In less than a week, I will be married to her and live a happy life together. How does that make you feel?

In less than a week, I will be married to her and live a happy life together. How does that make you feel?

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I haven't felt anything for a long time.

Your happiness or unhappiness is completely irrelevant to me.

This. Your elation and inevitable tragedy mean nothing to me.

Good for u op, I'm glad you have your share of happiness :)

Reminds me that I am still free. Marriage is not necessary, and not worth the risk with women surpassing men on infidelity these days. Good luck and godspeed, you will need it.

Nice one mate, tell us how you did it

Nothing really, do you.
Would I ever get married or get into a relationship nowadays? Nope, never, unless the girl was filthy rich and I got shit tons of money.
Other than that, i wouldnt ever. Thats my choice, you do you and I will do me.

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Sad that you are selling you're freedom for pussy

She looks nice, good job
good luck for the happy family life more complex that it seems

Are you gonna post nudes or not, you twat?

wish that was me in your place ngl

You know it's coming. Hope you're into getting cucked, boy.

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Proud! Well done user!

OP should know not to post his fiancé because she will be made into a BBC meme.


Sad for you that you that you feel the need to lie to a board of anonymous strangers that can't even know who you are to impress them. This pic has been posted countless times.

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My wife of 7 years and I are expecting, I'm buying a house this week (at least putting offers down for 5 minimum, thank God it's the off season), and Im planning on getting a 2016 Malibu (only 15k!) from my friend who is selling it for cheap by February. Feels pretty wholesome fam

this is now a comfy thread

Why would anyone care about this, are you black?


how come you keep postponing the big day op, weather issues?

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Having to read this drivel for the 142nd time makes me want to vomit.

Depends on skin color faggot

sad that you just posted her mugshot on Sup Forums

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this is her now btw

Nice! Show us her butthole.


>and live a happy life together.

Until around 5 years in when the existential dread sets in and both sides are fucking annoyed by their spouse and are wondering if they made the right decision.. and oh how HE nags when she wants to have a girls night out like she used to, and oh how SHE nags when she catches him looking at naked ladies online, oh oh oh always fighting! maybe we should have a dog that will solve it! oh crap it didnt, maybe we should have a kid *record skips* maybe we should have a kid *record skips* maybe we should have a kid. well I'm sure things will improve when the kids move out of the house, well maybe things will improve when I'm retired, well maybe... I'll be okay when i'm dead.

congrats on getting married to a picture

Behind every good woman is a man who's just tired of fucking her.

I hope once you're marryed you leave this place called Sup Forums. For your good

Shes got those "I fucked your bestfriend while you were on your annual hunting trip with your dad and grandpa" eyes. "It was only the one time, I swear."

"Ok I also had a final fling with my high school ex just before we got married but that doesnt count!"

"Ok there is a cute guy at work I tease on WhatsApp sometimes. They're just pictures it's not cheating!"

It makes you feel happy for you op. I hope you and her spend a happy lifetime together

I hope it all works out for you. Congrats.

I hope You are not nigger

Is this a hypothetical?


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So glad you made this thread again OP. I wish you and your future ex all the best!

I already broke the bitch when she was (redacted).

How does that make YOU feel?

>november wedding
>still on Sup Forums
I give it 2 years tops
pic related it's you after she takes half your shit

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>and live a happy life together

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I'm happy for you, good job OP :)
She is really beautiful