Im tripping balls rite now

im tripping balls rite now
so yo Sup Forums fuck u!
bunch of fags
>pic unrelred

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stupid fucking piece of shit motherfucker ass vitch


the post down ther yo fuck u!

hey u too fuck u 2

yeah im talkinf to u motherfucker

i think i just lost it

Ever realise ur just a bunch of nerves

You gonna fuck a bunch of strangers again?


fuck u

what the fuck

no u

why are you being so rude? i asked a simple question

bcs fuck life duude and life includes u motherfucker


i'm right here user-kun


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lmao is that you, op?

HA wish i was but im poor as fuck

You gay?

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and apples fall from tress mate tell something i didnr know motherfucker

w- what...? i am very confused user

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welcome 2 Sup Forums vitch


hey op, show dick and ass!


i didn't say get naked outside you idiot. what the fuck


wait what?!

but i think i may have a few pic er and there let me see good sir

yeah im watching the moon wjule trippinf balls

where you at? also checked

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mexico city

you look cute user!



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NOW this is me

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jesus fucking crist its freezing out here

go inside then, you silly goose

nah im too lazy and im alredy installed here also i ate 2 ritalins one dxm sniffed a shitload of isopropyl nad im smoking weed so meh

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is that cum ???


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OP is currently at Anthro Northwest, the biggest remaining furry convention in the Pacific Northwest. They are at the hotel on Day 0 tripping on hallucinogens in order to prepare for the event from the 21st to the 24th.

OP, remember that you are being watched and that we are always watching you. Always. We listen through your phone. Your camera. We know your name. We know what you film. We know what you do. You will never escape our eyes. Know you are not ever able to exist, but merely allowed to by the all-seeing eye. Remember this message.

but op said he was in mexico city?

OP is allowed to exist in their blissful state, unaware he is being controlled by parties far more powerful than both them and their parents and their parents’ parents. The existence they have is content, but still unaware of the true nature of reality, that he is always being observed, like a cattle approaching the slaughter. He believes he is safe because he is posting under the guise of anonymity on Sup Forums, but that is a mere illusion. You are never safe. Only ignored because you are seen as unimportant.

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i think you're talkin shit user

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da fuck are u motherfuckers talking about...
meh anyways i came down the trip an its 7:20 am i didnt sleep for shit an i watched through my phone or any other camer u would probably see my dick


but still fuck u Sup Forums...
buncha panssies

wtf op i've been here with you since the start, i thought we were friends :(

yeah i tripped ball all night with ritalin, dxm , isopropyl alcohol, apopper,weed, valerian root and clonazepam
Normal shit....

oh i mean we still can b friends dude wtf
u have discord or sum shit?

We are always watching. There are over 7 billion people in this world, approximately 4 billion with cell phones containing sophisticated cameras. Among those cell phone users are a list of people whose camera can be tapped into at any moment. Not just your body, but every conversation, every remark, every thought you have has been within the vicinity of us.

We do not care about you. We do not care about your body or your habits. We observe then control. Because all of your decisions belong to your device, your demand to be seen. That is who you are. A toy for the powerful to manipulate into coming onto these boards, seemingly of your own free will. But your free will is merely an illusion that allows us to better control you. Another pawn in a game far beyond your comprehension.

and i give a fuck bcs?....

You are being tested. Pass the test, and a great opportunity will open up before you. Fail, and you shall never know the true nature of reality. Every belief you have about reality is wrong. You are living in a simulation. Good luck.

also tl;dr fgt...


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yeah i watched the matrix too with your mom nigger

yeah, what's yours?

Kate jane V Kat(femboi)#5879

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hwat a beautiful morning to be hangovered

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niiiice yeah i could live with that

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ohh bby u r makin me horny...


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post your ass faggot. shove shit in it for us

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mmm... OK!

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where do you live i know you want a cock in that hole

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Are we posting our buttholes?

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water or cum?

Everything this poster said resonates with my past experiences on LSD. It really do feel like there's five timelines tearing you apart every moment. dunno.

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probs lube

that's a really cool drawing user!

Thank you! I was happy with it. I need to do some more art; haven't in too many days
Here's one that's an even more abstracted furry >///< i got noticed

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nope, satan, i got bones too

a e s t h e t i c

i like your art-style! ^^

30 minute spit paint gogogog

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Some gfur groups if this counts as a fur thread :p

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