(Pic related)

(Pic related)

I do stupid shit like this and sneak around my house naked trying not to get caught, uploading the results to PornHub. Recently, things have been getting dull and monotonous. Any ideas?

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you're getting weird with it, I'll give you that

I missed you too

Weird works in this day! ;)

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you should to butt stuff, horsefriend
i would love seeing you ride a nice dildo! also harness! (i'm the harness user lol)

The harness I can do, the dildo could be more interesting. A sort of "ride and hide"?

Also, something like this harness?

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yes yes, i remember that picture from last time i was here!

either that or just regular old butt play

Yeah! I like your thinking! I think it's time to start planning what I'm going to do :D

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always happy to help a cool horse man out!

Goose game parody?

Go on?

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The googly machine knows.

Hmmmm okay

OOOH it's the horse boi!! glad to see you and your beautiful butt again!

This picture wasn't meant to be as ironic as it turned out, but so much butt to love!!

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Get help now!!

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Get help now!!!

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i love your butt horseman

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Aww thank you

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i wanna give it a nice ol rimjob

Get over here!!

get in line.

no i was first!

Let's do a gang rim!! For PornHuuuuuuuuuub!!

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we need to inspect that donut, please show it.

how would that work? :o

i'm game though

Capture one of your neighbors and drug him. Put a clown mask on him and drag him out at night, semi-hidden. Next, you do your thing but are super loud. Make an anonymous phone call to the police and run away. They'll find your neighbor and hilarity will ensue.

you still there horse man?

Yeah :) Just

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just what?

made my day op

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Soo...he was behind that...?

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For fucks sake. I was hoping you were Australian... But no. Only a brit could be this weird.... Well, at least your owning it HORSEMAN. Never change.

oh no horseman died :(

horse maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan



do you have fantasies of being paul revere's horse and knocking him off when he was alerting people about the brits?

OP is a pretty cool guy. He does butt stuff with horse mask and doesn't afraid of anything.