Does my wife look hot?

Does my wife look hot?
or just a regular mexican girl?

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Have you seen how hot Mexican girls can get? She's busted, good show sir.

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english is not my native language
what "busted" means?

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She's fine. You could have done worse.

thanks i guess

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sexy boobs, nipples?


She's a cow

but a nice cow

a friend of my min called her a cow too while being drunk... but i thought he was joking and also she isn't so fat... or is she?

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hard to tell dressed

very hot yes mmm

can you show her pussy? i assume shes hairy

She's fuckin hot!

I love her im a fan ,have all pics of her


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be respectful
i'm her husband and i didn't post that
how can you tell it's her?

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New one

You posted her like 500 hundred times over the past 3 years

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as i said
she's my wife

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tits or fake

Pos a pic off her ass and post More later im in work

is a sexy bitch

well, i was wrong in doing that.
I just wanted your opinion, no to expose her again

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yeah, shes a hairy pussy

My opinion is to you have to drop more new pics from your wife nude, she is hot as fuck.

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Post the rest, love this milf

I’m posting new pics

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She’s got a nice milf body and pretty face. Definitely wife material. By wife material I mean she’s not a 10/10, but nothing to be ashamed of and worth marrying if she’s not a whore. Bet she loves being your whore.

I need her naked my man

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Thanks man! She was a whore but with me she changed for good... not whoring any more

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Me too, gonna cum so hard to this full bodied slut. Post all you have, incase OP won't.

Please stop exposing her.
I’ll post clothed pics from now on

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nice bitch pussy

Now, she looks like what you'd expect a married woman would look like. Now, you're a dirty spic cuck and you should kys immediately.

She is hot enough.

Damn dude you can’t knowingly marry a former whore. Once a whore always a whore. I retract my statement.

Love that dress. She looks great in it.

Your friend is an idiot. Drop him.

Don't lie to yourself, you are horny right now and love that i'm exposing her for you.

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She's not fat!

Glad you like that dress. Many people do

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Not only a wife but rather a property

I used to be horny for that
Now I’m a better person

Lets have another nuxe. She's hot!

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She's a good looking woman. And she has style.

she's pretty, her skin tone is nice and her hair is too. how does her ass look like?

Thanks! She dresses nice

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This is as far as I can show you
She’s got a good ass

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So please just stop
People here aren’t asking for her nudes
Don’t embarrass yourself man

I cant
he works with her

>Now I’m a better person
No, you are not, you just love bragging your wife.

Well that’s true
But I have no need to expose her anymore

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Anons will always ask for nudes, remember that.

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It is a nice ass. I'd really love to see the soles of her feet

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Looks like my mom. Moar please

just stop man

Much more ass

Why even be in the thread if you don’t like her. unless you’re OP bitching I’m posting nudes you posted a few years ago.

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Dump all. I'm saving

Hmmmm...who think was him...?!

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Well the cropped ones don’t seem to be her so whoops

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That’s fake man
She’s my wife
Somebody use her pic for business
That’s just sick

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That’s just a shop with her nude pic. I didn’t make it

Show ass man

I posted him earlier


I mean more man come on this cant be all

This is how she dressed before I met her

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Kind of slutty

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post her wedding pics

My friend, who used to date her, introduce her to me

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That’s him next to her
He was an asshole
That’s how playing good friend I got to marry her

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Those are normal pics

because its hot seeing her pretend to be innocent on her special day compared to her true side

Show asshole or open pussy op

She really loves those pics
Even the photographer agreed to retake them may times.
I guess it’s obvious why...
I kind of got Upset when she posted them all in Facebook...

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i can see why... fucking sexy. more

Whats her name

OP show pussy spread


Wedding whore
I found it

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I just made a new one for her if anyone wants to see it

Show us!!

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Damn... to see my wife like that
The love of me life...

post her sucking cock or taking a facial. do it

I'm gonna beat my dick to your wife now... she looks like she might like some big white meat