Breakfast in Bed with Your Favorite Celebs

Breakfast in Bed with Your Favorite Celebs.

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Only saved those 2 there were more shitty pics.

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I need a new hard drive

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Big mood there boyo. Hope you don’t actually die tho

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If I can't die an honorable death being crush between Dua Lipa's thighs the second best thing is an aneurysm while posting said thighs.

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I’ll give you that one, keep it up bud

Love those pale legs

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Maddie's thighs would also be acceptable.

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For sure

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Her thighs are pretty magical
Not a bad place to leave this mortal coil

Man I love that shoot
I’m a sucker for overalls

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Pop my head like a pimple tbh

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i just might have fun to her

She makes NNN tough

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I'm pretty tempted

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I want to pull her hair

I’ll make sure to say something nice at your funeral

I didn’t even try. She’s too good

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wouldnt be the first time this week for me

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Yeah definitely stroking

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not alone

Ages ago before I was Carly poster I had a Maddie folder.

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I think there are more pics of Dua's tongue than her ass


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Carly Rae Jepsen

And both of them are great

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>head tilted
>tongue out
>eyes closed
What did she mean by this?

Pretty sure that’s not her user

I knew I liked you
Impeccable taste as always my friend

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>facesitting angle

To ruin NNN

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*BRAAAAAP* That's a smelly one darling :3

Work time have a good one anons

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Rebuilding some of my old collection now tbh. I probably won't do a Maddie folder because plenty of people seem to post her.

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baibai :>

Thankfully I didn't fall for that plebbit meme

why do we stitch together that which tears apart again

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>can't control himself for one month
Your pineal gland will stay calcified.

A-A-As y-y-you c-can s-see m-m-my mistress h-h-has a-a way o-of d-d-d-d-dominating m-m-m-men and making th-them c-cry l-like b-babies...

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Niggas typing shit like this instead of jerking off their friends to celebs

Because knitting is fun?
I can't fake having a headache for a month anyway

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Unleash pineal gland

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I can't help it, but I'll go now
these are two separate arts

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My sleeping schedule is already fucked enough

Don't you go anywhere.

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she sexy in that one

You're sexy in that one

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teasing me again?

Here is the full size but has a watermark.

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damn thats a good look

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I don't think it sounds like brap. It sounds like most beautiful sound in the world probably, hnggggggggg~

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Found some OC

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I'll make one if you'd like.


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I-I k-k-k-k-know m-m-m-m-m-m-many men a-a-are wanting f-for my V-Vics t-t-t-to dominate th-them in a-any way...

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Fuck, that's hot

S-She knows th-that o-other m-men th-than m-me are m-meant t-to b-be u-used a-as n-n-nothing more than w-walking carpets...

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You're hot.

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That's great.
Can you make something into femdom? :3

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Hmmmm...who think was him...?!

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E-Except f-for m-me o-o-of coarse... I-I'm h-her s-special munchkin...

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If I wasn't at work I would be stroking nice and slow, working up a big but for Carly...


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You certainly are special

can see right through that dress

Not my best work, I'll do another.

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I like it. Fuck I love her

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love that photo

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