Why is this man so on the edge?

Why is this man so on the edge?

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I could ask the same about you lol

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He's not gonna run in 2020, so he can be on twitter for the rest of his life claiming he would have won.

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>I could ask the same about you lol

Doesn't he understand that tweeting all day long about how you're innocent doesn't actually make you look more innocent?

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>He's not gonna run in 2020, so he can be on twitter for the rest of his life claiming he would have won.

He has to run or he'll go to prison.

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The North Koreans will get him internet when he's enjoying asylum there.

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because like all narcissists, he is incapable of brooking any criticism

the lack of any evidence says it


he started his 2020 run in 2016


Even the most retarded of democrats are able to find evidences on him now. The denial is strong in you.

Hahahaha fuck you.. are you watching the news..

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He's already raising donations and campaigning for 2020.

Because he is not smoking enough weed. If he was smoking weed he would be a great president. All the best presidents in U.S. history were weed smokers.

Is this the new shitty meme word?

>the lack of any evidence says it

It's not what this guy is saying.

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clinical insanity

> low iq
> trying to violate the constitution and got caught

Pappa let his buddies fuck him in the ass when he was a kiddo.

He's been riding around the White House grounds in a Hoverround. Yelling at everying and throwing things at reporters. It's getting ugly.

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No, it's perfectly applicable for thread derailing little shits like you


Fucking Trumpanzees man

Because his opposition are threatening ass hats that don't understand math or know what bathroom to use

Why doesn't this have some caption about pinching nipples?

Don't worry guys, Trump has his notes so he doesn't forget what to say...

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because he has yhumongous balls

Everyone who cares to read the transcripts for the calls can read the transcripts. Zelensky brought up the corruption topic.

Everything the witnesses have discussed were their feelings or hearsay. That's not evidence and it's not a high crime or misdemeanor, unlike having the Ukrainian official fired who was investigating your son and his company.

Trump is constantly complaining because bureaucratic weasels in government are sabotaging the will of the people. Snakes in media print leaks (real and fake) to sabotage the will of the people.

Too many are subverting our democracy for short term gains. Pink-haired trannies are not going to beat heavily-armed farm boys if things escalate.

Try again without a cock in your mouth

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