If Islam is so peaceful and tolerant why they do this ?

If Islam is so peaceful and tolerant why they do this ?.

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If Islam was a religion of peace, then wouldn't the extremists be extremely peaceful?

yooo dont you think youre getting ahead of yourself? thats a pretty sick way to go if they do it right the first time

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imagine what they will do to all the trannies, feminists and socialists that so sternly defended them after the european caliphate is declared

only thing that consoles me

Because it is and if you think it's not then you are A RACIST, BIGOT, FASCIST, WHITE SUPREMISIST, TOXIC RAPIST AND BASICALLY HITLER!

execute criminals?

because it just works

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If Christianity is a religion of peace, how come Republicans legalized abortion in 1968?

The Islamic Einsatzgruppe...somehow worse than the original.

because Islam is based, it might have some rough edges, but its an improvement

At least that Saudi guy had his day before a religious court, got to face the two people needed to bear false witness to condemn him under Islamic Law

Islamic State just emptying out their drunk tank(drugs,gay,thief,adulterer,apostate,Christian,kurd...) not so much.

(((How come)))

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They sedate the person to be executed in Saudi Arabia before cutting off their head. The actual death blow is quick. Compare that to the US method of mishandled drugs that sometimes take up to an hour to kill the victim.

That's a pretty clean hit. There are a billion worse ways to die.

>how cum?
Virgin detected

Because back then they followed the law, unlike Democrats. Now, both sides just do whatever they can get away with.

Death is always peaceful

>muslims are literally the only religion that kills people

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How else are you supposed to test the cut rating on your curvy sword?

Every state having a death penalty is a third world state in my eyes. Prove me wrong.

>Beheading a rapist/murderer
I think you mean why arent we doing this, right?

OK Mohammad

>thinking some people can be rehabilitated, ever
How’s the world treating you with that naïveté going, Sport?