Black user Here

Black user Here

Why are all you white guys so weird about black dicks? It’s either some closet faggot posting some interracial stuff to trigger people or it’s someone else losing their shit over it.

When did Sup Forums get so insecure?

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Back in the yellow image wars.

Black people are just gross. Most of em. I dont trust like that.

Black people or niggers? There’s a difference user

Niggers. I live in my states biggest city downtown and I dont even see black people. Just niggers. My city is almost a 50/50 white and black.

No there is not.. Ther is no such thing as a GOOD nigger or a GOOD Jew

It's all about triggering people.
Left leaning people hate it when you point out obvious crime and education statistics, and right leaning people hate it when you point out average penis size comparisons and black men fucking white women.
It's all pretty obvious. Unless your a nigger I guess...

Why not? So you’re saying I’m not good user? What about me makes me so bad?

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Trust me user blacks hate niggers too.

Though why do people get SO triggered. Like most black anons have been brushing off all the nonsense on here for years and you don’t see us sperging out

You didnt do anything wrong. Just the hand you were dealt

Sorry you were born a nigger. Now get out there and get shot during a traffic stop, Sambo!

What’s so shitty about my hand though? I feel as if I’ve had a successful meaningful life. Way more dynamic then what the media would want you to believe

Never been pulled over and I would never do anything during a traffic stop to get stop. Follow a cops orders, obey the law, don’t argue and I’ll probably come out fine

>black dicks?
It's not black dicks per se. It's dicks. I hate the fucking faggotry here.

People get SO triggered because it's not real...
There may be a few kkk/naziish types here or some real BLM tards but the majority is just young to middle aged dudes with nothing better to do than larp either side.

It's just fake outrage.

Just go through those big black dick threads or the "all niggers should die" threads and you'll see most one genuinely upset post per 100 posts and the rest trying to troll that person.

Nobody wants to fuck niggers. Nothing personal, it's just the way things are.

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I just think it’s shitty fucking trolling. Sup Forums used to do some pretty hilarious stuff but now it feels like people aren’t even trying anymore

Essentially threads like that are a game.
If you get an upset response to saying/showing something horrible l, you get a shot of dopamine and the feeling you made someone's day a little worse.

There's a reason the concept of bait is a thing.

True statement. Though in my life it feels as if on average a girl wouldn’t be interested in black guys but if she is she REALLY is in to black guys. That’s been most of my experience throughout high school and college. I’ve never had an issue meeting women.

Guess it balances out

It’s all racist fantasy shit my dude. People like porn that feels dirty. For a white supremacist, there’s no porn dirtier than interracial. That’s why there’s always that implied nod to the white viewer where the girl looks at the dick and then at the camera. It’s not about women who like black dudes, or even black dudes who like white women. The Mormons are heavily racist, but BBC porn is the most searches out of Salt Lake City. It’s literally white supremacists “cucking” themselves.

Nah b has always been like this. You probably just remember the old days here with rose tinted glasses.
Newfags/summerfags ECT... is all just to try and get a negative response out of someone. I'm guessing the majority of us have been here so long that we can actually get nostalgic for times in our lives when we were younger and associate some of that nostalgic feeling with good threads we've had here.

The good is still here, just like before you have to hunt for it.

You’re coming on THIS board asking why people are fucking retarded? Seriously?

I will say that things have felt a lot different since moots departure.

People are sick of the blatant fuckery that jews are pushing on human society. They're not people, and they're not capable of being honest or decent. They push dysgenics and degeneracy. That's the main problem people have. Black people, being in general violent, very stupid, ignorant, and easily manipulable are the very favorite pets of the jews. And jews promote them non-stop as if they're somehow magically better than humans. They want human women to breed with monkey-people and destroy themselves. It's a pernicious effort to fuck over all of civilized society.

As far as actual black people go, I've known a lot of them and there have been very few who didn't fit the stereotype of "nigger". I know "smart" black people who are successful. But the second you're outside of a work environment with them and they're around "their own people" they turn into stereotypes. "Smart" black dudes will dumb down all of their speech and act like fucking niggers around other black people because that's what black culture is all about; it's about behaving in an aggressively antisocial manner rife with blatant disrespect for their environment and all of the civilized people around them. There is a very violent and animalistic nature to their existence and, again in general, they contribute absolutely nothing to civilized society while always claiming to be some sort of magical babychild victim who is incapable of saying or doing anything bad or wrong. That's not something civilized people want to be around.

I've had deep conversations about this with some of my smarter and more honest black friends and this generally results in a whole lot of "muh dick", "we wuz kangz", and "dindu nuffins". This is coming from "smart" black people who work in chemistry and other related fields

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So me and my friends have never acted in anyway like the manner you described. So are we outliers or do you just have a small sample size?

We all grew up nerds who were into sports, music, anime, vidya and fashion. I know plenty of other blacks that fit that mold and would be indistinguishable from your average 20 something white kid.

See OP this is what I was talking about.

There's the possibility this guy's serious but that wall of text feels a lot like pasta.

If you respond to it with an ounce of sincerity then the larper will feel overjoyed.

It's bait.

True but it’s not like I’m raging or triggered I’m just having a dialogue. Life’s to complex to just discredit someone’s viewpoints. I’d rather figure out what lead then to their conclusions. If it’s a troll then so be it

THIS PICTURE. whiteblackasianjewmiddleeasternpetergriffinnicholascagesaddamhussei we all want to fuck the woman. Dont make this a race thing fag

>Trust me user blacks hate niggers too.
Fucking please

As soon as "blacks" are away from white people and around other niggers their niggerishness comes out full bloom and they're as niggery as any other nigger

"Blacks" are just niggers who have figured out how to put on a fake white personae to keep whitey at ease

That’s your opinion user and I respect it. I’ve been around black people most of my life and I feel the opposite

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What’s a “white” persona?

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I'm not against the idea of outliers in any way and tend to treat people as individuals on a personal level while maintaining the "general" view of groups in terms of how society works/doesn't work. I would never call you or treat you like a nigger or anything like that just because of the color of your skin. We'd probably get along just fine IRL
>a paragraph is more than I'm willing to read and able to process
>OP must be stupid and trolling or posting pasta because I'm dumb and lazy and can't be fucked to read and actually comprehend what I'm reading
>reality is bait
Ok boomer

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>it's not real
See here's the problem with that though, because by propagating it, younger guys will internalize it and repeat it because they think it's funny or makes them part of the group, then they will get called out on it by an outsider and get defensive, which in most cases means doubling down on their bullshit rather than admitting it's wrong and racist. At this point they get all butthurt and end up hanging with other guys who feel the same way, and repeat the bullshit until eventually they begin to believe it. This is how the cycle perpetuates and it's all because some white guy got his feelings hurt after being told he was wrong. White supremacists know this, and they do it on purpose as a recruiting tool. Seriously, guys who used to be part of it and left have come back and said this is an active tactic.

they'll talk proper english around white people

as soon as they're around other niggers it's "he be, she be, they be", "axe you a question", "hold da do", "dindu nuffin"

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I use slang around some of my friends from my child hood but I never totally code switch. Code switching is definitely a thing but not to the extent you believe. Also I’ve “talked white” my whole life because that’s how I was taught in school. It’s not a persona

Through watching so much bbc porn and gradually into the hypno and bbc trainging videos etc I love the idea of a black guy bull bbc to get with my gf and me. It totally turns us on and is very fun. I have no idea how to start though but set her up with a tinder account first

Go on blacktowhite user and make a profile

I don't trust blacks if they have nasty facial hair, nasty haircuts, or if they are unable to speak proper English; saying axed instead of asked and so on..

doubtful anyone will be on it from my little province

Can you show me example of these haircuts and beards? Just curious your opinions user

Do you play any sports user? You could meet some dudes if you probably go to your local red center and play some ball

thats a good idea. She gos to the gym and sees them so that may be a start. Also already have a few on tinder writing her but she is a bit shy about it even though it states she wants a black bull

I've seen her in a room with 8 naked black men and they fucked her good. She was left a sticky mess and completely exhausted.

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Whiteniggers are trying to make IR sex a thing that triggers people. But IRL normal white people don't give a fuck.


Tree nigger here,
No one gives a shit nigger
Go back to

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