Rekt ?

Rekt ?

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What the hell happened here

A hiker whose line snapped?

Why did last rekt thread commit self-deletus?

If you mean the last thread, it 404'd or something.
If you mean the webm, he blew his hands off with explosives.

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Political problems in Bolivia.
Maybe it's a miner (dynamite).

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Does anyone have the second part?

what s3cond part

The second clip that has her friend looking at the tear in her dress and panties.

Lying on the bed. One is filming while the other is holding/stretching the dress/panties to show where it went through.

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Seriously, been looking for this forever

Damn, this ain't the one with sound. Crazy thing is he lived. He got interviewed too.

Well I've got to hand it to him. He's taking it pretty calmly.


What??? There's no way.

adrenaline is one hell of a drug


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I'm sure he will finger it out.

I've also heard she was convicted of manslaughter
so until you give sauce both are bullshit

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Yeah, he did. I read it somewhere that he did.

that's a kill shot, kiddo.

Just gonna leave this here

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Lol. The dumb niggers!!! Lmao!!!!

no bro anything but this, the fuck is wrong with people?

pick one

And no one is lifting a finger to help

That’s pretty fucking horrible. That you starring in that video??

He should have checked them digits.

He'll knuckle down and get the help he needs.

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Nerve Gas

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The one with sound is funny as well.

Drop the Chulupa

Lol fukin niggers always noggin

I wonder if he's realized yet at this point how difficult it's going to be to wipe his ass.


>obligatory let me give you a hand joke

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Looks like the Duke boys are at it again

hes fine kiddo
user said so himself

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I forget the brand of holster, but it has a button you push to release the pistol and your finger goes straight to the trigger as you pull. Terrible design.

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*hilarious design

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Lmao , hes a fukin potatoe

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Instructions unclear.

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What happened? Did he try to tickle a cat's belly?

Devyn. lmao no wonder why retards in my old high school thought it was a nigger name.

I stand corrected.

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how in the god damn

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You got me to lol.

Way to go user!

btw you're thinking of the blackhawk tactical holsters, pic related

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What the hell kind of tactics involve that piece of garbage?

The fuck are you talking about. She impaled her ass cheek and went to the hospital.

If your finger goes to the trigger the moment you draw your pistol from that holster, then you're not using it correctly and deserve to get your dick shot off.

the same kind of tactics that lead to a self inflicted tactical bullet wound in your leg

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That's the one.


Pictures? Anything?

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Quick heads up: I this is the only webm I've been busted for saving. Good luck unless you already live in a shithole, in which case, good luck.

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I've got the second part on my desktop at home.
I'll see if I can get it posted tomorrow when I get back.

The girl in the black leggings and white top is the one that lifts up the other ones clothes and shows the damage to the camera. Her ass cheek is red and her clothes have holes.

Possible elemental on our hands?

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He's checking dubs and taking names.

>lets go party yai!!
>now we go to hospital, thank you

Who busted you and what part of the world do you live in?

how about stop posting reaction images and wasting space and post some fucking rekt, faggots

That photo win any awards?

A Blackhawk leather holster has this feature. The trigger finger presses the release allowing the pistol to be drawn with the trigger finger coming to rest against the trigger guard. It's a safe design.

Toyota liable

Yeah, he's got it hanging in his study.

Some say he's still jumping to this day...

Wear your seatbelts kids


Prince Zuko?

Helicopter ejection seat

God damn, I'm still having problems with this clip.
The fucking bitch waves the gun around, Chambers a bullet and pulls the trigger!
What the fuck did the negress think was gonna happen?!

Hey, buddy. Let me give you a hand

No, the dude lived and the negress was found and convicted for (believe) assault with a deadly weapon and severe bodily harm

Oh, man. I just did that joke