Drawthread: Setting up Shop Edition

Drawthread: Setting up Shop Edition

>also Amazarashi hype

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Heyy!...nice Elon

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I would like Luna fucking with the dinosaur as in the picture.

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can you draw me and my gf plz?

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that's kinda neat. she has like beast fangs?
anymore of this comic devoloped? any coloring?

dude wtf am i looking lmao!

I think it's hilarious that people the Sup Forumstards have money to spend on watches

Thanks user! The character is a boy named Picon and he's an orc-elf brawler that owns a tavern. Here's an old color of him cuz I'm too sleepy to color tonight sorry lol... I'll eventually have a comic for him! Or I'll include him in game dev project of mine... Maybe both, not sure yet...

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Requesting the Hacksmith tied and gagged while in uniform. Maybe getting groped.

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Oh, but his outfit is in development. What he's wearing is just casual placeholder wear

Oh okay. alot less feminine looking here. Good stuff. Gonna be posting work up?
Is this thread meant for requests? I dont currently have any, tho

anyone here understands quantum mechanics or particle physics?
i need guidance

Are you new to drawthreads? I haven't been around in a while, so I can't say what's what for atm, but drawthreads are usually an artist hangout/roleplay and request/delivery hub. It's dead hours right now, usually there are more people.
I can't stay long cuz it's late for me, but I planned to just dick around a little bit. Maybe a request if one happened to catch my eye.

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Moar trap orc uwu

all posters up are shot and ded

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I am below and therefore safe

I am sort of new to drawthreads as i've very recently started to draw. I've seen multiple artists hanging out in threads and taking requests in the past.
These would likely become my favorites threads from here out.
Your inclusion of music videos is a nice touch

How dare you tell me to sleep and then come here and encourage my bad sleeping habits
>if you're not who I thought you were tho uhhh ty smooch
AW fuck aw shit I think I left my plot armor in my other pants...
These threads are usually pretty nice!! Although, sometimes it's just pure headache too... Make sure to check around other boards too! Hope you come and draw sometime w us friend!
Tyty I try to include stuff I'm listening to... Idk if people really listen to em but I do it anyway cuz why not

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i just wanted to learn some physics, but thanks i appreciated it anyway


you're here with me now

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Oh, you bet, sir. I plan on taking requests in the future.
I'll be sure to check out some other boards too. Thanks ya

now all posters looking at this are shot and ded.
ded, dont talk.
Haha physics?? Here? In a drawthreead? Haha wooow, but this is not the place!? Like, haha wow!

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>now all posters looking at this are shot and ded.
It’s a good thing I’m blind, I’ve survived another round

Nuts to you, I'm immortal.

>Haha physics?? Here? In a drawthreead?
you never know what some drawfag might know other than drawing

quantum chromodynamics is fucking insane
did you know that trying to pull a quark away from a proton requires so much energy it straight up creates a quark-antiquark pair and the proton keeps the 3 quarks?

A donkey once told me that there are only three truths in life.
1. Fire. FIRE. FIRE!!!! Cleanses all.
2. Oats. Can never get enough.
3. If you run for office in New York, you'll probably win.

prove it

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i'm not a scientist, proving it isn't my job

>shows me cgi
then stop spreading lies

Friendly reminder that the Queen of England will take a shit today.
That is all.

Requesting someone to redraw this panda girl that i'm working on

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Why? looks like youre doin fine

someone draw this but sexy because i'm into
>cute grannies

That cute granny knows how to handle a rifle too.

I'm curious if you have to undo until those lines look the way they do, or are you using alot of correction...or?

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needs a discord

Requesting the image on the right but with the left character instead.

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who the fuck is this fuckable hips thingie and why do i see it being requested everywhere?

>user sets fire to a teddy bear factory.

nooo all the fuckable plushies

Would Shadow fuck a Mudkip?

not sure but would be hot to see that

>wow I took too long to do this...
Time for me to head to sleepy time junction cuz I'm dead now... I'll try and come on again soooooon... Hope everyone has been doing good!
Good night! Sweet dreams and all that jazz
Catch ya around friendo!!

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You draw that with symmetry on? It would look better if it wasn't just a strait on bust, show some asymmetry and depth. Also if thats on PC couldn't you just screenshot/crop it?

sory Road is gril nucannon

oop quick fix
>His name is Picon
You snooze you lose baby. He a boi and he has a husband. Lore too deep

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boys cant have husbands idiote
his name is road and hes a girl

Very cute, would make a pretty grill

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fuckin beaut

one more quick fix dont tell mom im still awake

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>Motherly staring intensifies

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>I tried to call for help
>But nobody came
>Game End

I'll come for you

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can anyone draw dj prof k in that pose

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Requesting a cute boy

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Thank, I just went to sleep thinking that maybe any other user could give me an idea of how to properly finish the drawing
A little bit of both, and also the SAI straight line
Thanks for the deliver
I use a symmetry tool, I'm working to improve my artstyle
Also my WIFI broke so I just taked the picture and went to sleep

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taking reqs?

i'm not the drawfag
this was done by mandingo years ago

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what happened to mandingo?

fuck if i know
i left this place years ago, she must have done the same

Request: anything cute with these two

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/r/ redraw This scene with anime girls

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Greetinns almighty eye. care to doodle Sakura doing Moshi Moshi?

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any drawfags doing comms?


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>ttorrr scribble65

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ttorrr scribble 66

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ttorrr scribble 67

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Who the fuck charges this low jfc

Wow you guys are fucking faggots.

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nice big horse pussy

No work today due to rain , what's good fellas?

Eyyy, call me a cringe faggot too!

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Fuck off retard.

check em

Taking any reqs?

yikes! imagine being a greedy kike


It me!

Maybe......is it vore?

Make me loser

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pweeese give me moneyrr

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Fuck off

Can you try this?

usb girl voring data

fuck you cunt

>almighty eye
doesnt that already belong to someone

and sure after im finished working on smth
can i give you 2 shekels to draw me a sandwich

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It's the Euro avatarfag circlejerk hours. They'll fuck off here in about an hour or so before the American avatarfag circlejerk begins.

Just revel in knowing that they depend on Sup Forums for any type of social interaction. Most, if not all, of them will be six feet under in a couple years. This place is the last stop on the suicide train for them

What I've come to notice here is that Eurofags that frequent these drawthreads are for more sensitive to drawma-posting and shitposting. They're quick to freak the fuck out in various ways to any type of adversity that hits these threads. Eventually though, they just give up and take it all up the ass when they realize they can't win. They're a weak-minded people.

The American posters don't really give a fuck what happens here. They take it on the chins like champs, which is why you can't scare them off. They know this place is a dumpster fire burning hundreds of pounds of human feces. They revel in it. This is their territory. The Eurofags though need that safe little place to hide. They can't accept Sup Forums for what it is. And if everything isn't exactly perfect and doesn't conform to their ideals, they go berserk like 500lb aspie that was told he can't have a second helping of tendies. See old threads for example. They literally spammed the thread with Spiderman pics because someone made fun of their filters

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Requesting a weavile having his flat chest licked

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Draw this with Homer Simpson

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