I want a zoomer daughter whose big into Billie Eilish

I want a zoomer daughter whose big into Billie Eilish.

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whose? you're finished OP

Pic related.

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made me giggle thanks

Since it's a fantasy, why not just go for Billie Eilish?

this bitch is too strung out. she's just the latest grimes.

I honestly just want Billie, shes cute.

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she looks retarded

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Too easy.

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She's a below average looking white girl

She's got big tits and the appearance of conscious thought.

I wonder if there are any lewd of her or at least pic of her not wearing baggy clothes

Should I ever have children, I want them to have far better taste than this horse shit.

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You got any more

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Ngl I'm kinda disappointed cos I hear people go on about how bit her tits are I just wanted some good cleavage

her cleavage is a fucking disaster

Is Billie Eilish a privileged pop bitch like ariana or is she actually talented?

just another puppet of the devil ..

I think her brother is the actual talented one, and she's just his mouthpiece. Also pretty sure she sucks his dick.