Feet thread go

feet thread go

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Pretty_feet_fantasies on IG

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Does requests

>doesn't even post a decent pic of her feet


more of her please

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Creepshot of girl in my class

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I bet i could cum just from the smell of those socks

Still hoping someone has the fabled wins of mandy. Help a b/ro out?

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Average to decent as per this pic

You could, she does a lot of sports in school.

Need more. Barefoot would be god tier

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She sent my boy one with her ass out. Ill see if he'll send it lol

Fuck i love those soles. Toes?

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Yo wtf. Did they have shitty feet or something?

I know, id kill for a foot pick or a pair of her training socks, the more freshly used the better.

No, apparently some dude's been shopping his own feet on the pictures because mental issues. the originals are fucking great

I fucking forgot, ive got barefoot of her, but it's from her Instagram of all places

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My Contribution

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More of the same girl lol

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Same again lol

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Can we get originals instead of this gay shit thanks

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Not my own feet. Just other feet pics i like on girls like

On girls i like*

But why?
The original pictures are better

Got tons of pics from college girls should I dump? All exclusively taken for me

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Some people like it

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Probably mobile browsers then. When it's this obvious it's a shop it's a huge fucking turn off

I would do anything to lick those soles

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Me too. Im actually becoming better friends with her so there is a chance that i can snag a pair of her training socks, wish me luck bros . And before someone comments that im a creep, no i also like her as a person, its a win win situation for me

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I can also do something like pic related, there were no feet in the original pic

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post the original then, let's see it

great job, Gibby soles would be the best.
Asmr Moona posted her hot soles.

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can you post her soles pic? i cant find it

needs more of this milf feet

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oc, have more if interested

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Show me your wives and gfs, have some of my wife if you’re lucky

Soo...he was behind that...?

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Wow those look soft. Have any more?

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My kik cuminthat69

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Damn those feet are sexy..like the polished pics better

Thanks, look and smell better in person

You smelled them?


I can imagine it right now. Diamonds here

Yes, a few times during class i could smell them. Even manged to get them for a few minutes after gym class during the break. Get diamonds just thinking about it