Would you date a heavily tattooed girl?

Would you date a heavily tattooed girl?

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I am currently, can be good if you lay down the law early otherwise these bitches bring emotion into everything


Depends how good the ink in, cuz that one looks like a retarded kid drew them
have you never met women before?

Will she look like shit when she's older?

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All girls with tattoos want are dudes with tattoos so i just exclude them from consideration until i have some of my own

no thea look like trash

does she have dreadlocks? those get moldy..

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everyone looks like shit when they're older

As long as no face/neck tattoos it's quite a turn on. I'd bang her 100%.

Depends on what she tattooed on herself and how she is as a person but usually I only see red flags just like with girls that have piercings . Nothing wrong about it but for me it says a lot about the person


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Fuck, yes. Date, no.

I've learned that lesson the hard way.

Not true, I have none and my gf has a ton

W Y ?

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yes, just like everybody else.

don't like the tats now either, but she probably takes it up the ass like a champ

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Soo...nice one Elon

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Not a chance. As soon as i see tats in porn i move on
//Am 8.5/10

any user would, don't fall for the memes

If i wanted to look at a coloring book full of stupid scribbles

More of her

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Worst tattoos ever. What a cheap slut