I just recently started identifing as a boy (I'm a girl). My boyfriend says that since I'm a boy now, that makes me gay...

I just recently started identifing as a boy (I'm a girl). My boyfriend says that since I'm a boy now, that makes me gay, and he will only fuck me in the ass. I hate anal but I've been giving in, he doesn't stop even when I cry. Should I just go back to being a girl or keep letting him use my asshole?

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timestamp asshole or gtfo

Accept ur role as a homosexual passive.

You should kill yourself you disgusting fucking troglodyte. Disgusting fucking degens like you don't deserve life

Depends. Post your exposed, naked body.


>identifing as a boy (I'm a girl)

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Let's see that asshole

We have rules around here .
But this is shit bait fuck off faggot


Identify as someone who likes anal

Even bait should know the rules

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Just take it up the ass.

Ignore the thread. Not OP but some user on kik sent me his ex girlfriends nudes this past summer. Pic related

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So you're a boy, but you only want to get fucked in your vagina?

Go on

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This girl is incredibly hot.

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Go back to being a girl.
You never stopped being a girl to begin with.
You've always been and will always b,e female.
Don't try to fight nature. You'll lose.
Don't do anal if you don't want to.
Break up with your boyfriend, his abuse will only get worse over time and it may be too late in the future. If someone doesn't care about you crying or being in pain then they don't deserve to even know you.

>A dumb fag never learned to timestamp

Are you fucking stupid. I'm not op. I'm just dumping pics retard, absolute cretin, bumbling idiot, complete fool

He’s a genius!!

The things I would do to fuck this girl...

look how much this bait has riled people up. You guys are pathetic.

show said ass please

This is how we know shills are trying to twist our attitudes. They don't know the rules, they don't know the bait, but damn if they aren't gonna push their bullshit message.

Are boyish girls supposed to be attractive or not? I can't tell anymore

Tbh you're lucky he doesn't break up with you. I know I don't want to be around someone who's mentally and emotionally unstable.

boy or not, I'd fuck your brains out either way.
Nice tits, btw. Post that sweet gay boipussi.
Oh, and feet pls

Once upon a time tomboys were really cute. Now a girl cuts her hair short and there's a line in the Sand they have to stand behind .

Nothing you just said makes any god damn sense.

This is why no one takes you faggots seriously. You're all confused and fucked up in the head and thoughts, and everyone can see it except you. You have gender dysmorphia.

Break up with him and date someone who doesn't push you into sexual situations that you're not comfortable with.

It was nice when one or two newfags eat the bait but fuck this shit Sup Forums always was cancer but you are the fucking reason why this place is so full of shit

Everybody wants the privileges of being a man without any of the obigations.
If you want to be a man, bend over and take that buttfucking.
If you want to be a woman...same thing, pretty much.

Identity as a cuntboy and damn he fuck your mangina!

I'll let you identify as a man if I can date you and fuck your pussy.

Man, I love me some little tits. You shaved down there?

>no cheek bones

Everyone around you, including your parents, allready knew something is wrong with you twisted fuck :)

too late, you already cut your hair

It had to be said.

Listen, i have been looking for a ftm trans boi femme. Do you like being fucked in your pussy? I need a boy like you

Dubs means true

I'd happily be your boyfriend and use your front hole. Boys can like it up there too.

Hey Sarah wanna hook up

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Moar please. Super hot

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>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
>Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.