TRAPS of Sup Forums, show yourselves off! Starting with me, taking requests

TRAPS of Sup Forums, show yourselves off! Starting with me, taking requests.

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boomp )

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Moar. God i want a little trap ass to fuck

I wish I had trap aesthetic, but I dont. You look great. Would mess around with.

Sharpie in the pooper

You're not a trap you're just underage.

Shaving it all off makes a huge difference you know? :P
Sadly It seems like I cut myself quite a bit on the ass recently...

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The ID disagrees :P

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It's mostly the shape that's the problem for me. try to be more careful.

Post moar.

Oh okay I can start jerking off now

Not exactly a sharpie, hope you don't mind :P

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Now i want to see something bigger and deeper in your ass. Do you have a dildo?

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hahaha im so fucking tired goood damnit

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On your knees, ass up, showing feet

Mom has a big pink one, 20 cm big.
I have fucked myself with it once... Can't do that now tho because she's home. Other suggestions? Some household items you'd like to see up there? Maybe something specific? :P

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Any black bulls here wanting to train a sissy?

ever tried like a small shampoo bottle? or a big one ;)

Why not get your own dildo


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It would be hard to hide and I'm not brave enough to buy one tbh

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Thanks, just blew a huge load I had waiting

plug and slutty thong pls

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Couldn't find one that would fit, here's a brush instead tho :P
Ah, blessed cummie trips. I'm glad you did, too bad I wasn't there to swallo :( Any requests?

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Not that hard to hide. If your mom found it she's probably just get embarrassed and never bring it up until like 10 years in the future after afew glasses of wine


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Yo I got a request. Make gifs instead of taking pics

Without the hand )
Maybe... She's not shy tho, she'd bring it up I think. Besides, hers is really good...

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just securely store it up your butt at all times. no way she's gonna look there

OwO. Well I'd go bankrupt from all the lube I'd need.

Sissy traps message me, preferably clean and passable but whatever let’s see you in some sexy outfits
Kik captaindanmi

So you can't get one because you're embarrassed that you need one.

Find a boyfriend or fwb then and just go on for the real thing. Just don't let some old fag bareback you. Old fags are always trying to bareback barely legal butt pussy.

Nice, post more!
I'm going to a shop, anything I should buy and use in some way? rate pls

any elongated vegetable, like a cucumber maybe. as largs as you think will fit inside you

Very nice, show clit and balls pushed outwards, behind legs. Photo from behind. Like the picture OP sent first.

My kik is wavershine

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Me :p

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I'd order online because anything at a shop is going to be like twice as expensive. Have them deliver it to a friend or the post office if your mom goes through your mail.

I like the ones with suction cups at the end because I prefer to use it in the shower. Stick right to the wall.

Anything silicone is fun, don't be afraid to go alittle bigger than you think you ought to. You can always work your way up to taking the whole thing.

fuck thats hot. kik?

If you use a cucumber out a condom on it and for the love of God throw it away after.

Those slender toothbrush cases work well in a pinch and naturally belong in the bathroom.

Fuck that's hot, post more, ladies :P
The shop I went to didn't have any vegetables, most shops are already closed here, got a different idea tho, I'll film it and make into webm, neeed a bit of time tho :P

And btw, I have already fucked myself with a cucumber before, no condom, was pretty interesting.

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if you don't have toys I would assume you also don't have any cute clothes, do you have a sister you could nick some stockings and/or panties from?


God i wanna ram my cock up your ass

i demaand tummy

Yes please 0//0

Femenine buttholes

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Got a kik?

I'm sorry it took so long but I'm inexperienced when it comes to converting files and such. Here's a short Ass to mouth eating webm, hope you like it

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Sadly not, also I've been hit with a fever so that's a pic from a couple of weeks ago

Kill yourself faggot

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Like this?

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Shave dammit

Kill yourself faggot

Not a trap but thoughts on this?

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Get a vibrating butt plug with different modes. A little more expensive that regular plugs but holy fuck. Mines in right now :)

Nips plz

I wanna milk you...

Thanks for the bump!
Yes please!

>Do you guys like my Ass to mouth?

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Goddamn I'd put you through the floor boards

Looks nice, I'd plow the other side to see it cum

sexy hips, I want to fill you with my seed

Got any of yourself cumming?

wdym? If I ever came from anal only? Not quite, but was close to it!


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OP here, would love to smash that... and then let you smash me... Could you show a pic of flaccid and then fully erect clit in that cage? I always wanted to see a comparison like that :P


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is my asian body usable?

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ok :)


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Perfect, tight little body
What about that ass though

please use me v.v

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I'm really skinny :/

Let me see plez :3?
How would you like to be used

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Hmmmm little whore
What you mean that's a nice little butt, would tear and abuse

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Hmmmmm pull em down for me

Spank me daddy

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i've never been used before, but maybe somehow in public?

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Exhibitionism huh? Yeah that sounds hot, say in a Wendy's bathroom stall?

Where do I go to fill you up