Do you need someone to talk to, user? Some advice? A place to talk about your problems and not be judged?

Do you need someone to talk to, user? Some advice? A place to talk about your problems and not be judged?
In that case, I am here to satiate those needs for a bit. Vent away.

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only faggots need someone to talk to, and only double faggots volunteer to listen to someone else's bullshit. There are more lucrative ways to spend your time.

See, even you extracted some benefit from this thread. Even if it was entertainment by insulting me and the other faggots.

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is this the new waifu thread

I find no joy in insulting you. It is merely obligation of duty. Be a man. Unless you're a woman (a real, natural-born woman), in which case, this thread is justified because you truly have nothing more consequential to offer the world.

You sound like a real miserable fuck

Daddy a bit strict huh?

No, this is not a waifu thread.

If you found no joy in insulting me, I seriously question this obligation of duty you hold yourself to. Don't *you* have more lucrative ways to spend your time?

Some people find entertainment (and apparently tell themselves otherwise) in insulting others. Human nature.

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Nature of humans who are adverse to self improvement maybe

Pitiable, right? We all have our faults, though.

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We all do, but if our line of thinking ends at "I have flaws" then we have failed ourselves.

I'm in agreement with you. It's unfortunate that some people are locked for failure; simply by their own thinking.

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You seem like a level-headed person. What brings you to Sup Forums today?

Honestly? A dosage of boredom, free time and a want--not sure from where it arises--to offer my aid to whomever may require it.
Perhaps just some entertainment for myself?

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There are plenty of places to offer help to people though. So why here?

I haven't had a conversation that's longer then 5 seconds for about a month now

The denizens of Sup Forums interest me. Such a wide variety of people, able to express themselves in ways that they would not usually be allowed due to the anonymous nature of the board.
Either that or I'm a Sup Forumstard looking for some attention. Perhaps both?

Why do you think that is, user? What do these 5 second conversations usually consist of? With shop owners, cashiers, etc I presume?

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Either way is fair. There are a handful of people who do this on here and I always find them interesting too

It's interesting seeing how long they last and wondering at their motivations. How effective they are at actually helping others.

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I know some of them have been here longer than I have and that's really saying something

who else does this

I want to fuck my gf’s (21) little sister (17) so bad. I catch her staring at me all the time and she started hugging me differently (better and harder) as she started staring at me. She started staring at me after she lost her virginity and i am thirsty af. How do i make her initiate without coming off as the initiator?

She also started sending nudes to guys and being a little hoe around that time as well.

you're gonna fuck up your relationship with your gf, and you're gonna fuck up your gf's relationship with her sister. don't be a moron.

Some of them have been around since 2011, their predecessors around even before that (with different goals. Maybe just rp'ing). Long histories, those folks.

I'd suggest not attempting to do this with your GF's younger sister. If you really want to, my first suggestion is that you end your relationship with your GF first.
It'd make you a conventionally bad person, but hey, I'm not judging.


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I dont care if im a bad person. I just need her once. Then never again

There's the Alice one who's ancient af and some other Touhous like Sakuya and Reimu. I don't know the names of the other ones but I see them from time to time, there are several

Jesus, a whole lineage

Dont care. Thats not what i asked

Not even that, it's mostly my dad checking on me
>"hey user need something?"
Small stuff like this

Alice2 is the most infamous one, isn't she? One wonders at the efficiency of her advice quite often. Those folks hailing from Lunar were possibly the best organized.
And yup, a whole lineage. Alice2 being the current and longest running. Quite the enjoyable history. (If one finds internet drama interesting.)

Unfortunately, I can't give you advice on how to achieve this. It'd make me an accomplice to something that is, in my opinion, woefully submitting to your animalistic desires.

Next time, user, I request you to try this: Try saying "Thanks for asking, father, but I do not need anything. What have you been up to today?"

Unfortunately, that is my time for the day. Nice talking to you, user(s). I'll be seeing you again very soon. This isn't a one time thing.

If you wish to contact me further, you can find me in the following avenues.

[email protected]


I am fairly active on discord so hopefully I'll be seeing you there. I can give you some advice and you can ail my boredom.

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based and unbased

Were you involved with their history then? Or did you just watch it from the sidelines like me?

>involving in avatarfag lore
yikes and no from me dawg