What are some irl examples of gamers rising up?

What are some irl examples of gamers rising up?

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There are zero cases of this happening because gamers are the weakest consumers. They can't even rise up against opening their wallets for the next CoD or whatever other shitty game they're playing today that's exactly the same as the last one.

Literally zero. While you're sitting on your couch playing CoD, others are running, at the gym, or doing alpha shit, they'll win pretty much every time.

"Alpha shit" Kys, retard.

Dude that was an airline cargo loader. He was in Washington state I think. Stole a plane proceeded to perform advanced aerial acrobatics that amazed even seasoned air Force pilots. When he was asked by ground control if he was okay his only response was it's okay I play video games and proceeded to commit suicide and crashed the plane with no other losses other than himself. He just wanted to cost his bastard airline bosses millions of dollars

Donald Trump.


yeah that guy seemed like a really cool ass guy

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That’s the best thing I’ve heard all week

he should have flown it into a skyscraper. at least go out with a bang

nah son, killing innocent people is pretty pathetic desu

Amen to that. There are many forms of evil in the world but I think ending someone's life prematurely is for sure one of the tops. That and sex slavery of young people. It is one thing to round up women that want to have sex for money. But to force that on someone unwilling really takes the joy of intimacy away from someone pure evil...

>What are some irl examples of gamers rising up?

Rishing up out of your CHAIR and rising out of your MOM'S BASEMENT and going out to INTERACT WITH PEOPLE and learn some SOCIAL SKILLS before it's too fucking LATE for you. For example.

That's the El Paso Walmart Shooter

Nah, that's the Whitechapel murderer of '88

I want a gf so bad.

o hai

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Lol, based.


real gamers stopped with video games all together after the death of the xbox 360. But i've heard some even say their avatars are still online, til this very day..


Yes, this was epic. A true legend.