I understand the arguments against gun-control are sound but it's not like conservatives are going to be the ones who...

I understand the arguments against gun-control are sound but it's not like conservatives are going to be the ones who solve mass shootings.

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Solving mass shootings will never happen for as long as politics are involved in it at all. Mass shootings will really get reduced if those kids who are so "heroic" to walk out on school after mass shootings instead decide to stand up for the bullied strange kids before it happens.

You know how you solve mass shootings? Do away with fucking gun free zones

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Y don't you personally go door to door OP?

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the media sensationalism surrounding the columbine shooting taught a generation of weak, mentally ill men that killing somehow makes a difference. with mental health deteriorating in the us this only snowballed and here we are.

only way to fix this is community, which is non existent these days

The solution to gun violence is getting used to it. And being happy regardless. Until it’s your time to get shot in a Walmart parking lot feeling your diarrhea leak into your body cavety while trying not to cry, waiting for the next bullet to kill you.

>politics get in the way of children being decent to each other
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it's like 'look guys i'm so bad ass i'll shoot myself in the face!'

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Cool, now do the media sensationalism on serial killers, fact is if it bleeds it leads, doesn't matter how the fuck its done, the media will put it on TV.


Let's say liberals win. They 'solve' mass shootings with gun control (let's just say that's how it goes) but utterly fail to solve black crime or out of control spending.

Mass shootings are microscopic compared to the spread of violence and social decay that accompanies low IQ populations, especially blacks, due to their lower impulse control and associated inherent worldwide tendency toward criminality

Liberals will 'solve' the puddle but cause the flood

People are mean, some people can deal with it, some people can't.

Some people can't deal with it and end up doing something drastic about it.

It will never end. It's human nature for people to fuck with the crazy kid and tell him to kill himself, and that no one cares, and it's also human nature for one of that group of kids to snap and kill a bunch of the bullies, or just randoms, because they're so fucking pissed off at that point they just want blood.

It's not hard to understand that guns are just a tool here.

If every gun in the world were taken away, it would be bombs and gas.

It's really not that fucking hard to understand.

Maybe you could educate 'the blacks, it's gonna help everyone in the end. Your coy try is fucked and you fucked it!. We look on and laugh at your demise.


You can't substantially raise IQ and you can't negate genetics.

Read that last sentence a thousand times. Then read it again. Then understand how utterly stupid and tragic it is to let primitive people outbreed Europeans.

The Gilroy shooter shot 21 people while armed policemen were less than 20 seconds away.

You know banks and gas stations used to have a lot of problems with gun violence, because it was real popular to rob them.
Banks decided that police response was not deterring the behavior and instead started hiring armed guards to stand inside. It lowered the crime rate.
Gas stations handed out panic alarm necklaces and have some of the fastest police emergency activation systems and they still get frequently robbed.
Solving school shootings isnt done by training police better and getting faster response times.
Just hire security or a police force to remain present at the school.
Or have a school district police that roams from school to school

Outright total bans of firearms is asinine and unconstitutional. It also doesnt fucking work

quit being pussies
nothing wrong with a little population control

“Oh no how do we fix gun violence?!”

That’s not easy. The USA is uniquely fucked up. Bullying and disenfranchisement is very common, guns are easier to access than in any other country, people don’t really care about mental health until it comes to a breaking point, even the smallest mental health issues frequently become worse and worse, Americans see violence as a solution to just about everything, the country’s economic structure promotes a dog-eat-dog system of apathy, futility, and selfishness, and so on.

I think it really would help if firearms were less accessible to the mentally ill, and “Stand Your Ground” laws were reformed. The former would reduce suicide rates somewhat and prevent *some* shootings that were compelled by an acute (depressive, schizophrenic, psychotic, etc.) episode. The latter relates to an issue of excessive force, and that violence is not the solution to every disagreement or confrontation.

Just my two cents. Just in case anyone asks, I am not in favor of the confiscation of any legally acquired, registered firearms.

Could you imagine living outside of America and reading what you just wrote?

>could you imagine living outside of America
Why would we want too? Only reason to live outside of America is to move somewhere in the middle of the pacific or Antarctica with no people for total peace and isolation. We don't want to live in your shitty country

It’s no wonder that black people are more likely to be convicted of a crime when they live in a country that retains a legacy of racism in its society and almost every other conceivable facet of daily life, and are more likely to be stopped, more likely to be arrested, more likely to be encouraged to accept a plea deal even when they did not commit any crime, are given longer sentences, and are then forced to live dead end lives with no option of rehabilitation.

If you want to fix a problem, fix the cause. The causes of these issues are far too numerous and surprisingly varied (due to ripple effects).

>Implying that America is not at least as shitty as almost any other country

ok 3rd worlder