My ex ( we were each others' first relationship, together for 4 months...

My ex ( we were each others' first relationship, together for 4 months, broke up 2 months ago ) posts Instagram stories of her and supposedly her boyfriend chatting or him sending her something cute or something like "We're not all the same, I'm not like him I'll show you that" blah blah, classic teenage relationship cringe just amplified a lot for some reason.

It bothers me, I don't know why, it does kinda hurt me. I don't like her at all she's a toxic bitch who I broke up with, she ruined my whole summer and I'd never be with her again.
But it still kinda hurts, it hurts knowing she posts that specifically so I see. It hurts knowing what she might told the other dude about me, she is psychotic and it really wouldn't be out of the question that she told him I raped her or something ( Compulsive liar, has lied to me about a lot of things to the point where she lied about having a brother for many weeks, lied about being abused as a child, lied about my female friends telling her they like me so I distance myself from them... )

Funny thing is now I have a girlfriend ( for about a month ) who is 10 times better and I love her a lot and she isn't a toxic bitch that made me almost kill myself.

I don't feel bad because I'm not with her anymore, I feel great actually, I feel bad because she does it specifically for me too see, I feel bad because I don't want bad rep and I have no idea what she told the other guy and her friends.

I just feel bad.

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you just miss your ex user, she was your first love and there's nothing you could do to change the fact that both of you loved each other at one point. You'll eventually get over her, it may not be as soon as you want it but it's gonna happen, I know it.

But I prefer the current one in every single possible way.
Ex was toxic and I really liked her for maybe 1 month out of 4

4 months? try 4 years and have that happen

I know you feel bad now but I can tell you that the best way to make your situation better is to change your behavior in regards to exposing yourself to her social media. Your new gf deserves it, and you owe it to yourself, too. Once you let your ex go, you'll be so much happier. Good luck.

If it makes you feel better OP, realize that with how often she lies she will never understand what it would feel like for someone to accept her true self.

The next guy, even if he is real will end up the same way and get dumped off when she gets bored. Eventually she will question to herself why she didn't just tell the truth from the beginning. Or if it really gives her as much happiness as she thinks.

If I stopped seeing her social media then that would have a contra effect. It would mean that I pay attention to it so much and that it hurts me so much I stopped.

Things will get better, user, I know it will. Here's a comfy for sad boy hours :)

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The other guy is real, dunno who it is and neither do I care much but I know he's real.

I just hate having gossip about me, and I know her, she probably said some really bad stuff about me

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Retarded people will never be happy.

you're overthinking af dude relationship with wrong ppl is classic mistake and if you still can get out of it one way or another congratz you're not going to be like 40 and think like "Oh shit I hate my wife and I need start over again blablabla"if she's telling lies she will be caught or just nobody gives a shit about this kind of story. Keep think like that and all you're gonna do is miss the best from your current relationship

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GTFO underage faggot and take your instagram and your high school relationship bullshit with you.

Snowflakes are Melting.
Snowflakes are Melting.

Jesus fucking christ...
>with a girl 4 months
>she's a piece of shit
>in every way
>and you're this hung up on her
>new girl is better
>good, you moved up
>love her after a month...
>you don't even know her yet
What the fuck is wrong with you people? You dodged a bullet with your ex, delete her off everything and move on feeling lucky. She's a stupid cunt, who cares what she thinks? Then "falling in love" with your rebound? You've got problems, op. Get over this shit. Get to know the new girl. Make sure she is compatible with you and also sane before you get attached. Reel your emotions in and be a fucking man. Or you're doomed to repeat your mistakes, and lose every girl that's worth keeping around.

I have known my current gf for 7 years

Still not an excuse. You are still hung up on a worthless cunt, you picked the wrong girl the first time around, and then you took her as a rebound. And now, suddenly, you love this girl you've known for 7 years, after passing her up for a miserable bitch.

It doesn't sound like you're making decisions. You are a ping pong ball, reacting to your environment. No one will respect that.

this guy is right you know

get off social media.

you're cyberstalking an ex. kys. she knows you're watching faggot