The feels bar is open 24/7 365

the feels bar is open 24/7 365

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I’ll have a double whiskey sour, no ice.

>me be
>gf always hiding her phone
>drop her at work and see she’s distracted
>texts me she hurt her lip on a bottle despite them having cups/mugs
>dealing with that conversation in 15mins when I pick her up

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oh boi finally a place to drink on xmas and new year that isn't home

I'll take some whiskey, two cubes. Anyway fuck tonight it's been a drag.

Tell us your troubles fren

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everyday I try to do something social, and go to every event. But I'm just a tree actor , who never says anything and makes people uncomfortable by smiling uncontrollably from being around other people.
every group that get's me has to bend to accommodate my dead weight in conversation, fun or the activity
I never have anything to add to a conversation, and spend the whole time trying to think of something useful to say. It's so frustrating.
And then if I do try to join in a conversation it's inevitable that I'll end up talking over someone and apologize but they insist that I say the redundant stupid comment out loud while everyone else is silent, as if it was super important.

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Can I have a water also life kinda sucks

Double JD and coke for me please.
My girlfriend of six years left me for her manager

Mildly autistic are we? Have a shot of tequila or whiskey and see how that changes things.

Jameson double straight up. Busted my leg and cant work. Keep em comin'

/k/ here

Getting deported again this week, it will be the third country.
Only short term relationships a d can't hold a regular job anymore.

Longer I stay the more I want to burn motherfuckers

I'm pretty sure my boyfriend is cheating on me again but I can't bring myself to confront him because I'm still in love and feel pathetic.

1 (unit) hydration liquid please
>be me
>sade but comfe

One of these and get yourself something too. Care to hear me rant a bit?

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mmm kofe, ful of warm an kafene

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This doesn't really work without a barkeeper

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Barman here, sorry I was late.
Got stuck in /alc/ on the way here.

What are we drinking?

Been suffering from depression and anxiety for a out 10 years now. It has many ups and downs. The beginning of this year was very rough. Probably the lowest I have ever been. After a couple of days of thinking I came to the conclusion that I no longer wanted to live. I decided that valentines day was the perfect day to go. I was walking to my local Walgreens to refill my meds and then buy some jamo. The plan was to drift off to the after life while taking more than my daily dose and chugging some jamo. On the walk there a half dead cat walked up to me and with what little strength it had left it meowed at me as if asking for help. I walked away thinking someone else would help it, as I will no longer be here. Walked out of Walgreens to see that the cat was curled up in a ball under a car wheezing. I couldn't let me self walk away anymore. I bought my jamo and took the cat home. I did all I could to make it comfortable, gave it some formula/medicine. If we were to die it shouldn't be alone, I guess.
Night came and I poured myself a glass of jamo and readied my self for peace. As I sat there staring at my pills and jamo I noticed the cat staring at me meowing at me silently. Sat there for a while. Thought about my life and then about death and what comes after. I started to think of the cat. Decided that if he lived through the night, I would too.
Its been 9 months now. Things haven't been much better, but they haven't gotten worse. At least I have some company now.

Pic related, us now.

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nice, tits?

One glass of water, pls.
Nothing really happening. With exception that I have a monograph to write 'til sunday, and my progress on it is about 10%. *sigh*


>Be me 29
>Virgin, sheltered life. Work / internet / watch sport / sleep
>Finally meet a girl at work, last relationship she got cheated on actually a very good looking girl
>Flirt make it out like I know what I'm doing, am actually not bad at it I guess, thinks I'm funny/nice
>Tell her I like her, likes me too. finally this is it
>Text/talk all the time, kiss, make out finally feel normal after all these years
>Kinky/Dirty always riling me up with dirty messages
>Night finally comes we have sex, after a few minutes she says its too painful and to stop. I stop she cries immediately. says she had a hysterectomy months ago vagina gets dry spots and she cannot have kids ever.
>says its too painful doesn't feel right to continue and for me to take her home
>ghosts me for 5 weeks after 'dealing with shit'
>breaks up over the phone after those 5 weeks while I'm at work on lunch break
>girl I genuinely liked and not just for sex, my happiness and feeling normal gone in an instant
>wondering if my life is just a joke to someone I'm not in on.
>don't know what to do about anything now. back to my boring monotonous life, feel even worse about it then before I met her


Depressed, planned to anhero. Half dead cat changed my mind.

woman.... i am 35 no virgin and i give a fuck about women. so many woman got mental,enjoy or own money,drive fast cars,go shooting buy shit.and if your horny call a hooker.

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Is there a chance you're in this state because you left a guy and then he abandoned you in your loneliness and you almost kys?
Because I would love my ex gf to be you. Unfortunately you're not, she was a dog person bitch and would have never cared for a cat anyways

Wish you sort your life straight and keep trying. It's not so bad. I'm 33 and I had a breakup with what I thought was the love of my life after 2 years of relationship.

Would pref her to die, because I don't deserve it.

Also post feet if you're into it, I never cared much about boobs anyway, and you wont probably be posting ass any soon.
Keep trying, Sup Forumsitch.

Although an unfortunate event, I see teo wins here. You are not a virgin anymore, and you found out you can in fact talk to women. Sorry about the lady

That's pretty unstable, imagine something happens to the cat one of these days

No, my anxiety is hereditary. It caused me to be depressed. Lost most of my immediate family, the holidays usually are the lowest for me.
Sorry about your break up. I thought I was in love with the one as well, he just ended up hurting me, blamed me for his actions. Such is life.

Id rather post feet than tits. Mine are smoll

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I haven’t got over my ex from years ago. Been to counseling off and on to try and help move on, but throughout relationships I always think of the one who got away

I worry about that too. I take good care of him, but I hope nothing does. He's helped more than he understands.

I got to the point where I only want sugar free strong alcohol. Gin is cool, whiskey is cool, 8 beers are cool, vodka is cool. Just get me drunk and dont expect anything. Thank you

6 years on for me
shes married now
i barely remember what she looks like, the memories together have faded but i still think about her daily
damn you, stephanie

I know, just, don't try to not be dependant. Seems like you're yo-yoing. One set back and you could be off the charts again.
It's what I'm trying to do anyway, not that it's a reipe for success but hey

Wow that Stephanie one fucked me up, so sorry to hear that bro.
Dealing with never getting over an ex is killing me internally, wish I could forget.

Thinking about moving to another country far away from her and her haunting face

small tits = best tits

geographical cure will only work for so long. eventually you gotta work on the way you think

Give me a some good whiskey clean, life is a shit storm for losers like me


Thanks for the advice! I’ve learned to live with this. It gets rough, don’t have much, but I’ve got a few things that make it bearable. What’s your story?

If you say so. In public now so no tits. If I can sneak a pic in I will.

Nope, my name starts with a V

Next round is on me. You look like you are pretty sexy. Cheers to you sexy depressed girl. Glad you didnt an hero, im sure that cat is too

Bartender, jamo on the rocks for the lady.

Yeah I know a geographical cure is only temporary but I don’t know what else to do.
I actually just saw her for the first time in 5 years at a work event and I almost had a heart attack. Caught me completelty off guard how everything came back to me in a rush. I’m suffering and it’s all because i can’t let go. Can anyone help?

Any of you guys having a happy life?

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Sorry I drifted off, still here?

Watching anime with cat boys means you'll forever be unhappy

Thanks for the drinks Lol! Jamo has always been kind to me. :)
I’m here, just lurking Sup Forums

Honestly dont watch the stuff just find them cute.

And I'm very happy right now just slept with my boyfriend for the first time, I woke him up by sucking him off, then made him breakfast. Not sure how long things will last between us, but it is very comforting knowing someone cherishes me.

Any of you guys find any girls yet? I never found "the one" and realized she never really existed. The only thing that made me happy was my relationship with my friends, so that is what I pursued.

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wtf is jamo?

Are you a faggot?

Don't know how the gf would feel if she knew I was posting here but here we go. Been dealing with what i guess you could call depresion since august. foggy mind, can't focus on anything, mildly normal one minute, sad one minute and probably happy on a good day which are far and few inbetween, can bearly get a word out without stuttering or messing up, had what is so far the closet to what are legitement suicidel thaughts (Havent had them since, that was a few weeks back but it was the worst I have ever felt), I keep doing risky things or just doing stuff I wouldn't normally do or even wouldn't want to do and a bit of anxiety, It was bad in August but it went away in September. Lifes going amazing for me Sup Forumsros, I got a gf and im tired of her having to put up with my shit. I love her. Shes the best thing that ever happened to me. She got me off this place back in May. She has stuck with me throught this entire thing and has always been there for me when no one else was and she always understood what I was going through. I haven't told her about the thoughts yet. Should I? Have been going to a therapist for a while now. It helps a little. I've told him. Pic not realted. Thanks for reading, partner.

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Sorry for the spelling mistakes, Sup Forumsros.

Drifted off again, you the suicide-catanon?
Well, the thing is. I've been recently approached again by the girl that's rejected me for a whole

Jameson, whiskey.
Yep, suicide-catanon I like it lol!

Whole year that is. Haven't heard from her since july. All of a sudden last week she pops up again.

That company will get you through some rough times user. Take care, partner.

>she got me off this place
you filthy animal why are you still here.. I'M TELLING HER!!!

sure, I'm listening

Cheers, I'm this guy

Whats changed? Why did she come back to you? Any idea?

stephanie guy here

least i have guitar class to keep me occupied today

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so are you like, gay or something?

Give me your strongest beer
I'm such a pussy I can't even drink strong alcohol

Thank you, I’ll keep fighting

Have a pic of my friend :)

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wtf why did i write that
im not the stephanie guy

im my own damn user
learning some alice in chains today
fugg yah

Nicee know any songs?


just nutshell for now and some of man in the box (minus the solo)

Im failing all three ofmy university classes. I wasted my mothers college fund for me. I wasted time with myself and school. Im moving apartments with my gf in a week. I dont have all the money for that so i need to ask for more money so i can move into this new apartment. Theres no way for me tonget my grades up this late in the year. Im fucked. Its making me angry to the point I wanna yell at people and just play vidya

Ofcourse, we got to know eachother. She was the highlight of my day that summer, we texted eachother to sleep. Genuinely had feelings for eachother. But peaked at different stages. Uni rolls around everything changed. She kept leading me on past year. She did everything in her power to make it not work. I fucking cracked, she fucked me up real good. Fast forward to this summer last time I saw her, now she texted me not too long ago. The fucking audacity. What's happened? She's lonely and wants attention. And I'll provide.
She fucked me up real good and now I don't know what to do

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fugg mate. too late for a partial refund im assuming?

Get into the Cult of Black Philip, that shit will put some fire in your veins to drop that attention seeking whore and find a real winner

just googled this and im gonna throw it on my ipod

Thanks! Make sure to give your company a pat on the head from me, friend! :)

Learn your lesson and dont fuck up again. Best case I would say to do is discuss your options with your professors / advisors dont try to figure it out on your own. Its ok to admitt you fucked up that you need help. There are always student loans you can take out. Best of luck

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Give her attention and she'll break your heart eve more, partner. cut her off for good. Thats all I can tell ya user. Your better off without her. Thats cold, brtual and honest truth my friend. I'm sorry.

kek, Sup Forumsro. Not gonna lie tho, I miss this place sometimes.

Seems like you know whats shes doing. If I were you I would do the same. Keep her for YOUR attention, but be mindful of your feelings. Keep her there, but at arms length if that makes sense? You said the feelings were mutual right? She might feel the same way and think you have a connection, but she also wants to have her fun in uni. Do the same. Have your fun. Don’t stay on her hook.

Yeah no more refunds. Its like a month away from finals

This is a number of times ive "fucked up"
I never enjoyed school and always seem to no do well.

For the guy with the girl who came back, the Cult of Black Phillip is my gospel when it comes to women. It has helped me completely change my life around when it comes to them. There’s hours of free content on YouTube, just listen to what Patrice has to say
It’s all about giving guidance to younger men so they don’t turn into fucking incels

gimme a whisky barkeep

I think user means to say


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I got depressed and stopped trying to do anything. Wasnt working at all. My gf and the mother of my son left me and i dont know what is gonna happen to us. We share custody no issues no court anything like that. We still hang out multiple times a week and weve been out just me and her a few times. Shes still my best friend. I love her so much and the only thing in the world that i want is to get her back and to be man and father i always promised her i would be. I miss her so fucking much.

Two very different opinions. And let that be the only struggle in this scenario, these very two opinions. Someone more cool would just ghost her, but I can't do that. I genuinely cared/care(?) about her. I know exactly what's she's doing. All my friends tell me to cut my losses or atleast be minimal. And that's what I've been doing. Not initiating, keep it to a minimum, be polite and fake it til I make it. Because seriously. When I saw her pop up I made sure to do everything she didn't expect me to do. She would want me to ignore her? Okay I'm gonna react, She would want me to curse her out? Nope I'm gonna ask how she's been,... She can't fucking know how bad my life's been. Uni grades, school tiredness, I had to seem as if everything was cool.

I’ll take a double cazadores reposado please.

I’m starting to understand the complete futility of living, whether there’s a purpose or not. Fuck it, it’s pointless

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A round of Jameson shots and antidepressants for all! Something to drown those demons. Put in on suicide-catanon’s tab. Cheers!

Stop wasting your life and chug down his septic anal drips!

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Have you told her that?

Good, best case you get what you want and shes with you. Worst case, you drift apart and hope your feelings do as well, and you are free. Fake it till you make it.

More than once yeah. Weve talked a few times and here recently she talked about moving out of our state and she wants me to come with her.

I helped one of my friends through this situation recently. Trust me, getting it over with is better. It'll hurt in the moment, and for a while after, but it's better than suffering through the relationship. I know it's hard, but we here at Sup Forums are here for you after you're finished

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Life has been such shit lately that I dumped everything that made me stressed and now going thru days trying not to get rlly stressed.My anxiety was really bad,to the point that I would drop my pen and would have an existencial crisis and a meltdown about everything going wrong.Now I take my meds and stay chill,no more coffee ,sleeping pills for insomnia amd all but still not happy.Life still gets in the way and things keep coming up.Rejected 3 people,don't even wanna hook up to avoid getting attached or feeling bad after.But when I look at other ppl,their lives are filled with crazy shit and I start to feel boring and sad.I have only 1 friend and I am so greateful for that,they're all I need but I crave a normal teenage life.I can't go to oarties,loud music makes me lose my shit and sounds usually annoy the fuck out of me,I can't socialize when I have depressive episodes and when I'm manic everyone avoids me.I can't have a relationship because I'm scared that I will become obsessed again and rps usually annoy me too.thats it,my rant.

i havent had ANY tinder matches in weeks. ive been on it for a year and have never met anyone off there

girl, 33, unmarried, no kids, im 30, messages me about an hour ago

''you had me at your profile!''
we're both into 90's music


pic related is me

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It seems shes willing to work with you. It may be a slow process to rebuild what you had. But it seems like this could be a start.