Latina Trap Thread (bonus points for Brazilians)

Latina Trap Thread (bonus points for Brazilians)

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This trap is perfection, wish I had more of her.

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I wish we had a /trap/ board so there could be threads for every bread of trap

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breed* lol

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Oh my god, that’s amazing. One of the best I’ve seen. More of this sexy thing.

sayuri is my ideal trap gf


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Agreed, they need to make one.


Stop posting this malnourished boy with bad hair

More traps yes

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I think she's Brazilian...why are Brazilian traps so perfect?

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What the fuck are you talking about? That is probably THE best trap I’ve ever fucking seen

Fuck Mami,

Weird taste if true. All I see is a sickly kid in bad clothes and hair that hasn't been washed in weeks. Every other trap itt is far superior

Caroline Ramirez

lol i think someone got ignored by yasuri and now is assblasted about it

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Or not everyone is into what appears more like a femboy

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this is sexier than most women

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any idea of whom she is?

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Deciding to become the girlfriend was the best decision I ever made.

The whole point of traps is that you think they're women but then you find out they're packing cocks. I could tell that guy is male a mile away, it's weird. Someone like I'd never think was a trap

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She's not latina kek

Grow up

Who does that cock belong to??

This Brazilian shemale is my all-time favourite.

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forgot pic

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yes she is

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>doesn't want to see someone that looks like a sickly underage kid
>"Grow up"

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She's so gorgeous

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South American traps are best traps

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Anyone got more cute traps?

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he's mexican

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Who do you think is runner up?

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Hasn't truly been confirmed if they were actually born a male

i fell in love

it was confirmed on a thread last night, he even said it on twitter

Is that the same girl from my original post? I used to follow this trap till she fucked a nigger.

Is this the same trap from a few posts above it. The ass spread one?

Ricki Ortiz

If they did would you stop polluting Sup Forums with this shit?

Yes, it is.


This is the second trap thread I’ve made and I’ve been browsing Sup Forums since 2013. But I assume you mean that in a broad way. I think it would be helpful in limiting trap threads on Sup Forums if there was a specific sub board for trap/shemale/etc threads.

Stunning, do you know it’s name?

No OP is gingersnapuu

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what is the name of this trap?

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Oh ok thanks, I always wondered it’s name.

are you retarded

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Gingersnapuu on Twitter

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Any thicc traps???

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Kayaru its the best

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this is just sad, imagine that being your son...

Why do you refer to them as "it"?lol

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I think they might be intersex or something

Because I don’t see it as a male despite it being one biologically do to its appearance and brain chemistry. But I also don’t see it as fully female either. So therefore it seems most appropriate. Although I do sometimes use she/her for them as well.

does that mean he has a micro dick?


You can still love Crispy, silly user. Imagine how small and cute her penis must be.

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Ass pics of her please
Who is she

Still hasn't truly been confirmed
There's no dick pic or bulge just a shopped JPEG pic
>pic unrelated obvs

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Must be an enlarged clit kek


doubt so if he was raised a dude, the intersex thing is just a theory given he looks really girly

>tfw prime boipussy is being wasted
Why do traps date girls?

Exactly he looks really girly
There are girls that look like dudes but they aren't
That's what you call a reverse trap

he doesn't look like a dude now, how would that be a reverse trap?

Well they aren't anymore but people some people still consider them a trap because of their old "boy" pics but there are no pics that actually show if they have a penis or not

Seen on kik a few times