Mentally ill man here

Mentally ill man here

>+10 years on depression
>Didn't kill myself just because mom is still alive
>Physically and mentally destroyed
>Living in a third world country
>Even with all my depression I tried to have a job
>One year searching
>Job as janitor 15 days and nothing more
>Worst year of my life
>I'm just a burden to my parents
>Don't have money to pay some therapist
>Neither for a specialist to help me with my permanent illness

I thought about asking for donations or some shit like that just to pay some treatment but i never begged for something in my whole life, I would rather be dead but shit maybe someone would not pay some thot patreon for only this month and help me with this shit

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As a fellow poor ill user I hope things get better for you user.

haha this is a one fat cat

>Even with all my depression I tried to have a job
sounds like you have a job
>Don't have money to pay some therapist
How much are you getting paid?

fortunately no therapist or specialist will cure you of anything. all they can do is pump you up with false hope, if you cant pull through this then thats it.

false, this poster is unable to help himself in a meaningful way, so he hopes you suffer because hes weak and needs affirmation

What's wrong user?

I don't have one, sorry bad Ingles maybe. I was a janitor in a school and in 15 days I earned less than 100 dollars

I know, I just need to hang in there until I have a job or at least cure my disease

Don't listen to people telling you stuff like
They don't know you and don't know what will work for you.

For me, it was either therapy and meds or shrooms that cured me. I'm guessing it was the shrooms. You could try it too, if you're out of other options and have access.

also, this

i am this guy. i dont care about his suffering. i want OP to get the possible treatment that he can get, but its all motivational bullshit, at the end he will be exactly where he is now.

I dont know the extent of his physical damage, but it is highly unlikely that anyone can do much about it esp given his financial situation.

as for mental depression. its a common condition in the developed world and no one can do jackshit about it.

Would love to do mushrooms but
>In the middle of the dessert

My uncle tried "Ayahuasca" in Peru some years ago with some "chamán" in the middle of the jungle and he said that shit changed his life, I probably need something like that but


I feel that, i’m a 21 (recently 21) year old mentally male living in the united states leeching off my grandparents because my besides concieving me, my parents had nothing to do with me, the only reason im still on this damn mudball is because the state took my gun rights away.

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stupid justification. deep down you are are fully aware that you can end your life, but you are coming up with sad excuses because you suffer, yet you still want to live.

That's the problem, no one will hire me. I'm something disgusting. The only time I went to a dermatologist he said that all the lost hair will never grow again and I didn't even follow his treatment because

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I'm in somewhat similar boat, not really intensely depressed like years ago, but I know for fact therapy was trash. I didn't work for me. I tried it for 8 months or so, different therapists, it felt like a waste of time and money.

I'd be sitting in a room and doing all the talking. 45 minutes later, fuck outta my office and pay me. Made no sense to pay someone just to literally listen to me for an hour in a week. You can go out to a bar or just a find a random person in a classroom or art or something and talk to them for free. And this other therapist kept pushing me to do drugs, she completely gave up even trying to understand why I was depressed.

Shrooms is interesting though, I hear mixed outcomes from it. It has the potential to really ruin your life and destroy your sanity, but it also has the potential to heal and wake you up. I personally never tried it, but as of now, it is legal in my city, so it's something that I might at some point consider. It's not without its risks.

The only real solution to depression is connecting to real people. No shrinks, no therapist, no asshole who will label you with some made up "disease" and "mental disorder" or "biomedical" bullshit. Just real people who can share their pain with you and you can do the same. Watch this ted talk too:

shave your head

Lol, try cutting yourself and letting yourself bleed, try suspension hanging yourself, unless you lost your self preservation instict you cant, the only way I know I can end it is with a gun.

and a dedicated 21 year old man cant get his hands on a gun illegally? the legality is besides the point, because you will cease to exist

just accept that you want to cling to life no matter how miserable it is. even the most worthless pussy on this planet will get his hands on a gun if he serious about ending his existence.

Not gonna bring up my issues in another anons thread if he is asking for help. I can deal with my own issues and want to help others and give kind words to those who need it more than myself despite the issues I have. I may not be able to help much but a kind word and letting someone feel someone appreciates them and shows them kindness helps. Society may shit on us so we should not shit on each other.

The only way you could do that is if you knew someone, buying a gun illegally is difficult.


1. police cruiser, break the window with a rock, and blow your head with that loaded shotgun
2. snatch it from a citizen and run, by the time they get to you it should be over.
3. gun shows, go out of state if you have to.
4. go to a shooting range, and befriend someone, ask to fire some live rounds. or just ask the owner.
... i can keep going

I thought therapist can help me with drugs and maybe help me to get a job with some paper saying that I'm a suicidal guy with mental illness and I need a job, there is laws in here about mentally ill people to help them to get a job

Would do when I start some treatment, I can't shave my head with all that disgusting shit in my head

Do finger guns to a cop after some "allahu akbar"

Thanks you user, I feel the same thing. I rarely talk about how much I'm suffering and shit, I'm not the kind of guy who cries all day wanting for attention but I try to help everyone who is suffering.

>Would do when I start some treatment, I can't shave my head with all that disgusting shit in my head
cut your hair as short as you can, and use anti-fungal, anti-bacterial shampoo.

>Thanks you user, I feel the same thing. I rarely talk about how much I'm suffering and shit, I'm not the kind of guy who cries all day wanting for attention but I try to help everyone who is suffering.
since you cant get over your own suffering, it is insincere and borderline evil to help people, because all your advice is experimentally wrong since it cant help you.

You are unbelievably retarded, im not going to roll the dice with breaking the law and potentially make my situation worse for me or my “family” by chancing it when I could just bide my time and try to get something that will actually put me down.

It's better for you in the long run if you find the strength to say no to "i'm a helpless loser that needs depression papers to get a job" mindset, and stand up on your feet and take charge of your life.

It's one thing to share painful feelings with friends or therapist or whatnot, and have them validate your pain for you, by saying stuff like I know how you feel, it must be hard, it makes sense you feel this way because blah blah. It's another to not identify with these feelings, have a plan, and be committed to getting to where you need to go.

Sometimes the strength doesn't come from within. You have to be inspired from other people. Make some friends or join a group or whatever of people who are successful, or have jobs that you want. You draw strength from people who have what you want, are where you want to be, have what you want to have. Don't be around jobless losers who will make little inspiration you have left vanish. Join a group of alpha dudes, and be in that group all the time.

We all need to talk about it sometimes user. To my outward appearances I don't talk about it but to my online friends or other anons I have to release because it is just so hard and scary especially because we feel so alone and like such a burden on the people we care about. We should not see ourselves as being alone though we should be able to be kind to one another out of a sense of brotherhood caused by our shared suffering. I know you are trying your best and want to keep trying and should be proud of that. I know your parents love you and want the best for you hoping and praying that the world shines on you instead of shitting on you and I also hope that it does user. Keep trying user fight the world and show it you can beat it.

firstly if you cared about your family you would never consider suicide. secondly a man that wants to end his life will not care about committing a minor crime like snatching a gun or breaking a window. Also this crime will have no consequences for your family. Just accept that you're full of bullshit at this point.

Dermatologist said that this should be cured "from the inside" with medicine and that shampoo from the outside, sadly I don't have money for treatment

>since you cant get over your own suffering, it is insincere and borderline evil to help people, because all your advice is experimentally wrong since it cant help you.

That's why I'm good with advises "don't do what I did" "don't let yourself be like that or you will end up like me" "it will be harder to get help if you don't do it soon" I use myself as an example of worst case scenario

Either you’re trolling is terrible or this whole thing is outside your scope of comprehension. If I got ahold of one of my grandparents hunting rifles and killed myself guess who would be charged with a federal crime? One of the only people I can say I care about. But of course I dont have to tell you that because you’re so smart.

no they wont be. you're 21 now, and you can go out hunting. also you can leave a note absolving them of all blame.

also no one gets charged with a federal crime because a pussy 21 year old grandson decided to off himself with their rifle.

I understand what you are saying but the main problem is to have a job, I tried everything to have one. It's literally the only thing I need but this is a third world country, there isn't any job in here unless you know someone that let you in.

With a job I could have all my dreams come true but fuck this country.

I'm fighting this shit alone for a decade, I don't have the will to keep going like this. At least I didn't surrendered so easily but I will probably come here to say goodbye the first week of the 2020

That’s not how the law works friend, it should be that way, but im not dragging anyone down with me when I do this. Also fuck you.

As long as you see yourself ill, youre piece of shit.

Le epic troll xd. Reddit gold for you!

what law are we talking about again?
stupid grandson steals rifle to kill himself? you do realize that you are not a minor anymore?

Also your anger towards me is proof that you are finally accepting the fact that you are incapable of suicide.

I agree with you, don't worry

“You mad bro?”

That was advice you dumbfuck.

Believing yourself to be ill and actually knowing you are ill are two totally different things.


Alright, I might have missed it but what exactly is your illness?

I don't know if I didn't catch the message but I thought he was saying I was a piece of shit for seeing myself as someone ill

first week of 2020, whichever day, will feel like just now, since you cant do it now, you wont be able to do anything on that day either.

Its my birthday, after all that Christmas shit will be nice to finally get some rest