How do I ask out a girl who is really ugly and annoying without the fear of being judgementalized by my friends?

How do I ask out a girl who is really ugly and annoying without the fear of being judgementalized by my friends?

she really likes me and I want to fuck her so bad but I have never been with anything less than a 4/10 and my friends will give me shit for it

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Is pic related?
If so she ain’t even that bad
Dorky cute chicks are wholesome

That's America Ferrera from the TV show Ugly Betty you retard.

truth is, if there is anything at all wrong with any girlfriends you have, your friends and family will talk shit and hate her.

that is how it is, fuck them, fuck the whore, she'll prob be a cheating fucked up cunt.

that's life, get some pussy, get over it.

tell everyone to fuck off, pound her pussy as hard as you can as much as you can, throw her away when shes being a cheating cunt.

good day sir.

Excuse me for not knowing every show on the god damn planet.

what part of everyone around you is of average intelligence did you not accept.

now, fuck off.

nah, this girl couldnt cheat if she wanted to, besides she is in love with me. she calls/texts me to hang out all the time, my problem is I keep telling her I'm busy because I dont want my friends to find out Ive been with her

I just want to get with her and tell my friends to fuck off but I dont wnt to lose them either

>what will Brad and daquan and Billy think?!
Why dont you just suck them off, faggot since you care so much what they think

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Tell them to fuck off and that you really like the girl and if they're really your friends to leave you alone about it. I'd they don't they're assholes.

Well youre already dog shit as a man. Fuck her and date her dont feel bad about your friends. Fuck those virgins.

If your friends give you shit about who you date, they aren't your friends.

Rule #3 Befriend people who want the best for you

What's rule 1 and 2?

This is where you man up and do what you want to do. Call them faggots if they tslk shit about you getying puss.

> best for you
> fucking ugly chick because free pussy

pick one.

oh my god son, friends are generally more important than some dumb cheating pussy, but as men, we also love that shit, and then usually put off friends for it.

ok so heres what you do, risk friends because they are gay dumb cunts and fuck shit outa her a lot etc etc.

real truth is, do you like her enough to trade them for her, to marry her etc.

if not, and truly think about it, if shes worth it, if she would truly stay forever, and if ud be truly fine with that, then do it, pick her and risk them.

if not, probably don't pick her, because you will get tired of a cheating cunt that wont last 4 years your choice or not, and don't risk your shitty but average and expected friends and faimilies reactions.

so. that's a keep her, or be evil and just fuck her a bit on the down low and throw her away lol, specially if you can tell this bitch isn't truly caring about you, then you can do it and not feel bad about it. and no one will even know, ull get some puss and dodge bullets.

good luck neo.

1) Fuck this
2) Fuck that
3) Befrend people who want the best for you.
4) Fuck this too

Rule #1 Stand up straight with your shoulders back
Rule #2 Treat yourself like someone you are responsible for helping

I really like this girl and have for years but almost everyone I know has bullied her or talked shit about her and idk how or if I can deal with her as a gf, I want to fuck her and date her but I dont know how to get over all the bullshit

Personality > Appearance

she wont cheat i guarantee it, I am way out of her normal league of uggos and I m way nicer to

I think shes funny but almost everyone I know finds her annoying, because she has aspergers

Zoomers are pathetic.

Post a picture of her for us to analyze

I would but she has her fb on private and Im too lazy to make an account to friend her

personality my ass. all op cares about is a free lay.

that but I also really like her, I want to make love to her and stay up all night naked cuddling and talking

Draw her.

Hang on

As somebody with Asperger's syndrome. You've to be very careful or she'll just regret you.

Shes not ugly though she just needs a make over like better hair style better glasses and just a lil make up and she would be sexy as fuck

I dated a girl that has schitzo, she was slighty not skinny, amazing fuck and decent body, decent face, maby 6/10 idk. don't care, liked her despite being a bit off.

everyone wanted me to find better, fuck them, but all in all, she was a cheating whore, women are pathetic and weak, they all are, its how this world works.

just enjoy some pussy and don't let it fuck you. then throw them away when it negatively effects you.

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Talk her about her special interest. It might be something that you also like. My special interest is mainly math, but I also like information technology.

How do you mean?

The fuck are you even talking about?

Easy. Stop giving a shit about what your friends do and say. When they give you shit for it, ask them if they are willing to let you fuck them instead. If they aren't, then they are cock blocking turds.

Your in love with Hank Hill?

>I'm so glad you also like propane accessories...

>thinking women like nice guys

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>thinking being nice or good looking keeps women from cheating

>That's America Ferrera from the TV show Ugly Betty you retard.
Hollywood ugly

I know a guy who's married to an uggo. Show the uggo a little attention and she will fuck you all day while her hubby is at work. He married an uggo because he assumed she would never cheat. None of their kids look like either of them.

want to know what you mean user, how do I avoid big problems?

Your friends sound like assholes, you're better off without them. Most important question is do you like the girl? Ignore her looks, is she a nice girl? If yes then just go for it and screw your so-called friends. Decent friends would support you following your heart, no matter how gay that sounds it's still true.

>wont cheat
got some bad news for you, m8

I really doubt she would do this, she has had 1 boyfriend in the last 3 years and is very conservative when it comes to sex

This is probably true, I should just go through with it and get her on a date

>How do I ask out a girl who is really ugly and annoying without the fear of being judgementalized by my friends?

You're a desperate virgin.

>thinks every woman will cheat
>confirmed virgins

Nope, I'm almost 30 and I lost my virginity when I was 15 and I've had 6 girlfriends Ive fucked, most were 5/10 or lower and the best one was 6/10 but she was a cheating drug addicted whore

this girl is 3/10 but really intelligent but she has aspergers and can get annoying to some people really fast

Fuck your friends and what they think. Do what you fucking want and stop being a god damned pussy about it

>Caring this much about what your friends think about who you bang

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Why do you think she is ugly? Can you give a description?

Beauty fades with time but a strong emotional connection only grows stronger over time.

>implying women don't cheat all the time
>confirmed dumbshit

Small childlike body (she is 32), hook nose, bad taste in glasses, she is in really bad shape (flabby arms/stomach, probably dangling tits), her most redeeming factor is she has really cute feet

>Go for it
worst that can happen is you ditch the uggo when things get bad. Whatever.

Two words OP

sounds like a decent catch to me, go for it

Kill yourself you shallow ass nigger ass fuck

You can fix a lot of that: Get her some new glasses you like. Go for long walks together or go to a gym with her. If you married her you could get her a nose job. One bad thing about really hot women is they are always looking around for somebody richer or better looking than you. Looks don't last. Far better to be with somebody who loves you.

What if she doesnmt want to be controlled?

>kids are up

Step 1 - stop caring what your friends think and grow up faggot
There is no step 2 you daft cunt

why would you want to be with someone that doesn't want to self improve?

because I dont want to self improve either

Friends come and friends go, but your dick is forever.
But seriously, if you like someone, fuck what anyone else thinks. Otherwise you are a fucking pansy who deserves nothing and no one.

More retarded for watching ugly betty

if she's so ugly then probably her self esteem is really low, if you go out with her and give her what she has always wanted - a relationship, your words will become gospel to her. She will change because you want it.

user, just slip it in. Tell your mates they're faggots

You will regret it if you don't date her. Happened to me and I wish I did. Also my buddy was having the same concern some time ago. Told him that I didn't give a shit and just date her. He married her and now has a kid with her. As many people have said, is they make fun of you for that they are not your friends, tell them to fuck off.

I already regret not getting with her 4 and 5 years ago when there was an opportunity, and now I've had a couple of chances again and I keep fucking it up because I can't get over the guilt of my friends hating her and I've even contributed to the shit talking like a dumb asshole


I love butterfaces

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Do you like her, can you enjoy a long conversation with her?
Try going out with her, be sincere. If it doesn't feel right after a few dates, stop it.
Also, don't have sex with her into you know you like her, and use a condom that you've brought with you and kept safe. Don't want her pricking holes in the condom and using the pregnancy trap on you.

Don't worry about what your friends think, just keep it short and say "screw you guys, it's my hot body and I'll do what i want" while waving a finger.


She's also on Superstore, which isn't terrible.

Now do the other half.

who gives a shit, if you wanna do it, just do it

when/if they give you shit ask them the last time they pulled a root

>without the fear of being judgementalized
Realize that doing what you want without outwardly displaying this fear is in itself worthy of respect.
If your friends give you shit, mock them for giving a crap about who you're dating. Tell them to pay more attention to their own girlfriends.

I care deeply about my girlfriend, but I have a feeling that society views her as like a 4/5. Do you, bro. Don't give a shit about anyone but you.

Do you like her at all or strictly want to fuck her and then quit it? If you like here I’d consider trying it but if it’s just for a fuck you will regret it as soon as you nut and pull out and if your friends know that’s not gonna be fun if she is well below your standards as you say. The third option is to try and hide it from the friends. May work for a little while but again when you pull out you are going to be considering shotgun mouth wash.

I'm morbidly curious about just how fucking ugly this girl is, if you're afraid of the flak you'll get from being with her she must be something truly, truly special.

Pic plz

Same. Like if he won’t even post her on an anonymous forum she must look like a fuckin meth whore.

If you live your life based upon how your friends and relatives will judge you, you're doing it wrong.

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