, and with little to no effort aswell. Started shooting before i even had an orgasm lmao.

Anyone recognize Anna? Cover herrr

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What she deserves

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She sucked my cock last week. Met her on Tinder.



screenshots of the convo?

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Girls would look better with their faces deprived of oxygen

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show the convo

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Wow.. All these posts and not a single one has cum on them.. Disappointing.

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