What caused TF2 to die?

What caused TF2 to die?

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Fortnite cancer

it didn't dumbass


In my opinion TF2 hasn't died and is nowhere near dying yet. Of course it doesn't get much attention as before, but you can still get into full matches.

old age

Neglect and key inflation. I miss the 2.33 per key golden days


>year you first played TF2
>favorite class
>favorite weapon loadout
>total hours in-game

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Original, gunboats, escape plan
4,900 hours

>year you first played TF2
>favorite class
>favorite weapon loadout
Scattergun, pistol, Boston Basher
>total hours in-game

Soldier, demo, scout, spy for fun
Kunai, deadringer, amby ;)

>TF2 isn't in Valve's new official Twitter banner

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All of em
Soda popper, Killing Gloves of Boxing and the holy mackerel.
2454 hours

Brass beast, banana, GRU
50 hours

I started playing on PC this year, but I used to play it on my xbox since 2017 and I have 120 hours there


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ffs I hate valve

spy is hard so. rocket launcher, gunboats, market gardner
3500 (I quit a yr or three ago)

no stop it's not true if I don't accept it it's not true

>memegineer, gunslinger, short circuit, pompson
>200ish hours

Say sike right now

TF2 still has tens of thousands of active players, go be a dumbass somewhere else

How would you make it good?

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not enough hats

dunt remember nting but the watch
not more than a few hundred

playable female characters
three-team maps
more hats

>Aged engine
>Lack of official updates
>Fall through of adult swim show deal
>The battle royal craze
>market oversaturation
>overwatch (which now is in decline itself)
>valve focusing on dota and counterstrike
>valve not making a good enough competitive mode. (Community did better)
>The Jungle inferno update (did not achieve the returns expected)
>Gave Put a class that's almost too overpowered more mobility (jetpack) than they needed, a really good buff secondary (gas passer) and a more range oriented flamethrower (dragons fury)
>all of this while the community was saying heavy needed to be rebalanced and upgraded because he was behind the curve of the other classes.

TF2 still has a good economy, Big player base, and a great community that's taken up the slack valve has dropped.

>Be Valve
>Make millions off of aesthetics and in-game economies
>Throw it all in the trash for VR
>Kill off most of your money makers for a shitty gimmick that a wopping 0.1% of gamers will buy

I hope Alyx fails so they learn that they wasted a decade on literal trash.

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Minigun, Sandvich, KGB

What's the one ONE thing that would fix TF2?

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Same reason 1.6 died. Cheater s infesting pubs making it unfun.

>Degreaser, Scorch Shot, Neon Annihilator
>Cosmetics: Sons of Arsonry pack

I know exactly how to fix TF2:
>Only 6v6 games in matchmaking
>Turn off random crits
>No duplicate classes in matchmaking
>Heavy has to reload his minigun
>Everyone gets infinite ammo
>Only payload, koth and attack/defense as matchmaking modes
>Remove trading
>Add competitive rewards so more people play it
>Engineers turret upgrades automatically to lvl 2, but deals less damage
>Dispenser and tele removed
>Spy has infinite cloak and cannot instakill backstab anymore, his main damage is now his revolver
>Rocketjump gets dedicated button and doesn't do damage. It has a cooldown
>Stickyjump gets a dedicated button and doesn't do damage to yourself. It has a cooldown
>You get removed from game if you afk more than 30 secods
>Crouch jump gets removed
>Scout's doublejump gets removed
>Bonk! has a dedicated button with a cooldown
>Jarate has a dedicated button with a cooldown
>Jetpack has a dedicated button with a cooldown
>Every class has only one weapon, melee weapons have been turned into quick-melees which have their own dedicated button
>Air strafing gets removed
>B-hop gets removed
>Every 4-6 months a new class is introduced

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When they started nerfing all the fun weapons.

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>started tf2 in 2009
>pyro for sure. The butthurt is entertaining
>regular haunted flamethrower/flare gun/axtinguisher (it's so old and has so many kills I dont have the heart to retire it)
>3100 or so

it was a stillbirth and those gmod videos were like raping a baby


Widowmaker, gunslinger, pistool or short circuit

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stock flamethrower stock shotgun homewrecker
I honestly don't remember but my current account has 400 hours in it

>Iron bomber, Chargin Targe, Meme Sign

Being free.

old age.


>Peak today
Yup, pretty dead. Once again, OP is a person that prefers the company of men.

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Year: 2017
Class: Demoman or Medic (Sorta Hard to choose)
Loadout: Bootlegger/Splendid Screen/Any Sword
Kritzkrieg/Crusaders Crossbow/Ubersaw
Hours: 456 and counting

>Blutsauger, Solemn Vow, Medi Gun