Are men better than women?

Are men better than women?

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It this a question? and not an affirmation?
Are you a woman?
You retarded piece of shit

Yes. Stupid question.

All of them


Yes and no. It depends entirely on what criteria you judge them.

Men are harder, better, faster, stronger when it comes to physical activities and engineering. Which is why they make better breadwinners.

Women are better at socialising and organising. Which makes them better homekeepers.

There are outliers to this rules, but they are vastly true and have been observed in all human societies, no exception.


Generally speaking yes, but every women is still better than OP.

Each individual man is better than each individual woman but as groups women are better. Men created civilization which, as we’re beginning to find out, was a mistake. Female sexuality is arbitrary gold digging nonsense but women account for only a fraction of the rapists and pedos of the world. Change my mind

Women almost never rape, true.
They generally aren't strong enough to do that.

Instead they'll manipulate you so you sleep with them. Mental coercion rather than physical. It's also more morally acceptable.

I think women are better at sex and blowjobs. Men are too aggresive.

They are different and complement each other.

>implying women complement you

Yes woman are stupid and dumb and useless and cause problems in the work place.


I'll give you less crime but women don't work well together at all. They sit in a menstruation circle complaining in a competition of whose life is shittier non stop.

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That is like compare Americans football to European football..

Depends on what you need to get done

>Instead they'll manipulate you so you sleep with them.

I think that's on both sides...

what's going on in this thread?

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But; do you think dudes are better at sucking dick? Probably, but I prefer the soft body and the smell of pussy... Fixing my car? That’s another story.. unless there is dicks being sucked..


Even as women men are better than women

Of course they are

This guy knows.

>They sit in a menstruation circle complaining in a competition of whose life is shittier non stop.
True, women love to bitch about everything. And they lie to each other to make their lives sound more interesting. Women can be caddy as fuck

salty fembots


No one is better. We are all pieces of shit.


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This is why some men rape. To prove woman is not in charge.

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what do you think ?

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Theres about 15 women in my wifes office. No men. I just cant stand the words that come out of her mouth at the end of the day. I could never imagine a man saying the words that she does. Just doesnt seem possible. Women are insecure and kind of boring 1 on 1.

Soo...nice one Elon

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