Sexy teacher thread

Sexy teacher thread.

Bonus points for candids and stories.

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Sections full of teachers by state in this disc


Music teacher from PA

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source, lad.

Google mate

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> Be me, loud 5th grader
> New teacher, call her Ms. Cougar
> Fresh out of college
> Smaller than many of the female students (boys hadn't started growing yet)
> Pretty, but acts strange and mean to me for some reason
> Fight all year with her
> Nearly get suspended
> She transfers to a different school after that year, forget all about her
> 20 years later
> Out drinking with friends
> Woman maybe 10-15 years older than me hits on me and offers to by me a drink
> Never had a woman buy me a drink, say sure
> She's very petite, but moderately large breasts
> Catches me looking at her cleavage a few times
> Adjusts them so they're better displayed
> Chat for a bit, she drags me on dance floor
> Not the best dancer, but eager
> "Accidentally" grabs my dick at one point
> I pull her close and say, "Let's get out of here"
> She drags me to her car
> We make out in the parking lot for a while before she tosses me her keys
> "You drive"
> I get in the car, fucking seat is all the way forward steering wheel practically in the floor board
> Adjust everything so I can get in
> Glance over, she's already down to her bra and panties
> holyfuckingshitthisbitchisinheat.jpg
> Not perfect, but tiny and tight built
> I'm starting the car, she's unzipping my pants
> Before I can get the car in gear she's already deepthroating me
> "Where am I going?"
> She fumbles in her purse and hand me her drivers license
> See address, I know where it is start driving
> Notice name, seems familiar
> Oh god, what is she doing with her tongue!
> Forget her name
> Make it to her place without killing anyone important
> Nearly blow my load multiple times, keep having to warn her off
> Never stops, just changes tactic to keep me on edge
> We go in to her place, she leads me to bedroom
> Best night of fucking I've ever had
> Fall asleep, wake up with her asleep on my chest
> She's actually really cute, even in the light
> Wake her up and fuck her some more


> Starting to plan my escape when she asks if I want breakfast
> Uhh, sure... why not?
> Start chatting, tells me she's never done this
> Yeah, okay. And I've never jerked off in my life.
> "No seriously, user. I just felt like I knew you and couldn't help myself"
> "What, like lust at first sight?"
> "I can't explain it, I just felt drawn to you"
> Weird, but I'm not complaining
> Start chatting about our lives, what we do
> Tells me she's a teacher
> "Oh yeah, what do you teach?"
> High school. I started as a grade school teacher, but that didn't work out
> Why not?
> There was this kid, a young boy that I couldn't stop thinking about
> I was always finding reasons to single him out and pick on him
> If I didn't know better, I'd say you had a crush on your student
> She paused, turned a bit red
> I've... I've thought about that...
> It was scary so I transfered to a different school the next year
> suddenflashbacktomychildhood.png
> Wait, this wasn't a 5th grade student was it?
> She stops and looks at me
> user?
> In the flesh, Ms. Cougar
> She doesn't say anything, just stares at me wide-eyed
> All I can think of is the song "Hot for Teacher"
> Realize I could have probably lost my virginity in the 5th grade to her
> So, Ms. Cougar, how does it feel to fuck one of your students?
> She starts panic crying
> I pull her into a hug and try to calm her down
> Its not really working
> We're naked, and I'm horny again
> I blurt out "If I stick my dick in your mouth will you shut up?"
> She does this snort, giggle hiccup thing and calms down
> Starts laughing really hard
> Wraps her arms around me and kisses my chest
> "user, I'm sorry"
> "For not fucking me in the 5th grade?"
> She pauses then says, "sure..."

We've been together for the last 2 years. It's pretty weird, but she's crazy about me for some reason. She finally confessed that she knew it was me the moment she saw me in the bar. Still can't explain why she wanted me so bad though.

Thanks for sharing! Great story. I'm married to a high school teacher now.


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Love her tits. Any higher resolution?

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my daughter's english teacher

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tight and hot smile

Did you fuck her?

no but.. do i wish?

both are elementary teachers

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Love the tits

My kids teacher on right. Just got married but I’d still fuck her

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My lil bro's teacher is pretty damn fuckable

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Cutie af

what does she teach

pointy knees

>be me
>take music in year 9 and 10 (ausfag, highschool years)
>teacher walks in
>solid 9/10 to 10/10
>short pencil skirt, white shirt, hair up in pony tail, glasses
>I play bass, this is important later
>I take a seat just off to the right, in front of her desk so I can sly perv on her
>she takes role call at her desk
>I can't keep my eyes off her
>has this cute smile, pearly white teeth and intoxicating voice
>muh dick diamonds
>she gets into the lesson
>goes around and asks students what they play
>gets to me
>I say bass in a meek voice
>"Really user?! Me too!"
>Notice I'm only bass player in class apart from teacher
>for the rest of the year I get directly taught how to play by her
>she's always in pencil skirts
>she sits on the amplifier, legs slightly crossed
>could always see down her skirt and spy her panties every class
>sometimes white cotton panties
>sometimes red lacey ones
>sometimes black ones
>always a sexy pair
>muh dick diamonds all year
>go home any day that I had class with her
>fap til my dick red

Year 4 teacher

some more of her knees, specially for you :)

lol forgot to upload the pic

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come on user give us someting more sexy

This one should be fired.

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Anyone got more of her?

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Now that's the look of a woman that loves a teen cock

Fap fap fap

anyone save or remember this hotwife teacher ?

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Hmmmm...who think was him...?!

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Mrs. S showing off for class

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Needs more teacher feet

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Hot as fuck keep going

Any ass pics??

sry no ass shot

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More of thick Cap?

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This must be the most lickable belly I've seen in my life

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Hot also moar

user more creeps!!