Canada thread, 905 reporting

Canada thread, 905 reporting

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YYC here

506 Fredericton

613 niggas

any other 403? add me on skyp e: j.balle82

514-450 here, j'ai du stock à trade si jamais

905 Checking in

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Rip 905

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Please just stop with these terrible threads filled with 5/10 or less women.

The thread isnt about quality you dumb fuck. Its about the rare chance that someone has wins of someone you know

519 Cambridge


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any more asians?

905 any got any more of her?

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Which NEVER happens.
So you are just clogging the board with shit quality.


left or right?

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Both. Where from?

right nudz is bonus

was 905, now downtown

Ive personally had it happen twice, if you want to piss bitch and moan about clogging up the board go bitch about all the "lol black dicks, lol logs" threads

I do complain about those too.

As for it happening for you twice.. twice in how many hundreds of shit threads?

Fuck. Off. And. Die. Cuck.

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What the fuck???

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Another 416, we broke up

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oh shit didn't know that it did this.

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so then you bitch about 80% of the active threads on the board, and contribute to bumping them up by engaging in conversation. Also I think you've missed what the word cuck means, if anything you fit the bill a little better by keeping things you don't like on the front page


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Who is this?

have nuds hesitant to post. maybe i can sensor.

i prefer the left tho

> feeding the troll

Posted already


>larping as someone else to throw out another buzzword

519 London area?

> still feeding the troll

post nudes or nothing noone cares about photoshopped bikini pics

post more for now

great DSLs, any of her in heels or full body?

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Looks familiar


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how do you know her?

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Some fuckin spelling bee


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Well now u see her nude body

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902 sluts

Is this Kayla?

bump for alice!

yea u know her?

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where do u know her from?

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mmm fantastic!

More nude

i can't have her fiance kill me

so i'll post her friend

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nice, you got her nip slips too?

those shorts were amazing on her

yeah post moar user, this hoe loves attention

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Yes I have 780

i also know her, post more

I don't have any, but more exists

have the uncensored version of this. she posted by mistake

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709 M here age 40. Looking for a bbc black bull to fuck my gf. Any takers?

Jen C videos?


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anyone got nude outtakes of her modeling stuff? went to hs with her her shots make me diamonds


woops meant to post this as well

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any non IG posts?

lets see it!!

What area?

Where are the Calgary girls at!


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Anymore 416?

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i got more of kayla, u got disc?

not op

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ontario megas??

markham bois post here

alice or jenn?

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please tell me someone has her nudes

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wat link is that

vola, probably

thic mmm

ontario 13678c7a8