I'm a homosexual female who is sexist towards males because of crime statistics. AMA

I'm a homosexual female who is sexist towards males because of crime statistics. AMA

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Why the fuck aren’t you on Tumblr?

do you understand why people are racist against blacks?

If women weren’t weak submissive losers I’m sure they would commit crimes far exceeding that of males

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true. There are rules. If we don't adhere to the rules we have nothing.

Tradition, gentleman....tradition.


Good for them? I'm sure that makes jail worth it

Millennials are the new blacks.

If you're looking at statistics, are you racist toward black people too?

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blacks are the new blacks

How long did you know you were an autist retard

If I were a woman then I would be homosexual too.

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No, faggot. You mean millennials

Yes but I have black friends

If you hate males because of crime statistics you must really hate black males. Racist bitch

no you retarded illiterate faggot I said BLACKS

itt: upset white males

Sound reasoning. That's the same reason why whites are weary around blacks.

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so you're the female version of a degenerate. What do you want, an award?

How often do you fantasize about being raped by a man?


Sooo...basically a femcel, right?

you have a girlfriend?
whats your taste in women?

How do you feel that the majority of victims of violent crimes are men in all cases except rape and sexual assault?

Why don't you answer questions?


>in all cases except rape and sexual assault?
Men are raped more then women.

Yes. I like women that look like jessica rabbit

Nothing because its other men who commit said violent crimes.

Obvious troll questions only get a (you)

Feels good when people like you die.

Fair 'nuff.

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Nope I'm a gay nigger and I think op deserves to get shot

source? Cause like, you're wrong

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so you dont care about the victims of crimes?

Not if they're men.


what is the difference between a male victim and a female victim?


Why are you gay?


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No such thing as homosexual women. Just femoids too fat and ugly to get men.


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Would you fuck a guy if he asked politely?

>black males because of crime statistics

I fixed it for you OP.

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I think you are right to be carful are males. I also think females should be armed with at least Mace but I would recommend a 9mm. I have been robbed several times by blacks and immigrants and our statistics are very telling of their violence. I think a have to right to be cautious

I have a ccw

Plan on raising a family?

artificial insemination eventually

What will you tell the child in regards to the father? I'm only asking because my best friend was raised by a gay couple (2 Moms) and they refused to tell him anything about his biological father. Now he hates them for it and basically any gay coupe in existence deserves to hang as far as he is concerned.

Info about their health records. also straight couples have had children that hate them for life. the risk comes with the territory

What if they ask to know more? I don't actually know how it all works with artificial insemination but if they wanted to know more could you (or would you) do that for them?

it depends on the state. here in colorado i could get the records for sure (a friend has done it, so thats how i know)

You sound like a reasonable person then, good luck with everything. It saddens me that you have tarred all men with the same brush, we aren't all asshats and you may have a son of your own one day. Peace, I'm out.

>Yes. I like women that look like jessica rabbit

Doesn't even count, faggot. Everyone's attracted to Jessica Rabbit looking women.

for others reading, the reason i distrust men is because whenver i get mugged/raped/murdered its going to be by a man and not a women.

It's funny you say that, because the only times I've been stolen from/harassed/hit has been by women.
I don't distrust all women though, because I've met a lot of very kind and thoughtful women too.
Seal up those borders if you want though.

That's antidotal. I don't have the anti-immigrant sediments

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Men don't report when they are raped unless there is serious physical damage done.

Women tend to be very much "want/take" and aren't big on getting informed consent because for a long time they were told males can't be raped

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I feel the same way about niggers.

How did you get my IP from this post, are you FPI or something?

I recently had a dream (about 8 minutes ago) about denied sexual advances I experienced as a teen. Far from being a wizard, I am in fact a parent of a now teenage kid, so I mean I'm not dreaming of mysteries. What do you suppose the dream meant?

Also my gay brother was in it and he was having sex with the girl who denied me in the same dream. Everyone was behaving as though I was going to get mad or blow up about it, but really I was more concerned (per usual) with my own private pursuits - likely gaming or drawing.

oh, doy... what does a dream like that mean?