of the liberal kind

how did you survive your encounters? what transpired? tell us your story

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Sup Forumscels coping

Haven't luckily, Usually they are so ragingly autistic though that trying to argue just drags your intelligence down to their level.

I made this to vent because I work with him. Should have added he's half Japanese and will make sure you know by adding in that he doesn't agree with american politics because they dropped bombs on Japan. Completely acts as if Japan was innocent in WW2. If you spoke to him you'd think he was just a troll, but sadly.. he isn't.

forgot pic

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so just like you guys in this thread basically? Kay.

I'm pansexual, so i'm part of LGBT groups, and they are primarily raving liberal lunatics.

Most of them aren't educated on the issues, they take an identity as being victimized, when i push them for specific details they become uncomfortable talking about things.

e.g. This guy last meeting
>I don't feel the climate towards LGBT has changed all that much with acceptance
>What specifically do you mean?
>Just that people aren't willing or ready yet
>What leads you to believe that?
>This feeling I have
>So you don't have any specific instances of people acting aggressive or hostile towards you or others because they're LGBT? We can't just fight this vague notion based on feelings, we can correct specific behaviors or acts, so it's not productive to just assume we're being mistreated based on nothing.
>not really comfortable discussing it further

always projection with these cucks

I'm a socialist, but that doesn't mean I can't see when my peer are being stupid.

this is the most specific one yet...

I ordered a Mocha, she said "milk, white or dark chocolate?". After spotting what looked like a Bernie badge pinned to her shirt, I began to panic. "MILK!" I blurted out trying to keep my shakes under control. After a suspiciously long wait she handed me the coffee with a dead stare. I hastily took the beverage and made my way outside, disposing of it in the first trash can I could find.

Lying in bed that night, I placed an arm around my sister and gazed at my Confederate flag hanging on the wall. Still so much to do in this life. With liberals infesting even our local coffee shops, I cannot afford to be so careless in the future. Not with so much work left to do.

Not sure where you're at, but I'm in rural indiana and it's very much still a thing here to hate LGBT people. My younger brother who's in high school was telling me about "fagbashing" where the hicks get together and drive 40 minutes to the closest college campus and spend the night looking for people to harass and jump. Also possum stomping, which isn't related to LGBT but basically you drive around the country roads and when you see an opossum you jump out and stomp it to death.

Not saying things aren't better, and of course this is all anecdotal, but there's still pockets of the country that are pretty bad.

Liberals scream and cry but conservatives carry guns and a few are retards and insecure pussies. Ever get a gun into your face for talking on the phone in a foreign European Christian language and some scared redneck was thinking I was call in a suicide bomb? Yes. I have. The fucking language was basque and I'm white then rice covered in cum. Republicans too. Not trump Reagan fake sell out Republican though. Lincoln Eisenhower Republican

Wait why didn't you drink it?

I highly doubt that's going on with our hate crime laws the way they are. We'd be hearing about it rampant on the news with how the LGBT play the victim role on social media, and with how easily someone gets "cancelled" with a comment, fagdragging would be a huge scandal nationally.

You'd be a moron to go out and Matthew Shepherd someone.

This is the most hilariously fake take on "the dirty rednecks" ive ever seen written. I'm gonna use possum stomping later

Right bc japan didn’t attack the US entirely unprovoked. If we’d invaded japan instead, he wouldn’t have those slanty ass eyes today. He should be thankful.

It happened when I was in school 8 years ago. I trust my brother. Pretty sure they just go out looking for fights in general, it's just great when it's a gay couple. If it's anything like when I was there anyways. Shit gets swept under the rug in large college towns, maybe you're right though.

what did sondland say?

I don’t believe someone pointed a gun at you for a phone call and didn’t go to prison for it

>Right bc japan didn’t attack the US entirely unprovoked
Basically said this, he said that the bombs were just too much of a retaliation, to bomb civilians. We should have just left them alone according to him.

That's a fucked up experience but I've been carrying a gun legally for a few years now and honestly I've never even been close to even considering pulling it out. I would guess it at least like to think most people fall closer to that.

But your point is well made theirs idiots on both sides of the isle.

If it happened to me, I'd want to get out in the news and be some sort of martyr and pull that sweet gofundme money in, and I'm a reasonable LGBT guy.

But I know when to exploit a situation to my advantage, imagine what a professional victim would do.

I live in a town where many of the vehicles have white pride world wide stickers on them. Nobody actually gives a shit and i (mexican) have never had an incident. Matter of fact when i was in the marines i befriended multiple admitted racists.

though i'm sure horrible people do exist and i have encountered a few in the years most people aren't SNL skit parodies. most of the aforementioned white pride guys just want to be left alone or realize that its unfair they aren't allowed to be proud of being white when blacks, mexicans, asians etc have their month.

tl;dr wite man ok

For sure, my guess would be how do you prove it was LGBT related with only anecdotal evidence? I think we just need to arm more citizens personally.

>Be me
>Major University late at night
>There was a huge collection of college age Libcucks gathering to watch Shillary win
>As the night goes on the results show Trump winning
>Masses of Liberal Arts and Political Science students literally crying an ocean of salt
>Begin screaming and melting down
>My friend I came with is silent, so I say
"Wow that's crazy. It's like they didn't expect this to be close."
>She's looking at me through soggy, angered eyes.
>Suddenly I realize my friend is actually a Libcuck herself, and has now made me target number 1.
>Days later I'm walking to my next class, and we have a massive rally of crybaby Leftists shouting how "unfair" the election was (even though the whole Russiagate debacle hadn't started yet).
>These kids are literally holding each other like a close parent has died
>Mfw they just keep getting worst and worst

I'm half interested in returning to my old campus on election night just to see how everyone reacts again when Trump wins a second time by a huge margin.

they actively tried to bomb american cities. They just didn't have the technology to do it. They had the will in spades but just not the capacity.

does he think japan and the US were the only elements in WWII?

You must be "One of the good ones". I've heard that before. Dumb people just need a group to hate.

The worst experiences of my life have been because of "liberals" and "progressives". The most recent of which involves a hardcore lefty heroin addict with whom I work. She keeps showing up fucked up and can't perform her job or even follow along in a simple conversation. I mentioned to my boss that she's a heroin addict (she told me this in confidence) because he was about to fire her and I thought she was actually trying to make a change in her life and get her shit together. Someone overheard that conversation and started a rumor. There's another girl at work who's got BPD and blatant NPD who started a rumor that the junkie girl is my "girlfriend" (because she's jealous about me talking to other females, because mental illness). Junkie girl "confronted" me about these rumors. I explained what happened but it fell on deaf ears. She decided that I was the worst person ever and filed a sexual harassment claim against me. I've never touched this girl, never flirted with her, never shown the tiniest bit of interest. Everyone at work knows her claim is absolute bullshit, including the management. But they're legally forced to take action. Which means I now have an official "sexual harassment" claim filed against me which will follow me throughout the rest of my life. All because some dumb fucking lefty junkie got butthurt about other people starting rumors and knowing that she's a junkie fuckup, which is all obviously my fault. I have never met someone who is even remotely conservative who would ever even dream of acting in a similar manner. But for lefties this is "business as usual". They vote.

>there are still pockets of the country where human beings murder off the filth in order to maintain civilized society
Where is the problem with this?

Not to mention what they did in other countries around them, worse than the Germany in some cases imo. Remember, this guy doesn't believe in borders, gender, or countries, yet acts as if his homosexual, and half Japanese heritage is a personality trait. He's a walking contradiction, I'm at the point with him where I just agree with whatever he says and say he makes a good point.

Horoscopes are real and he practices tarot. Doesn't believe in religion, but reincarnation and karma can be scientifically proven.

Are you doing alright?

Worst incident was a guy who signed up for a shooting class I was doing.

The morning of that range day he threw one of my AR's into the mud said something I didn't understand and stormed off. He essentially gave me 200 bucks to make an ass of himself. Not even sure he thought it all through.

You have every right to be pissed, and shold try to take some action against this if there is a path for it. It sounds like it's not a political issue though, because i've heard similar stories but from the opposite political side. Just fucking shitty people in this shitty fucking world.

That's hilarious, like when people were buying $300 Yeti coolers and shooting them.

some people just want to be a part of a group. some people just want to be a part of a unique group. Its still kinda fucked that your own blood has the SJW sickness but its not like you can just cut ties. My older sister used to be like that but she experienced some of those life horrors that the pink hairs convinced her don't exist. Nothing obscene just got robbed several times and her mustang GT she worked hard for got fucked up by one of the homeless people she thought just needed a chance.

Your not thats for sure

back to your containment board faggot

kinda. you can keep your yeti cooler after you shoot it. This dude just gave me 200 to insult me. The sad part is that I didn't even hear what he said. Nobody did. Bonus nachos too 1 of the older women out that day used him as a jumping off the fence point as she'd been somewhat anti-gun up until then

Turned every liberal I meet into a conservative
Closest I got was a fuck buddy of mine and we spoke about refugees and she didn't like my point of view so I explained myself after which she was mad at me we fucked and now all is good .
I try avoiding these people

I mean, I'm pretty fucking far left, but you have to have some common sense. I'm called feminist but women shouldn't have more rights then men, like the dude above who had the sexual harassment against him, where's the evidence? Just taking her word? bullshit. I'm all for helping the homeless, but I can't personally help them. I've given them change and new (my old) clothes, but I'd never let them in my car or know where I live, are you fucking nuts?

this shit is way to specific and was deff made about one particular person

He's got problems. Guns are fucking awesome, coming from a lefty.

i think things are just going too well so people are scrambling to look for issues

You work in a restaurant don't you?

>I made this to vent because I work with him

That's a good point. We used to have clear enemies. WW2, Russian, ect. Now it's not as clear. I still remember after 9/11 how close everyone seemed. We had neighbors over for dinner for awhile. Dad was a firefighter so maybe it was different for my family, but it just seemed like everyone no matter what was just nicer and we were like the same group. It was nice. I don't even know my neighbors now and it makes me kind of sad, but it'd probably be weird if I just went over and tried to be friends. That's what we've turned into.

i joined the military right after 9/11 so when i left the US people were all about the country they lived in. The ones that weren't kept out of the spotlight. flags everywhere and the like. Then i come back after about 16 years abroad and everything is about what race you are, how gay or straight you are, how left or right you are. the clown world meme fits the most for me but usually not for the reason people think

I don't.
I let people believe what they want to believe.
But I do point out the obvious, which often leads to the liberals ignoring it.

i believed you were an intelligent person until you posted this... now i realize my mistake

>like the dude above who had the sexual harassment against him
In just about any large organization now, some crazy cow or prissy rat-boy or back-stabbing psycho is bound to be on the scene, going to management about G-rated insinuations or adult anecdotes made in the course of overheard conversations that don't even pertain to them. Hung-up us hardly the term for all that. It's more like a religion of hypocrisy, as opposed to religious hypocrisy. A sense of humor is forbidden.

>I have never met someone who is even remotely conservative who would ever even dream of acting in a similar manner.

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the new religions of today suck.

The Holy Church of Greta and Enviromen
The Seven Day a Week Hurt Feelsists
Casa Del Mal Hombre Naranja

>Casa Del Mal Hombre Naranja

I live in Vermont. Liberals everywhere. No complaints. It's fucking great here.

this isn't the ylyl thread user

Beta incel cuck posts on Sup Forums whining about liberal beta incel cuck because completely insecure in his opinion and rather than stand up for himself, looks for other republican beta incel cucks to prop up his fragile fucking ego.

Americans are garbage mate.

Imagine having an experience with someone and then being so socially isolated and emotionally stunted that you need to come onto to Sup Forums to tell others about it in hopes of receiving emotional support and validation that you cannot get anywhere else.
Imagine this.

no bjorn

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God only knows what that libtard had infected the coffee with. Best not to take chances with these things

Believe what you will.
I do the same to republicans. I sort of get the same response.

>Believe what you will.

figures you'd come here telling people what to believe

Oh please...
In my early twenties I was a member of/worked in a conservative party. Was at political event where multiple parties attended. Met a curly haired socialist (on paper) femnazi. Well she was cute, but proper socialist feminist views. Ended up fucking in my hotel room after beers. Luckily the chick was shaved and the bitch was nasty in bed. But the point being. While you may disagree on a lot you can still have fun together, be friends and even more. The most boring thing in the world is to only hang with people that agrees with you about everything.

yeah its too bad socialists end up bringing ideologies to power that demand everyone agree with them or gulag.

Soo...he was behind that...?

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We have had several leftist governments without that happening. I don't agree with their policies, but it's not like our country went under either. But yeah pure far left government would be bad, but Americans should stop complaining. What you call socialism isn't even close in most cases. Most democrats are closer to a centre right party than any type of socialism. But people like AOC and Bernie are probably most comparable to social democrats in most other western countries. And they aren't too bad. Hell a social democrat is even the secretary general of NATO now. and even Trump kinda seem to like him

Trolling this hard.

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we just used to call it joking among ourselves but i guess if you want to take it the wrong way you can

What a fucking strawman post. Good job making some shit up for your Tumblr blog you fucking faggot.

so whats your dog in the fight?

>shit gets swept under the rug in large college towns
Now you're lying, because no the fuck it doesn't. College campuses have been liberal shitholes for the past 2 decades, not shit like that escapes the press. Fuck outta here you lying sack of fag.

In what fight? The US one? In an ideal world a moderate republican (that's obviously not happening now), so I guess a moderate democrat. I guess I mostly could be compared to libertarians in the US. I want economic freedom, but also personal freedom. And I dislike religious fanatics of all sorts. Keep god, allah or any other make believe religious figure out of politics.

Do you spend a lot of time on college campuses?

He didnt say say lgbt people were being mistreated. He said most people arnt accepting. And hes right.

no i mean if you aren't american then why is it such a contentious issue with you?

Lmao pansexual.

Yes, I work with over 2 dozen campuses across the US, 2 of which are Ivy League. You wouldn't believe how fucking busy campus police have been across the US for the past 3 decades. You're an absolute idiot for trying to spread a lie like that.

not like one of those potsexuals

There are subsets of racists that will hate all people not their color. Until they need someone to have their 6 when they are in the shit. He only considered you "one of the good ones" and probably wondered why the rest aren't like you when 98% of them actually are. Shits like that are almost worse than the outright intolerant as fuck ones that at least fly their flag and let you know they are pieces of shit.

Can you pansexualize me, please? I want your fingerprints all over me.

>the ability to determine personal value and interpersonal relations regardless of race is worse than a person incapable of accepting another regardless of their capacity
>the racist who hates a race for their inherit an perceived issues yet accepts those that prove themselves to a higher standard
>is worse than the racist who indiscriminately hates even when proven wrong
You will get the rope.

kill her

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No l, but I do get stop speaking german we kicked your ass in ww2 so you shouldn't speak german here.
I don't speak german...
Tell them it ain't german, they never believe me.

It is worse and worse. College failed to teach you grade school English.

My story was that I was A German Christmas festival downtown right after Trump had won. Was having a nice day was a beautiful woman. All of a sudden we heard a loud ruckus on that street. There was about 25 libtards protesting Trump in office. They were yelling and screamImg everyone they saw. Somebody standing next to me said why don’t you guys calm down. This insane liberal woman started screaming at him that he needs to die. It was so over-the-top and she really looked like such an idiot.

Its not just your area in rual indiana. Its the entire nation. You fags are deviant filth and the overwhelmingly majority of people on earth will never accept you. Only the indoctrinated children still in school. Only when they have kids and their kids have kids and our generation dies out will the populace seem accepting. But only because of the brainwashing that starts (in school) when people are children and soak up any information being fed to them >gay is ok :). Little johnny, you have a penis, but are you really a boy? Transgenders is natural and you better respect and accept it little johnny because love and happy goodness. Drag queen story time! :)

Trumpsters would do this 100% fuck junkies

Wtf are you on about? The wolf in sheeps clothing is worse than the snake in the grass. Hmm maybe just cause he's brown isn't a good reason to hate him. Hmm i have evidence against my long held belief but i will ignore it as an outlier so i can stay warm and cozy with my feefees.

Get your own rope and if you cant tie a knot tie a lot.

I've actually knocked people out for that exact phrase and the police have let me off every time. If someone threatens your death, you're well within your rights to "restrain them until you feel your safety is sure". For me, that meant cold decking 3 antifa faggots and 2 feminists the second they mentioned death. These people need to be violently purged from this country. They fear us, and before they snap and start pre-emptively striking due to that fear, we need to show them exactly why they should fear us.

This mother fucker at a festival said ISIS were just defending their own territory

i can't speak for all of them but a couple of the hard core racists eventually in a loooooong drawn out series of explanations described simply being raised that way. Their parents taught them that all blacks were niggers and all niggers were spics. He did realize as a younger man that it doesn't make sense that all persons of 1 color or religion or what have you are evil bugmen but had no method of vocalizing his concern. All the people he'd surrounded himself with growing up thought the same way he did at the time. So who was going to speak to him like a human being? not the black people who saw him as a racist white boy. Not the mexicans who were taught all white people are "pelados" or KKK.

He only finally got the chance to explain his mindset about the unfairness of racial treatment now when he was one of my marines. he even told me himself he never expected a mexican to agree with some of his sentiments that niggers genuinely exist or that spics actually exist. When i finally introduced him to the concept that not all blacks are niggers and so on he finally started to come to the conclusion that were all just folk at the end of the day. years later he's a successful gunnery sergeant who's proud to have "unfucked" a couple of racist kids of his own.

life is incredibly complex and nuanced. This is one of the reasons i think the SJW movement is essentially the exact same as those hard core racists. They refuse to admit that some black people are niggers and some mexicans are spics.

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How, in any way, is he a wolf in sheep's clothing? He admitted to being racist, and acts upon it. When a Hispanic proved he wasn't a dirty spic, he was accepted into the social order. You are severely confused on both the use and meaning of that phrase and the (rather basic) intricacies of basic social interaction. I'm sure you're autistic enough to tie plenty of fancy knots yourself you illiterate retard.

Liberals' sole argument about every topic: "you're an idiot." It's impossible to have any kind of conversation with them.

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On a reverse point of view, I live in Trump country USA. Many neighbors have Trump 2020 signs on their lawns. The lone "Dump Trump" sign was pelted with paint and eggs. No respect anywhere.

Then awesome for him and those like him. If he's presented with facts that defy his beliefs and he changes them due to new evidence then he isn't a racist he was just raised as one and actually can think for himself

If he carries right along thinking all mexicans are dirty wetbacks except that one that i met in the army then he's just as bad as every other hood wearing redneck. If he goes out into the real world and he meets people that defy his shitty beliefs and he changes then good for him and he's actually capable of making a decision for himself.

That's exactly what was implied by the concept of him being able to accept "the good ones" you fucking retard. He is capable of discerning individuals. You argued that a person incapable of doing so was better only for the fact that they are somehow more honest about it. You seriously are fucking stupid, you realize that?

different guy: are there "good ones" or are there "bad ones"?

And if his default position is still a racist one then he hasn't changed or learned anything. Why can't you understand that one simple concept.