Obese fem user here, just lost another 12lbs

Obese fem user here, just lost another 12lbs.

Seriously though, stfu with the whole 'you're beautiful no matter what size'.
No we're not beautiful, we're eating ourselves to death and deserve to rot if we don't try to atleast help ourselves. Hence why I'm losing weight to live past 30.

Gave up soda, butter, and junk food.

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I honestly am impressed she hasn't had her heart explode.

Want a cookie now? Fat hairy fuck

"Look at me i havent eaten myaself to death"

Wow what an achievement


Props on knowing the rules thou

You know what? Good job, keep up the good work!

Kudos OP. Shit can't be easy. Sharpie in pooper?

Good for you nasty fat fuck i also lose alot and i mean A LOT of weight but it was because depresion, keep it up, you can do it.

>Seriously though, stfu with the whole 'you're beautiful no matter what size'.

Noone here would ever say that. Except autisto whiteknight.

I would cum on your tits

I don't mean to be rude but...
STFU fuck pig and get more pictures of your disgracefully fat slobby self posted

Can you do a on all 4s tits hanging.
For science
Lets date and have sex

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Honestly, if you lose weight you'll have a nice body with big tits so, it's a win win

Why dont you shave?
Looks so much more clean

Congrats. You will find that butter can be eaten in more manageable levels while soda and junkfood ypu woll eventually lose your taste for.

Also more of that body?

Holy shit! Nice. Got a full body? Ass spread?

I really need to. Honestly been so focused on work and life that I just never got around to it.

Full body shot?

What caused you to take the first step?

She can't reach

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You better gain em back you fucking hog before you develop something like self-esteem. Also post a pic of you bent over, expecting cock, you'll never get, because your so disgusting

I was just about to make that joke

Let me do it.

You should induce lactation with tits like that. You will burn calores constantly, and tease those tits

Good on you.
Keep going at it, resist the bad urges!

Oooooow youre a wookie
Explains everything

Thats..... oof......


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You look super fun. Whats the goal weight?

Ever consodir doing positive and negative reinforcement to your weight loss goals?

Requesting this

Good on you for losing the weight. Do you have a before nude to compare it to?

Have to head back to work so no more pics, but, hey, I've been curious for a while. Does giving up red meat really help lose weight? I've seen mixed opinions. I usually eat fish and chicken now.

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No, hubble telescope was busy

Pic like this? Body writing optional

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Better view of sharpie in pooper pls

Love your tits. Would eat you out too. A lot of hate but fuck em.

I'm 274 right now, goal is 150 and getting plastic surgery for any real sagging in the Tits and to remove excess skin

Losing weight is all about calories in, calories out. Eating anything, as long as you're burning more calories than your consuming, will let you lose weight

i'm gonna need moar of that asap

Its not bad per say, more a mix of how much, and if you are eating it post workout to build muscle. Burgers are def not the best though. Check out beans for protein as well

Got a kik or snap?

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Currently I eat fruit and veggies mostly if I'm hungry during the day and a reduced fat dinner. Plus I walk everywhere now cause I'm in the city. Walked to the Dr today and back. 1 mile round trip. Not the most exercise but I worked out yesterday so I figured it wouldn't be terrible for lazy day

Nope just discord

>just lost another 12lbs
Good job. Proud of you!

Thanks for sharing fem-user. Glad tot see you are putting in the work to better yourself. Fight through the plateau period. P.S. Fuck all the haters. You'll find your happiness. If ever in San Antonio, I'd love to suck on that yummy clit of yours, just sayin'.

Thank you!

I made some hard decisions but now whenever my roommate goes to the coffee shop he just brings me back a large iced water. No coffee, tea, soda

Kill yourself fat bitch


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Amazing. Can you hold that sign near your bare feet?


Thats pretty huge actually. Longer term that will help alot by getting some nice low impact movement, plus help build the exercise habit.

I would def join a group where you posted more.

Kill yourself

Well colour me shocked

I mean wouldn't I just break the rope? My fat would bounce the bullet back and I'd need enough poison to kill a whale

Look into unsweetened (northern/yankee) tea if you need a caffeine hit. No calories as well.

Also, not gonna lie i would fuck you in fitness,

I've made money too by just walking the streets picking up cans and bottles and cashing them in. It's free money and motivates me to walk longer.

I actually can't have caffeine, messes with my antidepressants. But I do make unsweetened green tea that I add a half table spoon of raw honey to. Really hits the spot on cold days

Dild on exercise bike when?

I've lost 5 stone (70 lbs) in the past 8 months, I got a new job and it's very physical, I can still eat whatever I want though and still lose weight, keep up the good work, it feels amazing

That just means you're a fat broke ass bitch. Kill yourself

Kill yourself

How useful are those anti depressants? Been thinking about going to see a shrink about it

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You def should see if anyone will pay you to do the dollars or dragon porn challenge

seconding this

Just kill yourself

You are who I aspire to be.

Tits are beautiful no matter what size. That part is true.

different femanon here but also from SA. Sup bitch

Id nut

Empathy having faggot

I mean are you going to pass up an extra 50$ a month doing something simple as bringing a bag with you when you're out for a walk anyways?

I find they help. I have PTSD from being beaten by my father as a child so they help me keep calm and feeling more in control of my emotions

Plant based diet is the best for whales

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Tits or GTFO slut

Good on ya!!! Fuck what lazy morons that say “you’re beautiful, size doesn’t matter”

Your mind is in the right place on your way to healthiness! Keep up on the diet and work out, you’ll be sexy af in no time

Sup! Enjoying this cozy weather.

70% of losing weight is in your diet . Try keto and walk as much as you can . Try cardio , cardio burns the most calories . Go online and look up the calorie calculator it helps with determining how many calls your body needs to lose weight correctly . Good on realizing that people aren’t “fat shaming” they are trying to tell you to lose weight or you’ll literally die. Good luck user . And one last thing take car of your lady bits groom down there and it’d look a lot more clean and approachable.

Omfg that picture is the best to describe myself. And yes, I've been replacing rice and bread with eggplant, broccoli an mushrooms.

Yeah it’s actually been really nice. Nice enough where I don’t have to turn on the AC or heater.

Shave that shit

Cheers to you op

I know nobody asked, but for all those who are concerned about being “looked down upon” or some bullshit like that for going to the gym overweight, don’t fucking worry about it. When I see a big person in the gym trying to improve their life, I think “good on you mate” but when I see a fatty at a bar just stuffing their face with ranch I think “what a fucking fat ass”.

Love me some weight loss stories. Keep it up

Good for you, losing it now is much easier than later in life.

post bare feet, op

good for u. U gonna stop being ugly too? U wanna be an obedient little fucktoy once u r an acceptable size?

just make sure you stay a bit chubby and keep those massive tits.

Praise! saved almost 100 on electricity this past month. KIK?

Good for you. Keep it up.

Post your wickr. I would love to chat.

You will make progress Has some great advice. Embrace the change for the better. In a while, you will be a thinner femanon that will be hit on, and have to remind anons to wrap it...or you will crsuh them with your legs

Make a discord group so we can follow and fap to your progress

Already working on getting rid of black heads (I'm lucky I don't get pimples) and learning to do proper make up, not this clown shit hipsters go for

I’d fuck you. Just cus I’m desperate tbh. Virgin so idk what pussy is even like lul

Post those bare feet? I go for that

>tits and timestamp to start thread
>eating healthier
>sharpie in pooper

Well shit OP, good for you. It's always nice to see someone try to change their life for the better. In place of rice try cauliflower that you blitz in a food processor. not really the same consistency, but it tastes good with most meals.

Well in defense of those faggots the whole sympathy for the "empowerment through self destruction" crew can indeed get you laid by some hot fat chicks.

In case anything happens to this thread or I post more later on, but I'm fem user Mary.

I actually tried a prepackaged bag of that when I was house sitting for someone. I mixed in a piece of chopped salmon and minced garlic and it was damn good.

Well done.

I'll argue though that people can indeed be "beautiful" at almost any size. Beauty itself is fairly subjective and being seen as beautiful will be dependent on your other features, people's opinions/fetishes, and even your mannerisms.

Regardless of being "beautiful" or not, it has not bearing on whether or not you are "healthy" given that there more objective measures to obvious things beneficial or detrimental to your size.

IF youre serious about losing weight...

Keto diet, and intermittent fasting. Eliminate carbs, and eat what ever else you want and you will lose wait. Butter is not that bad for you(avoid margerine),things like sugar and carbs are.

Honestly not bad for an obese woman. Most fat chicks it's a total disaster down there. Boils... pimples... and a gaping nasty meat market. I'm not into fat girls myself but lots of folks are. Not too bad really.