A 16 year old BTFO climate change deniers

>A 16 year old BTFO climate change deniers
Greta is based as fuck.

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When will her sex tape drop, tho?

Would cum in 10/10

I remember when Sup Forums was cool. Can't believe it became a leftist haven.

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She's 16 you disgusting people

imagine the world in 5 years... do you think she will still be relevant?

How the fuck is there STILL no decent Rule 34? Has the Internet gone soft?

She's still relevant? How tf do people still care about her?

There only defense of her is that you can't criticize a autistic teenage girl

Can you please refute all this evidence against it?

>a 16 year old girl looking like that
Must be rough. No wonder she's angry at the world.

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she's legal in sweden, faggot

I don't deny climate change, but if we need a 16yo girl for politics to pay attention to the problem, we are screwed.

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My issue with this girl is that A: She's an angry 16 year old possibly with FAS which suddenly makes her more important than every climate change believer. B: I can't block articles about her on my phone.

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But usa has 18 as the consent age

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She didn’t. And will be forgotten like so many other political pawns.


The climate has always changed.

kek, saved to trigger natural climate change deniers

not on a global scale dipshit

ice age dont real

She's a stupid potato.

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Climate change is real, our global climate has changed continually throughout the history of the planet. Man-made climate change that these government-paid shill scientists promote is where the BS enters the equation. The only people who can't see through the hoax are those who have trouble eating with their mouth closed while watching CNN

Honestly, is anyone in the world as oppressed as white fundamentalist Christian Americans?

not everyone lives in a shithole like murrica


16 is the age of consent in 32 out of 50 states.

in 32 of 50, yeah...then again, what is the problem?

Didn't know the climate is only a left wing issue.

Wtf is climate change the fuck

Well, fascist kiddies are the disposable lapdogs of the rich, and the rich plan to abandon them to live in underground bunkers or Mars when shit really goes down. So if you think about it the climate really doesn't matter to them.

Climate change is a natural process that occurs frequently in geological terms but has become a media love child that blames you and me for said natural process.

>white nations arrive on mars
>earth is a shithole engulfed by the fires of war
>SJWs take pity on the violent backwards brown people who were abandoned on earth
>raft spaceboats start bringing them in
>history repeats itself

>white nations
Wow, you're really dumb enough to think that daddy wants your poor ass around when he no longer needs you? What a loser you are. Seriously laughing at you for being such a sucker right now.

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Nothing based about an autistic 4th Reich chinapuppet.

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The bad orange man said it the best.

Vote left = vote China

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Thank you!

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Female and traitor pivilege

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I want to taste Greta's cunny juice.

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The fuck is a btfo? And what the fuck is a greta? They both sound fucking retarded. Get a life people

That thing is one ugly little gnome...

I didn't know people could look that fuckin weird that's just disturbing

the politically correct term is goblin

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>politically correct
Gnome is politically correct.
Goblin is scientifically correct.

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